dok.incubator SK is a long-term mentoring programme for Slovak filmmakers that connects them with internationally established tutors and develops their documentary projects. 

We offer different levels of participation in our workshop. Filmmakers can attend the intensive three-day workshop in Galanta in the company of top European editors,  apply for individual consultations during the workshop, attend the open programme of the workshop, or work-shadow the tutors as an observer. 


2018 projects



Director: Adam Hanuljak
Editor: Peter Kotrha
Producers: Tomáš Kaminský, Peter Snadík

The documentary film ‘Stolen Lives of Peter Kalmus’ is not considered to be just a portrait of a man; there will not be just a description of all his artistic merits and his life. The focus is mainly on dealing with the past, indicating the wickedness of the totalitarian system in Slovakia, the modern manifestations of totalitarianism, the reoccurring blossoming of extremists’ demonstrations in the public space and on the Internet, on totalitarian symbols, artistic and political activities, on provocation as a means of triggering nationwide discussions, on leaving one’s comfort zone, risking legal consequences and being persecuted and threatened by extremists. Due to Kalmus‘; socially engaged art, he is becoming a star of TV news or a modern day Don Quixote, who fights against nostalgia after totalitarian systems. It’s a portrait of our state in terms of dealing with the skeleton in the cupboard.

Produced by: Mandala Pictures (SK)


Director: Roman Fábian
Editor: Peter Harum
Producer: Marek Urban, co-producer: Ján Melikant

‘Romano Suno’ (‘Gypsy Dream’) is a documentary film shot over a long period of time which follows the lives up of four young dancers with an ambition to be successful on TV. The film follows the dancers as they grow up and start families, and captures the transformation of their dream from commercial success to having a place to live.

After overcoming initial obstacles, such as finding a place for training, they finally mobilize each other and achieve their first small success at Roma Talent show. At the same time, a new issue bumps into their lives. The freshly elected local governor has an ambition to dismantle Roma settlements since he wants to build social housing there. Our protagonists are challenged by the governor’s demand, they must leave their settlements and find alternative accommodation. They also have to get three hundred euros somehow, as a deposit for their brand-new clean social housing.

Produced by: sentimentalfilm (SK) 


Director: Juraj Mravec
Editor: Peter Morávek
Producer: Albert Malinovský

Shortly after establishing its reign, Islamic State began a religious purge. In the ruins of the Iraqi city Sinjar where IS committed genocide on the Yazidi people, Illias Haji Murrad runs 20 km every day in his Ronaldo jersey, preparing for his escape to Germany, where his wife and two small daughters have escaped. At the same time, the whole world is intensely watching the coalition offensive on the capital of IS – the city of Mosul. Two Slovak paramedics Oliver and Matej establish a unique non-profit organization specializing in providing first aid directly on the battlefield. Along with volunteers from the USA, they are present during the whole offensive. The film creator portrays two kinds of people. Those who desperately try to escape the war and those who voluntarily keep returning.

Produced by: All4films (SK)


Guest project of the Czech dok.incubator programme in Telč:


Director: Jaro Vojtek
Editor: Peter Harum
Producer: Mátyás Prikler, Zora Jaurová

Earthly Paradise is a feature documentary about the private and professional life of Slovak journalist, reporter and photographer Andrej Bán. Through intimate conversations on their journeys, director Jaro Vojtek explores Andrej’s personal story, his struggle with loneliness and mental health, and his inability to maintain the functioning, long-term relationship which he so desires. In parallel, the film documents the complicated and often tragic histories unfolding in the world’s warzones and refugee settlements, as well as the societal perils of Slovak political life (neo-Nazism and its representatives). Paradise on Earth presents a topography of the immense struggles of mankind in the world, a continual therapy without end.

Produced by: MPhilms (SK)



Arash T. Riahi /AT/
Director & producer – Golden Girls Filmproduktion
Born in 1972 in Iran, Arash T. Riahi moved to Austria as the child of political refugees in 1982. Studying Film and the Arts at the University of Vienna, he then worked as a freelancer in the youth and art department of Austrian TV. In 1997, he founded the film and media production company Golden Girls Filmproduktion ( His body of work, which has won more than 80 international awards, comprises various short and experimental films (‘Mississippi; ‘That Has Been Bothering Me The Whole Time’), commercials, music videos, and documentaries, including ‘The Souvenirs of Mr. X’, ‘Exile Family Movie’ or the cross-media project ‘Everyday Rebellion’ that he made with his brother Arman. His first fiction film ‘For a Moment Freedom’ was Austria’s candidate for the Academy Awards in 2010. Since 2010, he is also working as a dramatic advisor for the MEDIA supported script-development programmes SOURCES 2, Nipkow and Berlinale Talents. He teaches at the Vienna film school and the filmacademy, and has held lectures at the Scottish Documentary Institute, Goethe Institute Dublin, ZKM Karlsruhe, etc.

Luc Forveille /FR/
Luc Forveille is a graduate of IDHEC, the French public school of cinema. He has been working as editor for 25 years, primarily for documentary film. Over the 5 last years, he has worked a lot with Claire Simon (‘Human Geography’, ‘The Woods Dreams Are Made of’, ‘The Graduation’, ‘Young Solitude’) as well as with Mehran Tamadon (‘Iranian’), Sacha Abaturov (‘Sleeping Souls’, ‘The Son’), and Corinne Sullivan (‘Mutso, the Hinterland’). Each of these films was screened at festivals (Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Paris, Locarno, Lussas etc.) and most of them were also screened in cinemas. He has also edited documentaries discussing the work of directors Avi Mograbi, Claire Simon, and Chris Maker for the French TV channel Canal+. He has been a teacher of film editing at FEMIS, and at the universities of Grenoble (France), Papeete (Tahiti) and Saint Louis (Senegal). He is currently working on Claire Simon’s new project, ‘The Village’, a long documentary series.

Christian Falch /NO/
Producer – UpNorth Film
Producer Christian Falch works for UpNorth Film in Norway. He has been producing documentaries for the domestic and international market since 2003. His previous films have been screened at numerous festivals around the world, have won several awards and have been sold to more than 20 different territories. Among his previous titles are the feature films ‘The Exorcist in the 21st Century’, ‘Blackhearts’, ‘The King and the Crook’, ‘Two Raging Grannies’ and ‘Street of Dreams’. His latest film ‘Golden Dawn Girls’ premiered in the main competition at IDFA 2017 and has been selected for festivals such as Visions du Réel, HotDocs and many more. The film won the main award for the best documentary at HUMAN Int. Film Festival in Oslo and has been sold worldwide. Falch has also co-produced several feature documentaries with countries like Finland, France, Germany, Australia and Iran. Falch graduated from EuroDoc in 2013 and dok.incubator in 2017. He is a member of the EDN and a board member of The Mid Norwegian Film Centre. In March 2018, Falch received the Norwegian University of Science and Technology`s Film Award for “his work in the field of international documentary production”.

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