Application 2019: DEADLINE JANUARY 30th

The applications will be opened within January.

The focus of the observers´ participation at the workshop is on following the eight participating projects. You will watch the know-how of our tutors very closely and learn first-hand from the development of the participants´ films.

This program counts on the active observers´ participation. If the observer wants to join the third session, focused on the pitching performance of the participants, they can – but they will have a far less intense programme and will be encouraged to follow the Nordisk Panorama program.

The fee is € 2.500. This fee covers all costs for the first and second session and three days during third session in Malmö. Independent producers, editors or students can get a scholarship and pay only their accommodation and meals (around € 300 per session).

To find out more, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

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