Projects 2012

DOK.Incubator Workshop 2012
+ winner of Rough cut from Sarajevo Film Festival

Produced by:
 TTFilms & Alethea Ltd.
Sales Contact: Deckert Distribution

Day of Premiere: November 1st, 2012 at DOK Leipzig
Festivals: DOK Leipzig 2012, IDFA 2012, Tbilisi IFF 2012 – Best Georgian Film Award, Goteborg IFF 2013, Sundance 2013 – Winner of the Directing Award: World Cinema Documentary, MoMA’s Festival 2013, Marathon Dok Copenhagen 2013, One World HRFF Prague 2013, Sofia IFF 2013 – Best Documentary Award, Thessaloniki IDF 2013, Zagrebdox IDF 2013, Hong Kong IFF 2013, True/False Film Festival 2013, Edge DFF 2013 New Zeland, IDFF DocuDays Kiev 2013, Hot Docs CIDF 2013, IDFF Munchen 2013, It’s All True FF Brazil 2013 – Best Documentary in the Feature or Medium-Length Film, International Competition, Viennale 2013, Sydney FF 2013, Sarajevo FF 2013, Trieste FF 2013, Panama FF 2013, Documentarist Istanbul 2013, Planete Doc FF Warsaw 2013, IFF Minneapolis 2013, IFF Yerevan 2013, IFF Message to Man 2013, BIAFF 2013, IFF Reykjavík 2013, IFF Vancover 2013, Festival des Libertes Brussel 2013, IFF Vienne 2013, IFF «LISTAPAD 2013» Minsk, CPH:DOX 2013, 5th WHRFF Istanbul, Festival il Mese del Documentario 2014, Ambulante DFF 2014, IFF de Femmes 2014…….
According POV/PBS one of the 20 best documentaries of 2013

When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone hold the pen.

Georgia 2011. A film director announces a casting for 15-23 year old youth. This search brings her to different locations: villages and cities. Here, many people are coming in the turningpoint of their lives, to answer the call: some are interested in becoming part of a film, others are ready to share their sentimental stories or seek the strength to carry out their life decisions…

A film about how beautiful life can be and how difficult when you dream of being a hero.
The protagonists of this film live and dream this heroism, whether they run from reality or face it head-on. They are old and they are very young, just beginning their lives. But they are all united in the poetry of searching.

Producer: Tamar Gurchiani   Director: Tinatin Gurchiani   Editor: Doreen Ignaszewski/Nari Kim


Produced by: AGITPROP
Sales Contact: Rise and Shine

Day of Premiere: April 23rd 2013 at Visions du Réel, IFF Nyon
Festivals: Visions du Réel IFF Nyon 2013, Hot Docs CIDF 2013, IFF Krakow 2013 – The FIPRESCI Award (International Federation of Film Critics), Transilvania IFF 2013, IFF Yerevan 2013 – Winner of Golden Apricot for best documentary, 53rd Krakow FF, LET’S CEE FF 2013 – Winner of best bulgarian documentary, IDFF Jihlava 2013, DOK Leipzig 2013, DocPoint Helsinki 2014, IFF Santa Barbara 2014, 37th IFF Göteborg, IFF Sofia 2014 – Winner of the Audience Award, Documenta Madrid 2014, Apollonia Festival of Arts Sozopol 2014, 21st Bulgarian Documentary and Animation Film Festival – Winner of the Golden Rhyton for Best Documentary   

To each man his treasure, but all men must know that real treasures lie in unlikely places.

The last Black Sea pirates get by on questionable means, swimming in alcohol fumes, testosterone, and rugged tenderness on a pristine beach far form civilization. For the last 20 years, Captain Jack and his crew have been looking for a legendary treasure hidden in the gully. But in city halls and corporate high rises across Europe, the powers that be have other plans for the pirates’ paradise. In this crisis, emerges a contemporary real-life story about the treasure we hunt and the treasures we find.

Producer: Martichka Bozhilova     Director: Svetoslav Stoyanov     Editor: Petar Marinov

DANCE FOR ME (Workshop title: Egor’s Entrance) /DK/
Produced by:
 Klassefilm ApS
Sales Contact: Rise and Shine

Day of Premiere: November 20th, 2012 at ITF Amsterdam
Festivals: CPD:DOX 2012, IDFA 2012, Edge DF 2013 New Zeland, Full Frame DFF North Carolina 2013, AmDocs 2013 – Audience Award, DOK Leipzig 2013, Raindance 2013, AmDocs 2014

If everything is at stake, is failure then an option?

In Denmark the dance halls are bursting with dancers of high international standards. It is all about getting the right partner, when you want to go to the top. But in a small country like Denmark, that is not always as easy as it sounds. Russian Egor (15) is sent to Denmark to dance with Mie (14) and become the best dancer in the world. In a journey marked by loneliness, deceit, ambition and an enormous pressure, Egor develops into a young man, determined to conquer the world.

Producer: Lise Saxtrup     Director: Katrine Philp     Editor: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann


Produced byUnifilm Ltd
Sales Contact: Rise and Shine

Day of Premiere: January 23rd 2013 at the DocPoint Helsinki
Festivals: DocPoint Helsinki 2013, IFF Helsinki 2013, IFF Warsaw 2013, DOK Leipzig 2013, CPH:DOX 2013, Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2013, 2nd Nordic Film Festival on Tour, Northern FF Leeuwarden 2013,  IFF «LISTAPAD 2013» Minsk, One World HRFF Prague 2014, DOCS Barcelona 2014, Filmfestival Kitzbühel 2014, Magnificent 7 Belgrad 2014, Bright Nights: Baltic-Nordic FF 2014, Cinematik Piešťany 2014, Biografilm FF Bologna 2014, Kawasaki Shinyuri Film Festival 2015, Nasu Onsen Film Festival 2017

Meet Petri Luukkainen, 26. Amidst an existential crisis, he arrives at the idea that his happiness might be found by rebuilding his everyday existence. What does he really need – and what about all that stuff?

The concept: Take all of your stuff into a storage, and bring back only one item per day. The result? An everyday adventure driving him deeper and deeper into the empty spot in his heart. You’re right: this would be borderline insane even without his decision of constantly filming himself. Buck naked at his flat in Helsinki, it’s another story – not a pretty one but pretty damn fun to watch.

Producer:  Anssi Perttala     Director:  Petri Luukkainen     Editor:  Altti Sjögren

CAUGHT IN BETWEEN (Workshop title: Felvidek. The Land Behind) /SK/

Produced by: Mandala Pictures

Day of Premiere: March 23rd, 2014 at the FebioFest Bratislava
Festivals: FebioFest 2014, Cinematik Piešťany 2014, fest Anča Bratislava 2014, ArtFilmFest Trečianské Teplice 2014, BIDF Budapest 2014 – Winner of “Let Us Be Free” Competition, Jihlava IDFF 2014, One World Film Festival Slovakia 2014, Pavel Koutecky award 2014, Czech republic – nomination, Fundation Tatra Banka 2014, Slovakia – New talent of audiovisual media prize, Silver Grape – documentary competition 44. Lubuskie Film Summer, Eastern and Central European Cinema, Best documentary – international competion Monterrey International Film Festival 2015, Mexico

My identity as a tabu of two nations.

This is my personal story. I am from Felvidek. My grandma and all her family came to Slovakia from Hungary a long time ago. They were forced to live in a house of evicted Hungarians. How can a result of chess play of few politics after Second World War change a destiny of thousands of families? I want to find out what happened. I let old pictures, maps, letters, shoes and memories tell the story of two nations.

Producer: Tomáš Kaminský     Director: Vladislava Plančíková     Editor: Zuzana Cséplő


Produced by: inselfilm produktion
Sales Contact: First Hand Films

Day of Premiere: October, 2014 at the IDFF Jihlava
estivals: Raindance 2015,

Ten years after immigrating from the last remnants of Yugoslavia, Marko finds himself defending one of the men most responsible for its breakup – the notorious Radovan Karadzic.

“How can you defend someone like Radovan Karadzic?” As one of the key members of his defence team, Marko is very much used to that question. Following the young Serbian lawyer the film is detailing his struggles. How do you fight against the financial and political pressures on the court? How do you go against the media’s one-sided view of the conflict? Is it possible to establish the truth that everybody agrees on? Ultimately, the film asks the question: What does it do to a man to defend evil?

Producer:  Gregor Streiber     Director &  Editor:  Aleksandar Nikolic


Produced by: TALATALA

Day of Premiere: Autumn 2015 at BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente), Gira de Documentales Ambulante 2015

GirlArgentine filmmaker, Paula Schargorodsky, 35 has compulsively shot for the last 10 years all her love stories and breakups. 2 wedding proposals and still single, Paula goes back to her former boyfriends to find out how she got to this point. But finds instead that for the last 10 years she may have lived in a fantasy. An investigation on love affairs that poses a question about the choices we take in life (and about those things we cannot choose).

Producer: Gabriel Amdur     Director: Paula Schargorodsky     Editor: Rosario Suarez


Produced by: Flora Film International

Estimated day of premiere: Summer 2015

Gold Corporation wants money.
The villagers want jobs.
David wants to save his home. 

The film follows the fight of a farmer, Eugen David, for the survival of his beautiful village and his happy life in the mountains of Romania. A Canadian company wants to open Europe’s largest goldmine here. They plan to relocate the people and destroy four mountains along with part of Rosia Montana itself. In a fight against Gold Corporation, our hero, takes the battle from the farmlands to Brussels, but all hope seems lost, when the villagers too turn against David in their hunger for work in the mine.

Producer/Director: Tibor Kocsis     Editor: Thomas Ernst     Writer/Dramaturg: Emőke Konecsny

Czech Projects

NAKED / Basil In The Stone – DOK.Incubator 2012
Factum /HR/

This film is an intimate journey into the history of one family, its taboos, and imposed lack of freedom carried by generations.

Line Producer:  Tamara Babun    Director:  Tiha Gudac    Producer:   Nenad Puhovski