1st Workshop Session 2017

1st Workshop Session: May 1st – 6th, Třešť /CZ/ – ROUGH CUT


The first session aims to maximize the film potential. The workshop is focused on intensive individual editing sessions and work on a specific distribution strategy.

We start with screening of the participants´ rough cuts, followed by a moderated discussion and in-depth analysis of the rhythm, character development, narrative structure and dramaturgy. Each participant gets a supervising tutor and chooses an additional ‘fresh eye’ consultant to work with on the editing, gets their feedback on the structure, dramaturgy and narration of the film and its potential for international audience. Consequently, every project already develops during the workshop itself and the participants, as well as the tutors, see the results of their work immediately.

Meanwhile, the producers of the participant projects work on a rough distribution and festival strategy, searching for specific opportunities for their films within concrete territories, platforms or institutions. They prepare a proper timing, based on real situation of the film and get feedback on their financing plans, attending case studies of the concrete possibilities of crowd-funding and other independent financing, using the social networks. They get information about the potential benefits of the distributional platforms online, too.

In between two workshops the participant are supposed to work intensively. They should:

  • achieve near ‘final cut’ stage
  • prepare a concrete distribution and festival strategy to be discussed
  • have an idea about first release of the film and its marketing, incl. its financial plan


Confirmed Lecturers for the 1st dok.incubator workshop 2017:


Ulla Simonen /FI/
The founder and managing director of the production company MADE and a tutor. She has also worked as the commissioner for short and documentary films in the national fund AVEK. Simonen started her career in film production in 1997 and has since then been the producer for over 50 titles which have been awarded around the world. Her filmography includes both domestic films and international co-productions that challenge the borderline between documentary and fiction: ”Innovative use of cinematic tools and an attempt to create something new and unforeseen even in everyday subjects pull my attention.”

Sigrid Dyekjær /DK/
SigridSigrid Dyekjær has worked as a producer on both feature films and documentary films since 2000. She was the producer of ”The Monastery”, winner of the JorisIvens Award at IDFA in 2006, and nominated for a European Film Award and several other Awards. Sigrid Dyekjær is one of the most experienced producers in Denmark both when it comes to national documentary films, but also international documentary films in financing, producing and creative consulting on films. She is educated in dramaturgy from the University in Århus, and has been a part owner of the production company Tju –Bang Film before she became part owner of Danish Documentary Production.

Serge Gordey /FR/
Serge Gordey is a French producer mainly involved with international creative documentaries, presently working at ALEGRIA PRODUCTIONS (Paris). In the recent years, he has been involved with projects such as the innovative web based “Gaza-Sderot: life in spite of everything” (executive producer) and “24 hours Jerusalem”. He was the French co-producer of the Oscar nominated and International Emmy awarded “Five broken cameras” (Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi). He was the co- producer of “The wonderful world of Papa Alaev” (Tal Barda & Noam Pinhas) “Vaclav Havel, a free man”(Andrea Sedlackova) and “Lech Walesa, a portrait” (Andrzej Fidyk). He is an advocate urging for an enhanced role of creative documentaries. From 2015 to 2017, he was the president of the documentary committee of the French CNC.


Yael Bitton /CH/
yael_bittonYael has been working as a film editor since 2000, for both cinema and television. She has been editing in the USA, France, and Switzerland, cutting mostly documentaries and experimental films; she has worked a lot with young filmmakers, accompanying them in their creative process. She currently tutors students at the HEAD in Geneva. In the past she has also participated at Greenhouse, tutored at FEMIS, CINEDOC, at New York University, DCTV, and has taught film-making in psychiatric hospitals.

François Sculier /FR/
François SculierFrançois lives in Paris, he loves Paris but he loves to leave Paris to travel elsewhere. His directorial work as well as his work as an editor have led him to Greece, to Iran, to Burkina Faso, to Morocco, and to Russia.
Before directing movies, this self-taught filmmaker began his career with the editing of many short films in the 80’s, when film stock was still prevalent.
A fortuitous meeting with Joris Ivens and a collaboration with Jean-Daniel Pollet were decisive. Since then he directed short narrative films but especially documentary films that were screened in many festivals. He has been an editing trainer at the Femis, Lussas and Cinédoc. He wishes to pursue and maintain a balance between these three aspects of his work, directing, editing and training.

Nanna Frank Møller /DK/
Nanna Frank Møller has edited over 40 films including creative documentaries, feature films and short fiction. She graduated as an editor from the National Film School of Denmark in 1999 and made her debut as a director in 2007 with ”Someone Like You” which won the Talent Dove at The International Leipzig Film Festival and the Grand Prix at Odense International Short and Documentary Film Festival same year. As an editor she has a long term collaboration with danish director Max Kestner and worked with Anne Regitze Wivel, Kaspar Munk, Kathrine Ravn Kruse and Ulrik Wivel among others. In 2001 she co-founded the Society of Danish film Editors and was a member of the board from 2001-2005.

Stephan Krumbiegel /DE/
Editing and dramaturgy tutor
Stefan Krumbiegel - still
Stephan Krumbiegel has been working as a freelance editor for feature and documentary films since 1996. Among the award-winning documentaries he’s edited are Berlin Symphony (by Thomas Schadt), White Ravens – Nightmare in Chechnya and My Mother, a War and Me, and Lullaby (Johann Feindt /Tamara Trampe), Accordion Tribe and Echos of Home (Stefan Schwietert), Miles And War (Anne Thoma) or Enterprise Paradise and Under Control (by Volker Sattel). Since 2001 Stephan teaches editing at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. Since 2007 he is a professor of film editing at the Film University Babelsberg.


Freddy Neumann /DK/
Neumann PR & Strategic Communication
Freddy Neumann
Founder of Neumann PR & Strategic Communication, focused on strategic consulting, communication management, agenda setting, corporate- and product branding, community relations, public affairs, issues management, crisis management and media awareness. PR and marketing specialist, concentrated primarly on the cinema (feature- and documentary film) with a client’s portfolio mainly represented in the Danish and international film and entertainment industry.

Irena Taskovski /UK/
Taskovski Films
Taskovski Films is London & Berlin based world sales and Production Company of independent documentary  and fiction films. We welcome innovative, playful and risky forms of filmmaking capable of engaging and surprising audiences around the globe. Our passion is discovering new talents and creative, author-driven stories. Since 2003 Irena acts as CEO & founder of Taskovski Films Ltd. During last decade Irena has also been working as external consultant / expert on building successful sales business, financing, development, marketing, sales and festivals for many film institutions eg. HBO Europe, Asian Cinema Fund, Taiwan Film Institut etc.
Our portfolio includes www.taskovskifilms.com : The Season in Quincy; 4 Portraits of J.Berger, by TIlda Swinton and others, Olmo and the Seagull by Petra Costa and Lea Glob, , European Academy Awarded directors Audrius Stonys, with his Ramin,& Helena Trestikova Rene, winner of the European Academy Award – Prix Arte 2008. Our Producers credits :  A multiple award winners Village B, dir. Filip Remunda & Czech Dream by Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda,Who will be Gurkha (2013)  by Kesang Tseten, Surire (2015)  by Bettina Perrut and Ivan Osnovikoff, Ukrainian Sheriffs (2015) by Roman Bodnarchuk, etc.

Aleš Fiala /CZ/
Aleš Fiala
A member of a multidisciplinary team HRVNK, creative director and copywrighter, communication, creativity and methodology advisor. Interested in semantic and linguistic. Helps to handle, structure and develop complex ideas, never mind if comics or a space research programme. Since 1991 makes part of the advertisement industry. In twenty years of his experience worked in a number of creative and managerial positions in different agencies – from big branches of global networks like BBDO, Mccann, JWT, DDB to small Prague creative hotshops – Men on the Moon, Kaspen/JvM, Mustard. Currently he focuses on modern and peripheral marketing  areas, communication and group work in critical and extreme conditions.



Gesa Marten /DE/
Editing and dramaturgy tutor
Gesa graduated from Cologne University in Dramatics, German Literature and Philosophy. As a freelance film editor she has edited more than 60 films since 1991 – documentaries including ‘Lost in Liberia’ (2009), ‘Wo Stehst Du?’ (2011), ‘The Order of Things’ (2014) or ‘FEMMEfille’ (2015), as well as feature films including ‘Hannah’ (2006) or ‘LowLights’ (2009). She is very much committed to her work as a dramatic advisor, specialising in feature-length documentary film such as ‘Whiteblood’ (2010) or ‘Foreign / Fremd’ (2011). Her work has been nominated as Best Edit at the German Television awards (2000), Best Edit at the German Camera awards (2004, 2006) and Best Edit of a Documentary at the Filmplus Editing awards (2005, 2008, 2009, 2014). Gesa teaches at the University of Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg and is board member of the Institute of Artistic Research. She is a member of the European (EFA) and the German Film Academy.

Pernille Bech Christensen /DK/
Editing and dramaturgy tutor
Pernille Bech Christensen graduated from the National Danish Film School in 1987 in Editing. She regularly teaches at the National Danish Film School and has been a guest teacher at the Norwegian Film School. She has been nominated and won several prizes, including the Danish Academy Award for editing in 2003 and the Television Editor of the Year Award in 2005. Pernille has edited all but one of Susanne Bier’s feature films, including ‘After the Wedding’, nominated for an Oscar in the Foreign Language Category in 2007, and ‘In a Better World’ won both the acclaimed Golden Globe award and an Oscar in 2011. Pernille edited the feature-length documentary ‘The Monastery’, which won the main prize at IDFA. Over the years, her films have had 35 wins and 31 nominations at festivals worldwide. She is an international editing consultant in both documentary and feature film, as well as working as a script consultant in Denmark and Scandinavia. As an executive producer, she is currently developing a drama series at the national commercial broadcaster TV 2 Denmark.

Arash T. Riahi /AT/
Production tutor
Born in 1972 in Iran, Arash T. Riahi moved to Austria as the child of political refugees in 1982. Studying Film and the Arts at the University of Vienna, he then worked as a freelancer in the youth and art department of Austrian TV. In 1997, he founded the film and media production company Golden Girls Filmproduktion (www.goldengirls.at). His body of work, which has won more than 80 international awards, comprises various short and experimental films (‘Mississippi; ‘That Has Been Bothering Me The Whole Time’), commercials, music videos, and documentaries, including ‘The Souvenirs of Mr. X’, ‘Exile Family Movie’ or the cross-media project ‘Everyday Rebellion’ that he made with his brother Arman. His first fiction film ‘For a Moment Freedom’ was Austria’s candidate for the Academy Awards in 2010. Since 2010, he is also working as a dramatic advisor for the MEDIA supported script-development programmes SOURCES 2, Nipkow and Berlinale Talents. He teaches at the Vienna film school and the filmacademy, and has held lectures at the Scottish Documentary Institute, Goethe Institute Dublin, ZKM Karlsruhe, etc.