Fees and Scholarships


Participation fee for the whole workshop is € 5,500.

It covers accommodation (double-rooms), breakfasts and lunches at all three week-long sessions for the whole team of three people. The fee also covers: rental costs of extra editing rooms, Welcome and Farewell events at all the sessions, Festival and Market accreditation to Nordisk Panorama, and a contribution to the tutors’ fees. It does not cover participants’ travel expenses for flights or transport to and from the workshop, extra single rooms, or costs for a possible 4th team member. The fee also does not cover dinners, which we leave up to participants because of late nights in the editing rooms.


When you submit your project, you can apply for the dok.incubator scholarship. If you are selected for the workshop, we might ask you for additional documents for your scholarship application (e.g., a copy of the letter from your local MEDIA desk, confirming that there is no possibility to obtain funding to cover the participation fee in their country).

Usually around  25 – 40% of participants obtain a scholarship. The fee of € 5,500 will be reduced in the case of low budget projects and when there is no additional funding from the local funds/film institutes. In most cases, the participants who have been granted a scholarship pay just the cost of their meals and accommodation for the team of three people at three workshops (€ 2,800). In special cases (non-European or no budget films, for example), the project will get a scholarship to cover the whole participation fee.

In making our decision, we consider the whole financial situation of the project, the likelihood of it receiving financing during the workshop and the cost of workshop participation (including travel). The scholarships are based on the decision of the dok.incubator selection Board. Please be aware that the workshop accepts projects from all over the world in very different financial situations, with budgets from 10,000 to nearly 1,000,000 euros. Therefore, every situation is considered on an individual basis. We also often support low budget non-European projects, which have additional travel costs.


Observers fee is € 2,500. This fee covers all costs for the week-long first and second session and three days during third session in Malmö. Independent producers, editors or students can get a scholarship and pay only their accommodation and meals (around € 300 per one session).