Game Over premiers at Karlovy Vary IFF

One of the most prestigious such festival in Central and Eastern Europe, the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival will host the international premiere of Game Over, DOK.Incubator 2014 project of Alba Sotorra (Gaia Audiovisuals).

A disturbing close-up to Djalal, an only child of a middle class Spanish family, eversince admired and spoiled by his parents. The lover of any kind of weapons decides to fulfill his fantasies and goes to the Afghan War, but discovers that reality doesn’t match his boyish dreams.  Djalal returns to his parents home to realize that nothing is the same. The economic crisis struck his family and he is forced to take action.

Will he realize that the game is over and that it’s time to grow up? It’s time for one of  one of the oldest A-list film festivals to discover it.