Consultations for Slovak filmmakers

The teams of Slovak documentary projects in the shooting or editing stage can apply for consultations during the dok.incubator workshop in Galanta (25th April –  28th April). The consultations will take place mainly on Sunday and Monday (25th and 26th June).

The applications are closed now. The application deadline was June 12, 2017.

To focus the topic, define a specific point of view, but also to discuss the financing and distribution of their projects on the international level.

Both established and debut filmmakers gain precious feedback from a forum of internationally established colleagues, enlarge their professional network, get the opportunity to develop the dramaturgy, financing and distribution strategy, discuss how to reach a wide audience and experience the competition they aim to succeed in.

Please note that to apply, you will need:

  1. English-subtitled selection of your material (rough-cut, edited scenes, pilot, trailer, etc.)
  2. short synopsis
  3. film treatment (voluntary – max. 1 page) based on the shot material
  4. rough distribution strategy, including the estimated premiere time and place
  5. the financing plan for the film (voluntary)
  6. stills from your film
  7. portrait photo of producer, director, and editor, their CVs and contact details

All non-English visual materials must be subtitled in English. It does not have to be a perfect translation, but it should make the story understandable to the viewer. We only accept digital files uploaded via the application form.

We guarantee to keep material you send us strictly confidential and only to share it with the selection committee for the selection purposes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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