DOK.Preview 2014

The presentations of the 9 participating projects are now available online!

For the first time, the nine extraordinary feature-length documentary films were presented to over 180 the decision-makers of the international industry at the ceremonial atmosphere of the Liepziger Kabaret Pfeffermühle.

The DOK.Incubator Workshop 2014 ends with a confirmed premiere of three of the films at the biggest documentary film festival at IDFA: Always Together /CZ/ as a story of a dream of an ideal family life that just went too far; Drifter /HU, DE/ an intimate portrait of a young rebel in desperate need of a lacking, supportive father and Queen of Silence /PL, DE/ – a documusical starring a deaf girl from an illegal Roma settlement, who escapes the reality into the Bollywood world.

CPH:DOX premiere awaits another Czech documentary Sugar Blues /CZ/, a tragicomic, vibrant and emotional story of one mother’s fight against the global sugar mafia.


Workshop awards were also announced today, recognizing the exceptional efforts of three teams.

Two sound mixing awards in the value of 3,000 EUR at Bystrouška post-production studio were awarded to:

DSC_0842-2Between Sisters /IT, BE/, a sensitive, intimate quest of the director to uncover a family secret to be told before it’s too late was recognized for fair cooperation and respectful atmosphere within the team as well as openess for input through which they made enormous progress of the film


IMG_5951Drifter /HU, DE/, for their devotion, focus, and hard work as they overcame difficult financial conditions and boost the film in the last home stretch to compete at IDFA and awarded with sound mixing in the value of 3,000 EUR.


The third award – colour grading in the value of 1,500 EUR – at the Spoon post-production studio went to

DSC_0798Game Over /ES, DE/, asking whether boys can become men when facing the reality of war, for the determination of the whole team supporting each other that resulted in the most remarkable improvement in storytelling bringing the film into light.

Last, but not least, two more exceptional films are now looking to premiere in spring 2015: The Beekeeper and His Son /CA, CH/ is an intimate insight into a Chinese rural family and their struggle between traditional manner and the dreams of the young generation, and A Family Affair /NL/, already presented at the Independent Film Week in New York in September, as an intimate director’s struggle with the sentiments of his grandmother who claims to be in love with him, and K2 Passage/UK, PL/, an alpinist’s contemplation of the influence of her passion on her children’s future.

DOK.Incubator team will now follow all the films’ journey supporting them in their endeavors to the largest international audience.