DOK.Incubator 2014 projects has been selected!

Surprising topics, exceptional young talents and very experienced filmmakers – those are the participants of this year DOK.Incubator.

They have much in common: the filmmakers have already spent years working on them, they know their characters very well and have a close relationship with them. Nevertheless, they haven´t lost their critical distance and bring often very controversial testimonies.

Always Together” /CZ/, “Drifter” /HU/, “Aunty” /IT,BE/, “The Legacy” /NL/, “The Other Side of Everything” /RS/, “The Promise” /DE/, “The Beekeeper´s Family” /CA,CH/ and “The Queen of Spades” /PL/ have all already an amazing film material in their editing rooms. Now, for half a year, they will work on their stories in order to be able to tell all their layers and to bring them to as wide audience as possible.

Watch their first trailers and stills at Projects of 2014