World premiere of The Beekeeper and His Son at Vision du Reel, Nyon!

On April 19 one of the most important European film festivals – Vision du Reel in Nyon, Switzerland, will host the international premiere of The Beekeeper and His Son /CH, CA/, an intimate insight into a Chinese rural family and their struggle between traditional manner and the dreams of a young migrant worker, produced by Mira Film.csm_71964dd369ee7f2401f4f09cc040bffdd5438b0b_1926b3e782

The old beekeeper Laoyu is losing his hives to the most severe worm outbreak he has seen in his fifty-year long beekeeping career. However, he feels even more anxious about the future of his only son Maofu, who has been wandering from city to city as a migrant worker. When Maofu returns home in the summer, Laoyu hopes that together they will rebuild the beehives. While Laoyu is disappointed by Maofu’s focus on profits instead of the bees, Maofu feels suffocated by his father’s authoritarian tunes. Their unspoken expectations tensely echo with the harsh weather conditions and a mischievous goose.