dok.incubator workshop chooses the hybrid format

The second session starts on August 24th, 2020 and combines individual meetings in editing room & digital plenary sessions

In the last days and weeks, the dok.incubator team has been carefully following the constantly changing situation regarding COVID-19. Seriously considering the new restrictions being recommended by several national authorities and the potential risk of an unstable situation of running an international workshop – not only towards our participants but also to all our tutors and international guests (more than 15 different nationalities), we have decided to cancel the physical international workshop in Slovakia planned for August 24th – 29th and transform it into a hybrid form.

To maintain the high quality of our training program, our participants in several European countries will be meeting tutors individually in their editing rooms from August 24th – 29th. All plenary sessions, meetings and discussions with invited decision makers will be transformed into online sessions planned for the mid of September. Stay tuned, the new schedule will be published soon and we will all continue to stay safe.