6 films from DOK.Incubator at IDFA 2015

Not only three of the eight 2015 projects, but also three films from the previous editions of DOK.Incubator are meeting in November at IDFA. In four years’ history of DOK.Incubator, 12 out of the total 32 films have competed in Amsterdam.

The 28th edition of the Festival will open with A Family Affair, the personal struggle of the director Tom Fassaert (NL) with the femme-fatale of his family: the grandmother Marianne. The film will compete in both Dutch and feature-length competition. In the main category, the filmmakers will meet two colleagues from DOK.Incubator 2015: Ukrainian Sheriffs /LV, UA, DE/, following a pair of local heroes, Victor and Volodya, appointed to keep the Order and Law in Ukraine, where even the police is not available right now, and Thy Father’s Chair /IT/ which tells the story of two Orthodox twins who have stopped throwing away anything since the death of their parents. Now, their upstairs tenant threatens them to stop paying the rent unless they get rid of all the accumulated stuff.

The DOK.Incubator collection at IDFA 2015 also includes Holy Cow /AZ, DE, RO/ following Tapdig, an Azerbaijani, who’s is ready to risk the anger of the traditional community and challenges the conservative mentality by bringing to his picturesque village an European Cow. A comedy from a territory, where making any film means risking own security.

A personal fight with own past is the topic of The Life of a Butterfly /PL/, a film of the talented director Piotr Bernaś (The European Film Academy Award nominated Paparazzi). What happens if passion becomes an obsession, and love is overshadowed by ambition is an issue for the mid-length competition.

Finally, the festival will screen in the Best of Fests selection K2. Touching the Sky /PL/, guest project of DOK.Incubator 2014. The children of acclaimed alpinists, who died on K2, undertake an expedition to the Himalayan mountains to face their parents’ fatal destiny and answer the question what is the price of passion?

IDFA this year runs from November 18th to 29th.