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Join us on Wednesday in cinema Lumiere in Bratislava, to attend a case study of Sigrid Dykjaer and Freddy Neumann, showing how from a peripheal topic, like the brain research, grows up a film with a wide audience coming to cinemas in both Europe and USA. What are the opportunities for a producer to start the international career of his fim? How the marketing communication can be arranged in order to invite very different groups of people for your film? Come, take a glass of wine and a snack with us and discuss with the renowned experts..



We are happy to announce we have recieved the support from MEDIA Mundus programme and from the next year we are cooperating with Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), sending one of our participating films to the INDEPENDENT WEEK in New York! It will enable a direct access of our participants to the US´ audience and film market.

Finally vacation!!!

This Friday, July 19th we are all leaving for 2 weeks. Hope to hear from you soon, after August 6th. Enjoy a nice summer, let´s keep in touch via facebook or e-mails…

Join DOK.Incubator OPEN SESSION in WARSAW 17.5.2013!

Leave the paper! Let´s pilot…

The pilomaking, a new approach to the dramaturgy and presentation of the documentary projects makes part of a huge recent success of the Danish films…

7_ScreeningPaperwork supposed to be the tax for the financing for a film: write a treatment, add a script, describe director´s motivation statement…but a documentary cannot really be programmed by the desk! All that words anyway can´t ever express precisly what is the film about. Why not to dedicate your time to the film – instead of paperwork? Successful Danish documentary producers found the way out of it: their films have no treatment, no script; they are shot and edited from the very beginning. Pilots are not trailers, they don´t sell a finish film, but express the essence of a film (in development), help the director to understand better the topic, main characters, his own approach: directors clear the idea, producers understand better and the funds accept them instead of tons of paper!

Sigrid Dyekjær /DK/
Producer – Danish Documentary

sig3Sigrid Dyekjær is one of the most experienced producers in Denmark both in national documentary films, but also international financing, producing and distribution. She was the producer of ”The Monastery”, winner of the Joris Ivens Award at IDFA in 2006, nominated for a European Film Award and many other Awards.


The Open Forum takes place in Warsaw, during the Planet/Docs Festival, cinema Iluzjon, 14:00


LAST CHANCE to join us this year: APPLY AS OBSERVER!

Observers are active members of all the three workshop sessions, get one-on-one meetings to discuss their own ideas and projects, and take part at plenary lessons, screenings and group work. It ´s an opportunity to get a close access to the process of the last stage film development and a place of networking.

DOK.Incubator project is Sundance winner of the Directing Award: World Cinema Documentary. Congratulation to The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear, directed by Tinatin Gurchiani!