Preview 2015

DOK.Incubator 2015 Preview Presentations
28th October, Kabarett Leipziger Pfeffermühle

All presentations from the DOK.Preview contain a trailer or pilot.

Emergency Exit /BE/
Produced by Cassette for timescape
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Can you build a home in a place called nowhere?

Kakuma refugee camp, built in the middle of the Turkana desert (Kenya), is the fastest growing city in the region. Many of its new arrivals are children sent out of conflict zones by their parents. Against all odds, these children grab all opportunities in the camp to rebuild their life. While waiting for her mother to return from South Sudan, Nyakong (8) starts to go to school. Slowly she creates for herself a new home in the camp. At the age of 17, teenagers like Claude and Khadijo consequently compete for international scholarships, get a job, and even build their own house.

Filmmaker Lieven Corthouts decided to stay in one of the toughest places on earth and make this camp his home. From this unique position, living among Kakuma’s inhabitants for more than 4 years, he tries to understand the mass migration of young adults to Europe.

Can Kakuma really become a permanent home for these children on the verge of adulthood? Or is this camp a false bubble, where the only option is to continue your journey to Europe?

Director: Lieven Corthouts         Editor: Jan De Coster         Producer: Emmy Oost


H*Art On /CZ/
Produced by Duracfilm
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The artist pushes borders, creates within a maelstrom of emotion, provocation, and finds worth. Then the artist puts his brush down and he dies in obscurity. Who will pick it up again, if anyone? The museum guide infatuated with him, half a century after his death? The decadent curator who inhabits his house? The Czech performance artist who carries his torch? How will they understand what that vibrant life left behind? H*Art On follows several artists shuffling through the fragments of their long-forgotten predecessors – contemplating oblivion, struggling to justify their existence and lusting to live beyond life. A portrait of the artist, lost in time.

Director: Andrea Culková         Editor: Thomas Ernst         Producer: Christian Falvey


Holy Cow /AZ, DE, RO/
Produced by Free Art, Kloos & Co. Medien GmbH and Conset
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Tapdig has a dream of bringing a European cow into his picturesque village in Azerbaijan to improve the condition of his poor family. He decides to call it Madona. His passion unsettles the traditional community, the Old Men see a threat in having a foreign cow among them as they say its milk is full of chemicals. Even his wife Vafa does not want to take care of such a strange breed. But Tapdig is ready to risk it all and challenges the conservative mentality to open up and rethink the attitude. How do human beings handle change while remaining true to their own traditions? Holy Cow questions the prejudices against the unknown and how ready are we to accept a newcomer.

Director: Imam Hasanov   Editor: Philipp Gromov   Producer: Andra Popescu, Veronika Janatková


Thy Father’s Chair /IT, US/
Produced by GraffitiDoc, No Permits Produktions
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Abraham and Shraga are two Orthodox aging twins who live a secluded existence in their inherited Brooklyn home. Since the death of their parents, they have stopped throwing away anything, hosting stray cats and accumulating all sorts of stuff. Now, their upstairs tenant threatens to stop paying them rent unless they proceed to a radical cleaning. Abraham and Shraga have no choice but to open their doors to a professional company. A traumatic invasion of privacy ensues, forcing them to confront their memories in order to try to find a new beginning…

Director: Antonio Tibaldi, Alex Lora          Editor: Alex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi         Producer: Enrica Capra, Antonio Tibaldi


Amazona /CO/
Produced by casatarántula
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This is the story of Val and Clare: a mother and a daughter. After the tragic death of her eldest daughter, Val left her kids and family behind and escaped into the Colombian jungle in order to search for her identity. Clare was only 11 years old when her mother left and couldn’t understand what she was looking for. A son who became an addict, three break-ups and a fractured family remained behind.

Now Clare is pregnant and decides to confront her mother, heal the wounds of the past and try to define motherhood on her own terms. Together they go on an intimate journey exploring the boundaries between responsibility and freedom, the power of love and the meaning of family.

Director: Clare Weiskopf        Editor: Gustavo Vasco        Producer: Nicolas Van Hemelryck


Ukrainian Sheriffs /UA, LV, DE/
Produced by VFS FILMS, South and Taskovski Films Production
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In Stara Zburyevka, a remote Ukrainian village, in a middle of nowhere, the everyday life for an outsider might remind a hillarious spectacle from the Theatre of Absurd. There is no district police officer and whatever happens, there is no use waiting for the police – they just don’t come if you call them. Therefore the mayor appoints two local heroes, Victor and Volodya, to keep the Order and Law. Their tasks varies from dealing with burglers, comforting the hobos and mediating between the wranglers and drinking with them.

Little by little the times are changing – news of War reaches the village and complicate the matters. ‘Cops’ – being a perfect guides into Ukrainian reality of today – are now emiting the summons for joining the army…

Director: Roman Bondarchuk    Editor: Kateryna Gornostai     Producer: Uldis Cekulis, Darya Averchenko, Tanja Georgieva

Cheer Up /FI, CA/ *

Produced by napafilms ltd.
Cheer Up

Miia, the ambitious coach of Finland’s worst competitive cheerleading team, is sick of losing and stuck in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle. So she takes a trip to the motherland, Texas, where she’s inspired by the American mindset and focus of the world’s best cheerleaders.  Returning to Finland a tougher coach, she pushes her girls to the breaking point… but is that what the team really wants?

For Aino and Patricia, the team’s success is the least of their concerns as they struggle to fight painful battles in their teenage lives. For them cheerleading is a comfort, a stepping stone and a source of support along the path of life. For Miia, the team is all she thinks she has, until life steps in and surprises her.

Cheer Up takes us into the teenage lives of a team of losing cheerleaders who try their best to get better and look perfect doing it, while really, life feels like a train wreck.  For Patu, Aino and Miia, finding out who they are, where they belong and what family means is much more important than any trophy.

Director: Christy Garland          Editor: Thor Ochsner, Graeme Ring
Producer: Liisa Juntunen

Based on the filmmakers’ wishes we will publish the videos after the film’s release. Thank you for understanding.


The Road from Hainan /US/ *
Produced by Little Horse Crossing the River
Road from hainan 2

When a Chinese elementary school principal who raped six of his students seems poised to receive a light sentence, famed women’s rights advocate Ye Haiyan leads a small group of activists in a protest – a move that could end with each participant’s arrest. As filmmaker Nanfu Wang films the demonstration and its aftermath, she becomes embroiled in the government’s effort to harass and intimidate everyone associated with the protest. After being threatened by angry mobs, chased by police, and interrogated by national security agents, Wang discovers the Chinese government’s willingness to target anyone they perceive to be a threat to their control.

Director, editor and producer: Nanfu Wang

Based on the filmmakers’ wishes we will publish the videos after the film’s release. Thank you for understanding.