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Last chance to apply for DOK.Restart workshop


 DOK.Restart applications extended until April 23rd!

4-day long workshop, based on the know-how of the international workshop DOK.Incubator:


  • 8  intensive pitching training
  • 8  tailor-made distribution and marketing strategy for your film
  • 8  work on a strong story-telling of your film through the editing of a presentation pilot
  • 8 individual mentoring of the top European editors, producers and distributors

Krakow, May 25th – 28th

The films from DOK.Restart get the opportunity to be presented at Doc to Go of the Krakow Film Festival!


DEADLINE extended until WEDNESDAY, April 23rd

DOK.Incubator 2014 projects has been selected!

Surprising topics, exceptional young talents and very experienced filmmakers – those are the participants of this year DOK.Incubator.

They have much in common: the filmmakers have already spent years working on them, they know their characters very well and have a close relationship with them. Nevertheless, they haven´t lost their critical distance and bring often very controversial testimonies.

Always Together” /CZ/, “Drifter” /HU/, “Aunty” /IT,BE/, “The Legacy” /NL/, “The Other Side of Everything” /RS/, “The Promise” /DE/, “The Beekeeper´s Family” /CA,CH/ and “The Queen of Spades” /PL/ have all already an amazing film material in their editing rooms. Now, for half a year, they will work on their stories in order to be able to tell all their layers and to bring them to as wide audience as possible.

Watch their first trailers and stills at Projects of 2014

DOK.Restart workshop application deadline!

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Apply now for a unique intense 4-day workshop for Polish documentary filmmakers in post-production stage aiming to work on strong film structure, story-telling, strategic communication to the audience and distribution strategy.

The workshop will take place in Krakow, Poland, 25 – 28 May, during the Krakow Film Festival. All projects will present their film at Docs to Go presentation of Polish documentary works in progress on 29th May!


Conquer new audience! Wednesday March 26th in Warsaw /PL/

There is a lot of noise out there, thousands of films made every year, hundreds competing for the same audience, tens on a similar topic to the yours. How can you build a closer relation to our audience? How can you increase the awareness, get people to talk about our film – and conquer an audience which would perhaps not come to cinema otherwise?

DOK.Incubator /CZ/ in cooperation with Wajda School School /PL/ invited renowned Danish PR expert Freddy Neumann and the “Monastery” producer Sigrid Dyekjær to Warsaw to deal with this topics and provide filmmakers with concrete tools of modern branding and strategic communication.

The session takes place in Kino Kultura, Warsaw (PL), March 26th from 10:00 to 12:00.


UNFOLD YOUR FILM by strategic communication

an open forum introducing a modern promotion tool, used by award winning Danish documentary filmmakers to get the attention for their films.

There is a lot of noise out there and we are all struggling to get access to the same public awareness and the media’s attention. – How can you build a closer relation to our audience? How can we increase the awareness, get audience to talk about our film and conquer the public agenda? It is all a matter of working strategically with your communication when unfolding your film for public.

Get a usable promotion tool inspired by modern branding and strategic communication.

The session takes place in Kino Kultura, Warsaw (PL), March 26th from 10:00 to 12:00

This open session is a part of the international documentary rough-cut workshop DOK.Incubator/DOK.Restart, which takes place in Krakow, May 22nd – 29th and it’s open to polish documentary film makers and producers. More information and the application you can find at

Freddy Neumann is based in Copenhagen and has been working with film promotion Freddy Neumannsince 1990. He is working in the Danish Film business with several major companies and distributors of both feature- and documentary films. He is educated MA CC at School of Business and Social Sciences, MA Dramaturgy and worked as associate professor at Aarhus University, DK.


Sigrid Dyekjær is one of the most experienced Danish documentary producers, having produced  both feature films and documentary films sigrid B:Wsince 2000. She was the producer of ”The Monastery”, winner of the Joris Ivens Award at IDFA in 2006, nominated for a European Film Award and several other Awards. She produced dozens of award winning films, among all Enemies of Happiness, A Normal Life, Free The mind or Ai Weiwei, the Fake Case.

DANCE FOR ME broadcasted in the USA!!!

Soon, P.O.V., USA television’s longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films, is bringing to the wide American audience our 2012 participating project Dance For Me… This is “DOK.Incubator´s” first and very important POV acquisition, due to the new partnership, launched between DOK.Incubator, POV and IFP in 2013. From the 2014 edition and on, we will send every year the project from the workshop with the biggest potential for the US audience to the IFP Independent Week in New York.plakat_dance


DOk.Incubator is calling for participants, willing to work hard – and fly high.

The DEADLINE for submissions is March 3rd!

For half a year more than 20 experienced lecturers will inspire eight selected films from all over Europe, each represented by three team members (producer, director, editor). They will be working vigorously in the editing room, building a clever, tailor-made distribution plan and marketing strategy, as well as meeting with important international distributors. The workshop is divided into three week-long residential sessions:

May 18th -25th Krakow /PL/ = ROUGH CUT

August 24th – 31st Bratislava /SK/ or Prague /CZ/ (TBC) = FINE CUT

October 25th – 30th Leipzig /DE/ = PRESENTATION


Men With Balls premiering at IDFA TODAY!

Immagine a Hungarian village, situated on a dead-end road. It has a population of only 126, and there is 98% unemployment. Could energetic Mayor Ignác put his poor village on the map??? Will the EU funded tennis court and bio-gardening program do the trick? MEN WITH BALLS, our 2013 project, is premiering at IDFA today…Join the director, producer and charismatic Mayor Ignác at 19:30,Tuschinski 4

Meet us at IDFA!

We are coming to IDFA from Saturday 23rd to Wednesday 27th…If anybody interested in the workshop program, considering the possibility to apply, want to know more about our films and their path: we will be happy to meet you and talk…Send us an e-mail to, let´s book a meeting…