Fees and Scholarships


The dok.incubator workshop is financed through international funds and by participation fees. Until 2018 all participants paid the same fee, however this does not reflect the real costs of the workshop, nor take into account the different financial situations of the projects.

From year 2018 on, the participation fee will be flexible in the range 5,700 – 16,000 Euros depending on the situation of the project. This fee will be decided during the selection process by the selection board by taking into account the situation of the film and the producer. We will consider the budget of the film and the level of confirmed financing, as well as local funding possibilities in the countries of production.

We always try to make our workshop accessible for low budget films, so most of our projects will not pay the full amount, but stay on the bottomDok.incubator makes it a priority to support films in difficult financial situations and therefore encourages applicants to apply for a scholarship. Please see below for more information.

All participants will be informed about the exact amount of the fee before they confirm participation.

With the participation fee you will get a workshop worth 32,000 € /project (the real cost of the workshop).



When you submit your project, you can apply for the dok.incubator scholarship. If you are selected for the workshop, we might ask you for additional documents for your scholarship application (e.g., a copy of the letter from your local MEDIA desk, confirming that there is no possibility to obtain funding to cover the participation fee in your country).

Usually around  25 – 40% of participants obtain a scholarship. The fee will be reduced in case of low budget projects and when there is no additional funding from the local funds/film institutes. In most cases, the participants who have been granted a scholarship pay just the cost of their meals and accommodation for the team of three people at three workshops (€ 3 000). In special cases (non-European or no budget films, for example), the project will get a scholarship to cover the whole participation fee.

In making our decision, we consider the whole financial situation of the project, the likelihood of it receiving financing during the workshop and the cost of workshop participation (including travel). The scholarships are based on the decision of the dok.incubator selection board. Please be aware that the workshop accepts projects from all over the world in very different financial situations, with budgets from 10,000 to nearly 1,000,000 Euros. Therefore, every situation is considered on an individual basis. We also often support low budget non-European projects, which have additional travel costs.