April 27th – May 2nd // Banska Štiavnica, Slovakia // ROUGH CUT

Slovak programme: April 30th – May 2nd

The first session aims to maximize the film’s potential. The workshop is focused on intensive individual editing sessions and creating tailor-made distribution strategy.

We start with screenings of the participants’ rough cuts, followed by a moderated discussion and in-depth analysis of the rhythm, character development, narrative structure and dramaturgy. Each participant is assigned a supervising tutor and chooses an additional ‘fresh eye’ consultant to work with on the editing, receives their feedback on the structure, dramaturgy and narration of the film and its potential for international audience.

Meanwhile, the producers of the participating projects work on a rough distribution and festival strategy, searching for specific opportunities for their films within specific territories, platforms or institutions. They prepare a proper time schedule, based on current situation of the film and receive feedback on their financing plans, attending case studies on crowd-funding and other independent financing possibilities, using their social networks.

In between two workshops the participants are supposed to work intensively. They should:

  • achieve a near ‘final cut’ stage
  • prepare a distribution and festival strategy which will be discussed at the next session
  • have an idea about the first release of the film and its marketing, incl. its financial plan