dok.incubator SK is a long-term mentoring programme for Slovak filmmakers that connects them with internationally established tutors and develops their documentary projects. 

We offer different levels of participation in our workshop. Filmmakers can attend the intensive four day workshop in Mojmírovce in the company of top European editors,  apply for individual consultations during the workshop, attend the open programme of the workshop, or workshadow the tutors as an observer. 




2017 Projects


Director & Producer: Tomáš Krupa     Editor: Peter Kudlička

Janette is terminally ill and she would like to die a dignified death, however, this is not possible in her home in the United Kingdom. She gets in touch with Dr. Erika in Switzerland, who is willing to help her. Janette must plan her final departure from the UK before her illness prevents her from doing so. Both children, Simon and Bridget try to convince Janette that she still has enough time to make a decision. Experiencing their mother‘s assisted death significantly impacts their attitudes toward life. Simon, in particular, faces a tough situation. His mother‘s death reveals to him the inevitability of his own fate. He knows that if no cure is found in his lifetime, he will want to walk in his mother‘s footsteps in order to die a dignified death. Do we own our lives or does life own us?

Produced by: HAILSTONE, s.r.o.



Director: Zuzana Límová     Editor: Morgana Tinebra     Producer: Heidi Gronauer









It is supposed to be the happiest day of a woman’s life. In Slovakian maternity wards, however, the joy of motherhood can quickly turn into a nightmare. In their isolation, women face strict routines, loneliness and different forms of violence. The documentary Before I Met You provides an intimate look at what goes on behind the closed doors of delivery rooms, where nobody but mothers-to-be is allowed to enter. Here the miracle of birth is nothing more than a routine chore and everyone, including midwives and doctors, must submit to absurd rules made decades ago. Instead of trusting their intuition during the most natural process of human life, mothers must obey the medical staff and follow the out-of-date procedures with no regard to their own feelings. The voices of women who dare to speak up complement the film’s images captured during delivery in a public hospital. Situational interviews with staff members uncover the dark side of the healthcare system that prefers routine and medication to humanity. What does it feel like to bring a new life into the world under these conditions? Before I Met You will answer this question.

Produced by: ZeLIG – School for Documentary, Television and New Media




Director & Producer: Tina Diosi     Editor: Dušan Milko

New Life is a feature-length documentary about the life of a Slovak community in Norway. The first Slovaks appeared here after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and currently, the Slovak community counts about 450 people. Our protagonists mainly come from the region of Orava in Slovakia. Many factories were closed here and, as a consequence of the unregulated work market and transformation of state companies, many people became unemployed. Often desperate, they started to look for new opportunities for work and a better life abroad. A meat processing factory in Norwegian Loen was a solution. In the beginning, just a few professional butchers came here, but currently, two-thirds of the employees are Slovaks who, as a cheaper workforce, gradually replaced the domestic employees. People of all age groups live here, some have bought a house or a car and don’t plan to return home. Others are here for just a couple of years and plan to move back to Slovakia.

Produced by: Furia Film+ s.r.o. Bratislava, Kontrafilm Praha s.r.o.

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