FAQ – dok.incubator SK

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between dok.incubator SK (the Slovak programme for filmmakers) and the international dok.incubator workshop?

The dok.incubator SK is four-day workshop for Slovak filmmakers that takes place in Slovakia together with the international programme, and also offers trips to DOK Leipzig and IDFA. It accepts projects with a minimum of 50% of footage filmed, whereas the international dok.incubator is only for projects in the rough cut stage.

Do we need to spend all four days at the workshop?

Yes, attendance at all four days of the workshop is required. We will create an individualised programme for each filmmaker for the whole session.

Will we have access to international dok.incubator programme?

Yes, however, your access will be limited depending on your own workshop programme. You will be able to meet and network with the tutors and participants of the international workshop and attend certain seminars and sessions.

What do the delegations at DOK Leipzig and IDFA entail?

Through dok.incubator you will be introduced to key decision-makers at DOK Leipzig (director of the festival, programme department etc.) and industry members; and you will have the opportunity to gain access to the market at IDFAcademy. We will also guide you and help you make the most of the industry programmes at both festivals.

How does the selection process work?

The selection process is divided into two rounds. In the first round, every project will be seen and judged by at least two of our selectors. They evaluate and score the material (filmic quality of the footage, filmmaker’s access to the main character, unique point of view, etc). The projects with the highest score go through to the second round of the selection.

These will then be evaluated by the tutors for that year’s workshop. In this round, we will pay close attention to the phase of development of your project, as well as to the whole team behind the project (background, experience, motivations and goals).

We will inform the applicants about the selection results around the end of March when the final projects selected will be officially announced via dokincubator.net webpage.

Are there any fees? What do the fees cover?

The participation fee for dok.incubator SK (programme for Slovak filmmakers) is 400 EUR. The accommodation and food at the workshop and the catalogues for three team members are for free.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with tomas@dokincubator.net!