16th – 23rd September // Nordisk Panorama – Ystad, Malmö, Sweden // NEAR PICTURE LOCK

The third session is dedicated to preparing the participating teams for the official presentation of their projects within the industry.

We start with individual editing meetings in order to finalise the trailers/pilots to be presented. The workshop programme is focused on the preparation of the pitching presentation – speech structuring, five-minute clip selection, trailer feedback. The participants have individual meetings to train their presentation skills and detailed introduction of the project.

The informal pitching itself is composed as an exclusive event, organized by Nordisk Panorama, with personally invited key decision makers, festival selectors, commissioning editors, sale agents and distributors. Each participating team will have ten minutes to introduce the project, and screen the trailer and a short excerpt of the film. The preview is followed by a networking lunch with matchmaking with the invited industry guests.

By the end of the workshop, the participants summarize their results and plans for the future and receive feedback on their ambitions and opportunities. Although the workshop itself is over at that moment, we keep in touch with our participants, aiming to support them, using our contacts and networks with the film international release experts and sales agents. We continue to widely promote all workshop projects in the following year.