Wednesday, October 30th, 10:00, Kabarett Leipziger Pfeffermühle!

We invite you all to join our DOK.Incubator Preview at DOK Leipzig festival…

After half a year of intensive work on editing, targeting and distribution, tutored by top European film experts poetic, funny, disturbing, intimate 2013 DOK.Incubator films introduce themselves…

The Agreement is an exclusive insight to the diplomacy behind the scenes, while the last territorial conflict in Europe is being solved. A Faustian story of a Russian cardiologist, selling his soul to Putin in order to build up a better clinic for his patients, tells Cardiopolitika. A tragicomedy Men with Balls, already selected for IDFA, follows a tiny Roma village struggling for the bread. Will the EU funded tennis court do the trick there? Okhwan, in his Mission Impossible fights for re-unifying Korea. He is not scared of a meaningful death, but of a meaningless life. Intimate and disturbing My Farm is My Castle observes closely the limits of maternal love and manipulation and 16 Years til Summer go throw a painful return of the prodigal son to a small village in a dramatic Scottish loch landscape. The Life of a Butterfly follows the auto destruction of a fighter, who dreamed reach the very top: but his body is refusing to keep on fighting. Chuck Norris vs. Communism blows the lid on an underground operation that took Romania by storm and played a crucial part in the 1989 Revolution.

Since this year, DOK.Incubator and Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) are cooperating. A film from DOK.Incubator 2014 will travel to the Independent Week and our special guest, the film In Country is coming right now to the 3rd Workshop Session during DOK Leipzig. A deep journey into the world of Vietnam War re-enacting reveals a disturbing question: if war is hell, why would anyone want to spend their weekends there?

9 different viewpoints of controversial topics of our reality,
9 stunning films just before their release!

DOK.Incubator Preview
October 30th 2013
Kabarett Leipziger Pfeffermühle