June 22nd – 27th // Telč, Czech Republic // FINE CUT & DISTRIBUTION

Czech programme: 20th – 24th June

During the 2nd session the participants focus on building specific marketing strategies, devising a precise distribution plan, and expanding their knowledge of the international film market.

The near-finished films are “test screened” to an international audience: producers, distributors and sales agents, who then lead the discussion and provide the participants with feedback on the content and structure of the film, as well as on specific strategy of release and distributionEditing sessions and individual meetings follow.

The workshop tutors share their knowledge on how to break into the international market even without a big budget. Marketing specialists teach specific tactics explaining how and where the documentaries can be promoted effectively, how to use festivals and guerrilla marketing strategies. Afterwards, they work individually with the participants on their marketing ideas, developing them into specific strategies. The end of the workshop is dedicated to the legal issues of distribution – pre-sale and sale contracting, dealing with the rights and providing the participants with a detailed overview of the European sales landscape. 

This workshop is supported by our partners Association of independent producers (ANP), Krakow Film FestivalSpeak Easy Project and Laokoon Filmgroupand funders, especially The Creative Europe programme, Slovak Audiovisual Fund and The International Visegrad Fund which enables us to offer the V4 film professionals unique access to knowledge and expert know-how on the documentary film market to increase the international potential of their work.