DOK.Incubator brought distribution specialists to Bratislava.


Tens of thousands of documentary films are made worldwide every year but only several of them make it to A festivals and are picked up by distribution companies. Even fewer of them get a theatrical release. What differentiates them?

In the sea of information, people and companies, it is more and more difficult to set the right course to success and not to get sidetracked. The role of the producer is not only to help get the film financed but also to get information about the possible distribution channels most fit for the film.

This was the subject of the four-day long workshop DOK.SK which took place in Bratislava, 2nd – 5th December 2014. During the series of lectures and meetings, the Slovak filmmakers, producers and distributors discussed these new distribution techniques meet their European colleagues who took the leap into distribution markets and succeeded.

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The workshop is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund / Podujatie finančne podporil Audiovizuálny fond







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