Fees and Scholarships


The full fee is € 17,500 for the whole team for three workshops. However, we consider each project and its financial situation individually. To include projects with a limited budget, we offer discounts leading to individual rates in the range € 5,700 – € 17,500.

WHAT THE FEE INCLUDES – this may not apply to year 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation

With the participation fee, you will get a workshop worth € 32,000 /project (the real cost of the workshop). This includes:

  • Three workshops (6+6+8 days) including accommodation and editing room rental for a team of 3 people
  • Individual editing, marketing, distribution and other types of consultations with more than 25 world class experts for 6 months
  • The possibility to directly screen your rough cut to festival selectors and to get fee waivers for top documentary festivals
  • An extensive PR campaign organised by dok.incubator / presentation of your nearly finished film at Nordisk Panorama Film Festival
  • A chance to win one of three awards for the best projects including the finishing award in
    the value of € 12,000.


The selection committee will decide about discounted fees and all participants will be informed about the exact amount of the fee before they confirm participation.

You can get a discounted fee, if:

  • Most of your budget is unconfirmed
  • You are from a country that already subsidizes dok.incubator (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary)
  • You have a low budget film. A project can be considered as a low budget film if the total budget is below € 350,000. This is subject to the territory of production
  • Your production country is a country with low or very few financing opportunities


In case of projects with no or very low budget and with no additional funding from the local funds/film institutes, we offer two types of scholarships:

  • PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP – the participants pay just the cost of their meals and accommodation for the team of three people at three workshops (€ 3 200) and the rental of editing room and technical equipment (€ 1 300)
  • FULL SCHOLARSHIPin special cases only (non-European or zero budget films) the team does not pay any fee (but they cover their travel costs).

Around 30% of participants obtain a scholarship.When deciding, we consider the whole financial situation of the project, the likelihood of it receiving financing during the workshop, and the cost of workshop participation (including travel).