K2. Touching the Sky has premiered at Locarno IFF

Guest Project of DOK.Incubator 2014, developed in the frame of our programme for Polish filmmakers, DOK.Restart, Eliza Kubarska’s K2. Touching the Sky (workshop title K2 PASSAGE /PL/) is celebrating a successful premiere at the Locarno IFF. Eliza, the director and alpinist, together with an international group of grown-up children of acclaimed climbers, sets out on an expedition to reach K2 base camp, the burial place for those who lost their lives on K2. The children of acclaimed alpinists are encouraged to face their parents’ fatal destiny on an expedition to the Himalayan Mountains. Being a woman and an experienced alpinist, the director asks herself a question, if her passion is worth the risk she takes? And – more importantly – should she have a child? This emotional journey does not bring neither easy nor obvious answers, but closes the old chapters and open the new ones.

Eliza Locarno