Autumn workshop in Prague 2018

October 19-20, 2018 // FAMU // Prague

Part of long-term regional Czech project dok.incubator “Do střižen!”. The workshop in Prague is focused on editing, dramaturgy and distribution.



Director: Radovan Síbrt
Editor: Tomáš Elšík
Producer: Karel Poupě

What would you do with your life, if you knew that you have a limited time ahead of you? Much shorter than an average life? Members of The Tap Tap – a music band made up of physically disabled – or rather crippled as they would call themselves – students of Jedlicka Institute in Prague have a pretty clear idea. They want to live and enjoy every single minute of it. They met at the boarding school for children with disabilities. There was not much to do there so when Simon Ornest, a musician and a volunteer assistant decided to start a band 15 years ago, they decided to give it a try. Since then the band has grown big and its members became local stars. But they want more, setting up a new goal almost every year to reach yet another dream.

Produced byPINK (CZ)


Director: Eva Tomanová
Editor: Marek Šulík
Producer: Jiří Konečný

The main protagonist is Mirek, a marriage swindler. For many years, he lived in several parallel relationships pretending to be the right one. Within several weeks, he would get hundreds of thousands of his victims’ savings. Gradually he was sentenced to five years in jail. Monika is one of the last people to have been bamboozled by him. She stayed with Mirek. When she got pregnant, unplanned, they both decided to keep the baby. She tested positive for HIV. Mirek started taking care of her and even proposed marriage to her before going to jail. Monika started fighting for his innocence and went through the entire trial with him. She gave birth to a healthy baby. After break up, they are back together again. Monika brings Andělka for jail visits, they plan their future and hope he might be released this June. But they ´re his victims who have the last word.

Produced byendorfilm (CZ)


Director: Jaro Vojtek
Editor: Peter Harum
Producer: Mátyás Prikler, Zora Jaurová

Earthly Paradise is a feature documentary about the private and professional life of Slovak journalist, reporter and photographer Andrej Bán. Through intimate conversations on their journeys, director Jaro Vojtek explores Andrej’s personal story, his struggle with loneliness and mental health, and his inability to maintain the functioning, long-term relationship which he so desires. In parallel, the film documents the complicated and often tragic histories unfolding in the world’s war zones and
refugee settlements, as well as the societal perils of Slovak political life (neo-Nazism and its representatives). Paradise on Earth presents a topography of the immense struggles of mankind in the world, a continual therapy without end.

Produced by: MPhilms (SK)

Tutors and guests

Gesa Marten /DE/
Gesa MartenGesa graduated from Cologne University in Dramatics, German Literature and Philosophy. As a freelance film editor since 1991 she has edited documentaries including ‘The Order of Things’ (2014), ‘FEMMEfille’ (2015), ‘Shot in the Dark‘ (2016) or ‘Lucica and her children‘ (2018), as well as feature films including ‘Hannah’ (2006) or ‘LowLights’ (2009). She is very much committed to her work as a dramatic advisor, specialising in feature-length documentary film such as ‘Whiteblood’ (2010), ‘Foreign’ (2011) or ‘Master of Disaster‘ (2018). Her work has been nominated as Best Edit at the German Television awards (2000), Best Edit at the German Camera awards (2004, 2006) and has been awarded Best Edit of a Documentary at the Filmplus Editing prize (2005, 2009). Gesa teaches at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. She is a member of the European (EFA) and the German Film Academy. Gesa lives in Potsdam near to Berlin.

Pernille Bech Christensen /DK/
Pernille Bech Christensen graduated from the National Danish Film School in 1987 in Editing. She regularly teaches at the National Danish Film School and has been a guest teacher at the Norwegian Film School. She has been nominated and won several prizes, including the Danish Academy Award for editing in 2003 and the Television Editor of the Year Award in 2005. Pernille has edited all but one of Susanne Bier’s feature films, including ‘After the Wedding’, nominated for an Oscar in the Foreign Language Category in 2007, and ‘In a Better World’ won both the acclaimed Golden Globe award and an Oscar in 2011. Pernille edited the feature-length documentary ‘The Monastery’, which won the main prize at IDFA. Over the years, her films have had 35 wins and 31 nominations at festivals worldwide. She is an international editing consultant in both documentary and feature film, as well as working as a script consultant in Denmark and Scandinavia. As an executive producer, she is currently developing a drama series at the national commercial broadcaster TV 2 Denmark.

Anna Johnson Ryndová /CZ/
Editor Anna Johnson Ryndová began her film career as a clapper and then worked as a script supervisor and assistant editor. She holds an MFA from FAMU. She was nominated for the Czech national film award for ‘Pouta’ (‘Walking Too Fast’, 2010) and for the Slovak national film award for ‘Dom’ (‘House’, 2011). From 2012 until 2015, she worked as a lecturer of Film Studies at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, USA. She understands film art as an intellectual, aesthetic, and emotional inquiry rather than a product designed to entertain. In her work as an editor and teacher, she is especially interested in the topics of authenticity, media literacy, kitsch in all its forms, and the ethics of film making. Recently, she collaborated on documentary essays ‘Slepý Gulliver’ (‘Blind Gulliver’, 2017) and ‘Muris’ (‘D Is For Division’, 2018). Currently, she is finishing a fiction film ‘Zlaty podraz’ (‘Golden Betrayal’).

Aleksandar Govedarica /SRB, CA/
Sales agent – Syndicado
Aleksandar Govedarica was born 1987 in Sarajevo, graduate of University of East Sarajevo as well as Vancouver Film School. He started working as a film programmer at Kriterion Sarajevo, the only art house cinema in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aleksandar was part of the organizing committee of the Serbian Film Festival in Vancouver. He produced two documentary films and has experience in all aspects of filmmaking including directing. With three years of previous experience in sales and distribution, Aleksandar now runs the Toronto based world sales agent Syndicado.

Bohdan Bláhovec /CZ/
Distributor / KineDok
Born in 1984 in Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Has received his MA at FAMU, Dept. of Documentary Film. The feature debut Show! won the Czech Critic’s Award for best documentary of 2013 and the Audience Award at Jihlava IDFF 2013. He currently works with KineDok as the main coordinator, concentrating on the alternative distribution of documentaries in East and Central Europe.



Iva Žáková /CZ/
Distributor / National Film Archive

Iva was one of the first to run private cinemas in the Czech Republic. In the early 90’s she involved herself in many of the newly founded festivals and was in charge of both cinema and festivals programming, incl. the famous Lucerna cinema. Later she took part from the other side – in the film distribution while working for SPI International and cinema Atlas and experienced the arrival of digital technologies and its impact on the new ways of programming. Iva worked for Film Europe and started projects like Be2Can, Creme de la creme or Scandi – overviews of the festivals‘ best of‘s. Currently, Iva works for National Film Archive where, among other, digital restoration of Czech films takes place.

Céline Guénot /FR/
Festival representative / Visions du Réel
Born in Paris’ suburbs, she studied Early Modern History at La Sorbonne, then changed the path to focus on filmmaking. After graduating in History with a research project about the intertwined destinies of the French Cinémathèque and MoMA’s Film Library, Céline Guénot taught at different schools and universities in France, England and the U.S. In 2011 she started working at FIDMarseille as a writer then Editor in Chief for its daily newspaper before joining the selection committee in 2012. She also participated in Doc Alliance Academy’s projects to promote film education for young people. In 2016 she settled in Zürich, Switzerland and joined the selection committee at Visions du Réel (Nyon, Switzerland) the following year. An alumna of Paris Film School La Fémis, she directed several short films and is now working on her first feature documentary.

Barbora Hudečková /CZ/
Festival representative / One World
Since 2017, Barbora works as a programmer and outreach coordinator at One World Film Festival. Her job is mostly to select films and find ways how to boost their impact and let the audience know about what they can do to help the cause. She coordinates cooperation with target audiences, such as university students and Czech nongovernmental organisations. She is also in charge of the accompanying programme and supervises the Q&As and special extended talks at the festival. Barbora works at One World since 2014. She coordinated festivals in the regions and One World’s alternative distribution channel called Get Your Audience.

Martin Horyna /CZ/
Festival representative / Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Martin is a member of the Program Department at Karlovy Vary IFF since 2011. He is currently in charge of documentary films and administration at the festival video library. His previous experience as a film journalist and critic includes working for, a Czech website specialized in independent and auteur cinema, which he co-founded in 2009.