Sandcastles (Working title)

director: Inma de Reyes Casas

editor: Nick Gibbon

producer: Beth Earl

producer: Ronny Merdinger

producer: Aimara Reques

Borja (12) is being raised with his younger brother Erik (9) by their single mother Raquel in Castellón de La Plana, a small coastal town in Spain. Borja’s mother is unemployed and struggles to make ends meet. Hoping he rescues them from poverty, Raquel and Matias (his grandfather) encourage Borja to follow his path inside the family's tradition, so at the age of 12, Borja becomes the youngest boy to join the local school of bullfighting.
As he grows up, it becomes increasingly clear that what his family perceived as their ticket out of poverty is becoming an extinct tradition- protestors invade bullrings and councils reduce funding. It is here when Borja begins to question his future and examine his own hopes and dreams.
90 min
date of release: 
production company: 
Rustic Canyon Pictures
Aconite Productions Ltd.