2nd Workshop Session 2013

2nd Session: 9th-15th September, Bratislava /SK/ – FINAL CUT

Second is focused on building up specific marketing strategies, precising proper distribution plan and deepening the knowledge of the international film market.

The workshop starts with “test screening” of the near-finished films for international audience: new tutors from producers‘, distributors‘ and sales agents‘ranks lead the discussion. Participants get a completely fresh feedback from them on the content and structure of the film, as well as on the specific strategy of release and distributionEditing sessions and individual meetings follow.

The workshop tutors share their know-how on how to break into the international market not having big budgets. Marketing specialist introduce the specific ways how and where the documentaries can be promoted effectively, how to use festivals and opportunities of the guerrilla marketing strategies. Afterwards, they work individually with the participants on their marketing ideas, developing them into concrete strategies. The end of the workshop is dedicated to legal issues of distribution – pre-sale and sale contracting and dealing the rights and offer to the participants a detailed overview of European sales landscape

In between two workshops participant will work intensively again. They’re supposed to:

  • finish the film
  • concrete the promotional strategy
  • prepare all the marketing materials (posters, leaflets, texts) for the presentation within DOK Leipzig
  • have an idea on what kind of sale contracts will they search for







Confirmed lecturers:

Claas Danielsen /DE/
CEO of DOK Leipzig IFF
claas3Claas is a filmmaker, producer, teacher and festival director living in Leipzig. After working as a journalist and getting practical training in film production companies he became a student at the documentary film department of the Munich Film Academy (HFF München) in 1986. He made seven documentaries of which some were presented at international festivals winning different awards. In 2000 he became Head of Studies at Discovery Campus and built up this training. In April 2004 Claas Danielsen was appointed Director of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Films, the biggest German and one of the leading international documentary festivals. For several years, he was a board member of the German documentary filmmaker’s association a.g.dok and the European Documentary Network EDN. He is an advisor to the European Film Academy and has served on several international festival juries.

Ivo Trajkov /MK/
Director, Screenwriter, Producer and Lecturer
ivo2He was born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in 1965. Graduated on a film academy FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic (1986 – 1992) where he works as professor and a head of department of editing. His filmography is consists of the following films: Wingless, Movie, The Great Water, The Past and others.


Gesa Marten /DE/
Gesa Marten
As a freelance film editor Gesa Marten has since 1991 edited more than 60 films – feature films including “Fräulein Stinnes travels the world” (2008) or “LowLights” (2009) as well as documentaries including “pereSTROIKA” (2009), “Ausfahrt Eden” (2010) or “Wo stehst du?” (2011). She is very much committed to her work as a dramaturgic consultant specialising in feature-length documentary film (such as “Bruder Schwester” and “Hoffenheim” (2010), “Whiteblood” and “Fremd – Foreign” (2011). At the moment she is editing the documentary “The Order of Things” (Filmtank Hamburg). Her work was nominated in 2000, 2004, 2006 as Best Edit at the German Television Award for “Abnehmen in Essen” and at the German Camera Award for “Krokodile”, “Im Augenblick” and “Geschwister Vogelbach” respectively. In 2005, she received one of Germany’s most prestigious editing awards the Film+ Bild-Kunst Schnitt prize for her documentary “Was lebst du?”. In 2008, she was again nominated for this award for the documentary “Lost in Liberia” and in 2009, she won this award a second time for “pereSTROIKA – reCONSTRUCTION of a flat”. Gesa Marten has taught at various film schools since 1996 (KHM Köln, HFF Potsdam, UdK Berlin, ZeLIG Bozen, BFM Tallinn etc.). She is a member of the European Film Academy. Photo by: Thekla Ehling

Per K. Kirkegaard /DK/
Per K. Kirkegaard is one of the most established editors in the Danish film industry. He has edited numerous critically acclaimed documentaries and narrative features, and his latest merits include films like Armadillo – for which he was awarded an Emmy for best editing of a long format documentary – and TPBAFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard, which recently premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. Per K Kirkegaard is renowned for his musically atoned editing style, his great precision as a story teller, his loyalty to the projects he engages in, his unique eye for the poetic yet specific and his punk attitude to filmmaking.

Claudio Hughes /FR/
Claudio HughespicBorn in Uruguay, Claudio Hughes has lived in Brazil before settling down in Paris, France in the 90s where he became chief editor of many documentaries and feature films. In the past years he has been editing and also teaching. His work has been selected in festivals like Cannes, Locarno, Sundance, Toronto, Amsterdam where the documentary “Stranded” won the Jori Ivens prize and was also selected for the best european documentary in the European Film Academy Awards (Berlin), for the Directors’ Guild of America and the International Documentary Association Awards (Los Angeles).

Irena Taskovski /UK/
Taskovski Films
SONY DSCTaskovski Films is London based world sales and Production Company of independent documentary films. We welcome innovative, playful and risky forms of filmmaking capable of engaging and surprising audiences around the globe. Our passion is discovering new talents and creative, author-driven stories. Our portfolio includes multi-award winner documentary “Czech Dream” by Vit Klusak & Filip Remunda-the most successful European documentary film; “People I could have been and maybe am” by Boris Gerrets – Winner of IDFA, Visions du Réel, HotDocs; “Cooking History” by Peter Kerekes – Special Jury Award at Hot Docs 2009, nomination for the European Academy Award; “Work Hard – Play Hard” by Carmen Losmann – FIPRESCI Award, Award of the Ecumenical Jury at DOK Leipzig 2011. Among our latest acquisitions are “Fortress” by Klara Tasovska & Lukas Kokes – Winner of Jihlava IDFF and Taskovski’s co-production – IDFA Feature-Length Competition – “Who will be a Gurkha” by Kesang Tseten. Recently Taskovski Films opened a production branch in Berlin.

Tomáš Hrivnák /CZ/
Brand Management & Brand Strategy
tomasTomáš is a “brand therapist”, co-founder of the brand consultancy Idealisti, who has been working for brands big and small in the CEE region for the past 20 years and held a number of creative and managerial positions – from copywriter and executive creative director of MARK/BBDO to the director of strategic planning at Euro RSCG New Europe in Prague. Tomas ran his own consultancy since 2001 where he advised his clients on brand management, qualitative and quantitative research and business coaching. He believes brands should convey meaning and by doing so they should help businesses, individuals and non-profits get and retain customers, provide sustainable advatage over the competition and help people live more meaningful lives. Branding for him is much more than design, but a multidisciplinary approach bordering on human capital management, marketing communication, innovation management, leadership and organizational learning.

Sigrid Dyekjær /DK/
Producer – Danish Documentary
sigridSigrid Dyekjær has worked as a producer on both feature films and documentary films since 2000. She was the producer of ”The Monastery”, winner of the JorisIvens Award at IDFA in 2006, and nominated for a European Film Award and several other Awards. Sigrid Dyekjær is one of the most experienced producers in Denmark both when it comes to national documentary films, but also international documentary films in financing, producing and creative consulting on films. In her spare time she teaches at the National Film School of Denmark, as well as doing master classes and lectures at film schools around the world and courses in documentary filmmaking like “Bridging the Gab”, and pitch sessions around the world. She is educated in dramaturgy from the University in Århus, and has been a part owner of the production company Tju –Bang Film before she became part owner of Danish Documentary Production.

Peter Jäger /AT/
CEO – AUTLOOK Filmsales GmbH
PeterBorn in Belgium, studied law and philosophy; was a filmmagazine ‘Commercial & Marketing Director’ and a ‘Marketing & Acquisitions Consultant’ for several major independent film distributors and film exhibitors. In 2005, together with Austrian producers founded and became ‘CEO’ of Autlook Filmsales. Peter is a distribution panel member of MEDIA Programme and an expert-panellist for several major Festivals as well as a jurymember of the Vienna and Flemish Filmfund, regularly invited as guest-lecturer on ‘International Distribution & Marketing’ to Film academies & National Film Institutes.


Freddy Neumann /DK/
Neumann PR & Strategic Communication
Freddy NeumannFounder of Neumann PR & Strategic Communication, focused on strategic consulting, communication management, agenda setting, corporate- and product branding, community relations, public affairs, issues management, crisis management and media awareness. PR and marketing specialist, concentrated primarly on the cinema (feature- and documentary film) with a client’s portfolio mainly represented in the Danish and international film and entertainment industry.

Peter Kerekes /SK/
Director, Producer and Lecturer
KerekešPeter (born 1973 in Košice) studied film directing at the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava in the years 1991 – 1998. He eventually ended up teaching the same subject at the same institution, where he, together with Dušan Hanák, founded the feature and documentary film studio. Although he originally wanted to make feature films and managed to reach for the university degree, he fell for documentary storytelling ever since his first documentary about Slovakian poet Erik Groch. His latest feature Cooking History (produced by Austrian director and producer Georg Misch) was awarded at many international festivals, such as Hot Docs and DOK Leipzig, and even nominated for the renowned Prix Arte 2009 European Film Award.

Stefan Kloos /DE/
Kloos & Co. Medien / CEO Rise and Shine
stefanGrimme Award-winner Stefan Kloos founded Kloos & Co. Medien in 2002 and has since produced numerous award-winning creative documentaries with international TV broadcasters and for the cinema. Kloos is a member of EDN and AG DOK and an alumni of the DOCUMENTARY CAMPUS MASTERSCHOOL. He is a regular on the international market and festival circuit and lectures on documentary film and distribution. Recent award-winning films and coproductions include: THE OTHER CHELSEA, PUTINS KISS, OF SHARKS AND FISH, GANGSTER OF LOVE, AWAY FROM THE SUNS, ON THE SEA WITH BADJAO and the cultural comedy AND WHO TAUGHT YOU TO DRIVE?.
In 2007, he additionally founded RISE AND SHINE WORLD SALES and has since been also successfully involved in international distribution of selected award-winning documentaries from all over the world. The catalogue includes THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS, BOTTLED LIFE, TOMORROW, THE KID AND THE CLOWN, LIFE IN STILLS, WINTER GO AWAY, DANCE FOR ME, MY STUFF, CESAR´S GRILL and others.

Marek Šulík /SK/
Marek ŠulíkBorn 1974 in Žilina, Czechoslovakia. Graduated from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava. In 2005 was awarded the ZENTIVA award for young filmmakers at the international film festival FEBIOFEST, Bratislava. Through his work which centres on the social documentary he often collaborates with non-governmental organisations. He often collaborates on projects as a director and editor. He teaches documentary film making on Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava and works also as a lecturer on film workshops.


Special Guests:

Hanka Kastelicova /CZ/
Executive Producer of Documentaries for HBO Europe
katelicovaHana earned a Master of Arts degree from the Faculty of Film and TV Documentary Department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. As an experienced and dedicated documentary film-maker she came to HBO Europe from Slovenian public broadcaster RTV SLO. There she directed and produced many documentaries and recently performed the position of the Head of Documentary Development and Commissioning Editor. Hana Kastelicová is the Executive Producer of Documentaries for HBO Europe. Based in her Budapest office and working closely with HBO Europe’s production centers in Warsaw, Prague and Bucharest, she oversees all aspects of HBO Europe’s documentary output.



Man from Midja /GE, DE/
Produced by: Greenstonefilms

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 1.30.21 PM

Life and times of two war vetereans  in a remote Georgian mountain village: David and Nika keep arguing about Stalin every day since 1945, which refers to their two fates which couldn’t be more different – the camera catches their last fight. We learn about Davids wife Natascha who apparently never loved him and Nikas wife Sonia who warmly cares about her ill husband. David tells about his time in German captivity, which became a very important part of his life. But something is different from former times: Nika is going to die soon and its Dathos time for farewell. This film is composed from small scenes of Davids life in the village of Midja, revealing a complex strucure of relations and personal fate.

Directors:  Eka Papiashvili, Carsten Böhnke