Move It On 2020

Our mission

No ideas can be pitched without having the clear idea of the market in mind. That is why we decided to start the new training program for filmmakers under the guidance of the marketing experts from famous brands and digital marketing agencies. Move It On presents the basic idea of film branding to its participants. It will introduce the market perspective in the film-making, uncovering clever digital marketing strategies to the independent filmmakers and small production houses specialized in arthouse and documentary films. With the lectures open to the film professionals and film students, the program will introduce:

  • holistic marketing approach implemented into the film development
  • core analysis of the film as a brand
  • film marketing potential based on the data from online and offline strategies
  • proof of concept – how to find the audience & place at the market?


1. Move It On workshops

Move it On program consists of 2 workshops which aim to introduce a new perspective in marketing documentaries and artistic films by incorporating storytelling into branding and audience building. This will lead to more effective international film distribution across all existing platforms. The dates, program and tutors of Move It On workshops will be released in September 2020.

2. Move It On Inspiration 

The series of inspirational talks focus on film marketing and digital distribution. Most of the sessions are online and open to audience at ZOOM.

Talk 1:

Release at the festival ONLINE – success or failure?

Date and Time: July 1, 2020, 3.30 – 5 pm GMT+2

There is a whole generation of high-end films, which premiered in spring 2020 online. But is the industry really following them, will they get distribution, or will they be lost? Film festivals launching online events need to serve local audiences and keep their brands alive. But what about the impact on filmmakers?

Can the online festivals offer any kind of compensation to them? Will it work for the new films? How will the new model function in the future?


Agnieszka Holland with post-Berlinale festival life of “Charlatan”,

Shane Smith Hot Docs, which implemented online strategies,

Stephanie Fuchs Autlook Filmsales, with the market analysis of their titles, 

Joost Daamen uncovering plans for the autumn edition of IDFA,

Monica Lazurean Gorgan who did successful online release of her two films: “Acasa, My Home” and “Wood”.