DOK.Incubator Workshop 2016


Premiere: CPH:DOX 2017
Sheffield DOC/FEST 2017, Hot Docs 2017, Dokufest 2017, Bergen International Film Festival 2017, Cinemambiente 2017,
Prizes: FICMEC 2017 – best feature documentary

Director: Julia Dahr    Editor: Adam Thomas  Producer: Hugh Hartford

A Kenyan farmer and a Norwegian filmmaker are thrown together by
a violent storm that marks the beginning of a 5 year fight for climate


Over the last five years Kisilu, a Kenyan smallholder, has used his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and the impacts of climate change. He has filmed floods, droughts and storms but also the more human costs – his kids are sent home from school when he can’t pay the fees; and men are moving to towns in search for jobs. Following a storm that destroys his house Kisilu starts building a community movement of farmers fighting against extreme weather and he takes this message of hope all the way to the UN Climate Talks, in Paris, COP21. Here, amid the murky cut and thrust of politics at the biggest environmental show on earth, Kisilu and Norwegian filmmaker Julia Dahr’s relationship takes on a remarkable twist, shedding a powerful light on the climate justice movement.

Produced by: Banyak Films and Differ Media
Sales contactAutlook /Salma Abdalla


Premiere: IDFA 2016
Festivals: IDFA 2016, Sundance 2017, Göteborg Film Festival 2017, Glasgow Film Festival 2017, LET’S CEE Film Festival 2017, Movies That Matter Festival 2017, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2017

Director: Tonislav Hristov     Editor: Nikolai Hartmann      Producer: Kaarle Aho

Co-producer: Andrea Stanoeva

While running for mayor of a small Bulgarian village troubled by the
refugee crisis, the local postman learns that while good intentions are

not enough, even the smallest deeds matter.

A small Bulgarian village just by the Turkish border has been resisting foreign invaders since the times of the Ottoman Empire. Now its electorate of 38 elderly Bulgarians is facing a tough decision.

The Great Gate, as the village has been called for centuries because of its location, has found itself in the middle of a European crisis, as at night asylum seekers sneak passing the border. The forgotten village has become the most important secret loophole of Europe.

Ivan, the local postman, has a vision. He decides to run for mayor and bring the dying village back to life by welcoming refugees. His opponents want to close their eyes, close down the border and reintroduce communism. As the campaign goes on, Ivan soon learns that while good intentions are not enough, even the smallest deeds matter.

Produced by: Making Movies Oy, Soul Food
Sales contact: tba



Premiere: IDFA 2016
Festivals: CPH:DOX 2017, One World 2017, Visions du Reel 2017, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2017, Millenium Festival 2017,

Director: Jérôme le Maire      Editor: Matyas Veress    Producers: Isabelle Truc, Felicie Roblin


Who Cares?

Burning Out is literally a drama about life and death. For two years, the director Jérôme le Maire followed the members of a surgical unit in one of the biggest hospitals in Paris. Constantly under severe stress, understaffed and subject to severe budget cuts, employees fight each other for resources. Meanwhile the management imposes ever more stringent efficiency and profitability targets.

All over Europe burnout has reached epidemic proportions among employees in the public and private sectors. Will we end up killing ourselves? Or will we be able to find meaning and joy at work?

Produced by: AT-DocZadig Productions,
Co-producerLouise Production
Sales contactCat and Docs/Catherine Leclef



Premiere: Hot Docs 2017
Festivals: South by Southwest Film Festival 2017, Cleaveland International Film Festival 2017, BAMcinemaFest 2017, New York City 2017

Director: Nanfu Wang          Editor: Michael Shade      Producer: Nanfu Wang

Through the eyes of a 24-year-old drifter who intentionally chooses
to live on the streets, Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang explores the

meaning of personal freedom – and its limits.

I Am Another You follows a 24 year-old drifter named Dylan who chooses a life of intentional homelessness. Award-winning Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang lives on the streets and documents the existence of micro-cultures composed of people who live separate from society: ex-criminals, people with mental illnesses, and people like Dylan who choose to ignore society’s expectations for their behavior.

Dylan comes from a middle-class family in Utah where his father, John, works as a homicide detective. In a key revelation, John explains that Dylan has a history of mental illness and that he has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

The boundaries between the facts and fictions of Dylan’s life become blurred as Dylan recreates his hallucinations with the help of his homeless friends.

Sales contact: tba



Premiere: IDFA 2016
Festivals: DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2017, Göteborg Film Festival 2017, True/False Film Festival 2017, DOXBIO 2017, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2017, Biografilm Festival 2017

Directors: Lea Glob, Mette Carla Albrechtsen Editor: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann
 Producers: Kirstine Barfod, Håvard Bustnes

Tales of Female Desire

Two female directors create an intimate conversation between
young women about desire, lust, fantasy, shame and sexual freedom.
A film that becomes a mirror to the individual’s perception

on sexuality today.

Two female directors in their thirties, start an investigation based on their own sexual frustrations to understand desire from a female point of view. As an excuse to get more answers, they decide to make a film based on real women’s erotic memories and reflections. They send out a casting call and over 100 ordinary Copenhagen women reply. As the shootings progress it dawns on the Filmmakers that what was just meant to be a casting, instead becomes an overwhelming shared experience of intimacy. The casting couch is turned into an exploration space for the young women to share their true desires, fantasies and reflections on their experiences with sex, shame, lust and pleasure. The film gives a rare look into the secret language of young female sexuality.

Produced by House of Real and Faction Film
Sales contact: DR sales, Kim Christiansen


Premiere: Sundance 2017
Festivals: CPH:DOX 2017, Hot Docs 2017, Sheffield DOC/FEST 2017, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2017, Sydney Film Festival 2017, EBS International Documentary Festival 2017, Zurich Film Festival 2017

Director: Adam Sobel              Editors: Lauren Gillanders, Anne Juenemann       Producers: Ramzy Haddad, Rosie Garthwaite

The Workers Cup
Inside the infamous labour camps of Qatar, a group of African
and Asian migrants building the facilities of the 2022 World Cup competes in a football tournament of their own: The Workers Cup.

The Workers Cup is a close and personal look inside Qatar’s labour camps, where the World Cup is being built on the backs of a million-plus migrant workers. The film follows a team of labourers living a real-life version of fantasy football. By day they sweat to build the World Cup; while by night they compete in a ‘workers welfare’ football tournament, playing in the same stadiums that will one day host the world’s greatest players. We join one team of men from Nepal, India, Ghana, and Kenya whose only common ground is love for football. Each match offers a momentary escape from the homesickness and isolation they struggle with as the lowest class in the world’s richest country. Even as pawns in the World Cup’s marketing game, they can’t help but lose themselves in the purity of football.

Produced by: The Workers Cup Limited, Mediadante
Sales contact: tba

Premiere: Visions du Reel 2017
Festivals: DokFest Munich 2017, Krakow Film Festival 2017, Sarajevo Film Festival 2017

Director/ Producer: Balazs Simonyi        Editor: Thomas Ernst      Producer: Laszlo Jozsa

A unique drama about everyday athletes who join an extreme running
race. Their dream and burden is to test their personal limits, heal
their souls and release their demons. The legendary Spartathlon is

chronicled by the running director.

What makes people run several hundred kilometres, when they are sure that every single step will cause them lots of misery?

Year by year runners from around the world participate in one of the most prestigious and challenging of races, the Spartathlon. A historic distance of 246 km from Athens to Sparta within 36 hours.

Bela, Annett, Gilles and Angel all have their own personal reasons for joining the extreme run. None of them knows if they will ever be able to fulfill but they do know, that it is crucial for them to try and maybe reach the impossible.

The Hungarian director, Balazs Simonyi, who has finished the race three times, tells a touching and human story about the runners and their universe of cathartic self-discoveries, voluntary suffering, and hypnotic state of mind, punctuated at times with humour.

Produced by: Speak Easy Project
Co-producer: HBO Europe, Anemon Productions
Sales contact: tba



Premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival 2017

Director: Zlatko Pranjic       Director and Editor: Aleksandar Nikolic
Producer: Monika Braid

Sule is a hard-drinking, chain-smoking poet; the last true bohemian left in London’s Portobello. But his free-spirited lifestyle is only a front for a deep loneliness plaguing his soul.

Sule and his Eastern European friends are never far from a drink or a cigarette. They discuss art and philosophy while delving into nostalgia and wasting their lives away in pubs and gambling houses. But when his best friend suddenly dies, Sule is jolted back into the real world. He is now 63 years old, estranged from his family and far from his homeland. Despite all his friends, he is utterly alone. He gets an unexpected opportunity to turn things around when he is invited to showcase an art project he has been working on entitled Guidance Through the Black Hole. It’s an chance to reconnect to his family, to redeem his artistic status and to find acceptance. But can Sule escape his dark past or will his vices keep him a perpetual loner?

Produced by: Braidmade Films
Co-producer: The Theatre With Accent
Sales contact:  Braidmade Films / Monika Braid


DOK.Incubator Workshop 2015


Premiere: IDFA 2015
Festivals: Special Jury Award @ Feature Length Competition IDFA 2015, Grand Prix Docs Against Gravity 2016, Hot Docs 2016, Zagreb Dox, One World HRFF 2016, Sofia IFF 2016, Tempo Documentary Festival, Thessaloniki IDFF 2016, Bergamo Film Meeting, One World Romania, Sarasota International Film Festival, Millenium International Documentary Film Festival,  DOK Munich, Go East

Director: Roman Bondarchuk    Editor: Kateryna Gornostai     Producer: Uldis Cekulis, Darya Averchenko, Tanja Georgieva

In Stara Zburyevka, a remote Ukrainian village, in a middle of nowhere, the everyday life for an outsider might remind a hillarious spectacle from the Theatre of Absurd. There is no district police officer and whatever happens, there is no use waiting for the police – they just don’t come if you call them. Therefore the mayor appoints two local heroes, Victor and Volodya, to keep the Order and Law. Their tasks varies from dealing with burglers, comforting the hobos and mediating between the wranglers and drinking with them.

Little by little the times are changing – news of War reaches the village and complicate the matters. ‘Cops’ – being a perfect guides into Ukrainian reality of today – are now emiting the summons for joining the army…

Produced by: VFS FILMS, South and Taskovski Films Production
Sales Contact:Taskovski Films


Day of Premiere: November 20th 2014 at IDFA (Competition for First Appearance)
Festivals: IDFA 2015, Hot Docs 2016 World Showcase, One World 2016, DocPoint Helsinki 2016, Transilvania International Film Festival, Special Jury Mention – South East European Film Festival of Los Angeles, Crossing Europe Film festival in Linz, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2016

Director: Imam Hasanov   Editor: Philipp Gromov   Producer: Andra Popescu, Veronika Janatková

Tapdig has a dream of bringing a European cow into his picturesque village in Azerbaijan to improve the condition of his poor family. He decides to call it Madona. His passion unsettles the traditional community, the Old Men see a threat in having a foreign cow among them as they say its milk is full of chemicals. Even his wife Vafa does not want to take care of such a strange breed. But Tapdig is ready to risk it all and challenges the conservative mentality to open up and rethink the attitude. How do human beings handle change while remaining true to their own traditions? Holy Cow questions the prejudices against the unknown and how ready are we to accept a newcomer.

Produced by: Free Art, Kloos & Co. Medien GmbH and Conset
Sales Contact: Rise and Shine


Thy Father’s Chair /IT, US/

Day of Premiere: IDFA 2015 (Feature Length Competition)
Festivals: IDFA 2015, True/False Film Fest 2016, DocuDays Kiev – awarded by Main Prize of ‘DOCULIFE‘, Thessaloniki IDFF 2016, Open City Documentary Festival London, Docaviv, docs Against Gravity, Documenta Madrid, Belfast Film festival

Director: Antonio Tibaldi, Alex Lora          Editor: Alex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi       Producer: Enrica Capra, Antonio Tibaldi

Abraham and Shraga are two Orthodox aging twins who live a secluded existence in their inherited Brooklyn home. Since the death of their parents, they have stopped throwing away anything, hosting stray cats and accumulating all sorts of stuff. Now, their upstairs tenant threatens to stop paying them rent unless they proceed to a radical cleaning. Abraham and Shraga have no choice but to open their doors to a professional company. A traumatic invasion of privacy ensues, forcing them to confront their memories in order to try to find a new beginning…

Produced by: GraffitiDoc, No Permits Produktions
Sales Contact: Cat and Docs



Premiere: Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains 2017
Festivals:  Human Rights Nights 2017, The African Film Festival 2017

Director: Lieven Corthouts         Editor: Jan De Coster         Producer: Emmy Oost

Can you build a home in a place called nowhere?

Kakuma refugee camp, built in the middle of the Turkana desert (Kenya), is the fastest growing city in the region. Many of its new arrivals are children sent out of conflict zones by their parents. Against all odds, these children grab all opportunities in the camp to rebuild their life. While waiting for her mother to return from South Sudan, Nyakong (8) starts to go to school. Slowly she creates for herself a new home in the camp. At the age of 17, teenagers like Claude and Khadijo consequently compete for international scholarships, get a job, and even build their own house.

Filmmaker Lieven Corthouts decided to stay in one of the toughest places on earth and make this camp his home. From this unique position, living among Kakuma’s inhabitants for more than 4 years, he tries to understand the mass migration of young adults to Europe.

Can Kakuma really become a permanent home for these children on the verge of adulthood? Or is this camp a false bubble, where the only option is to continue your journey to Europe?

Produced by: Cassette for timescapes


Premiere: DOK.Leipzig 2016
Festivals: Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival Taiwan

Director: Andrea Culková         Editor: Thomas Ernst         Producer: Miroslav Novák, Christian Falvey

The artist pushes borders, creates within a maelstrom of emotion, provocation, and finds worth. Then the artist puts his brush down and he dies in obscurity. Who will pick it up again, if anyone? The museum guide infatuated with him, half a century after his death? The decadent curator who inhabits his house? The Czech performance artist who carries his torch? How will they understand what that vibrant life left behind? H*Art On follows several artists shuffling through the fragments of their long-forgotten predecessors – contemplating oblivion, struggling to justify their existence and lusting to live beyond life. A portrait of the artist, lost in time.

Produced by: Duracfilm



Premiere: IDFA 2016
Festivals: ZagrebDox 2017, Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2017, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2017, Biografilm Festival 2017, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017, EBS International Documentary Festival 2017, DOC NYC 2017

Director: Clare Weiskopf        Editor: Gustavo Vasco        Producer: Nicolas Van Hemelryck

This is the story of Val and Clare: a mother and a daughter. After the tragic death of her eldest daughter, Val left her kids and family behind and escaped into the Colombian jungle in order to search for her identity. Clare was only 11 years old when her mother left and couldn’t understand what she was looking for. A son who became an addict, three break-ups and a fractured family remained behind.

Now Clare is pregnant and decides to confront her mother, heal the wounds of the past and try to define motherhood on her own terms. Together they go on an intimate journey exploring the boundaries between responsibility and freedom, the power of love and the meaning of family.

Produced by: casaTarantula



Premiere: Hot Docs 2016
Festivals: Love & Anarchy Film Festival 2016, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016, (Helsinki International Film Festival 2016, Reykjavik International Film Festival 2016, DOC NYC 2016

Director: Christy Garland          Editor: Thor Ochsner, Graeme Ring
Producer: Liisa Juntunen

Miia, the ambitious coach of Finland’s worst competitive cheerleading team, is sick of losing and stuck in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle. So she takes a trip to the motherland, Texas, where she’s inspired by the American mindset and focus of the world’s best cheerleaders.  Returning to Finland a tougher coach, she pushes her girls to the breaking point… but is that what the team really wants?

For Aino and Patricia, the team’s success is the least of their concerns as they struggle to fight painful battles in their teenage lives. For them cheerleading is a comfort, a stepping stone and a source of support along the path of life. For Miia, the team is all she thinks she has, until life steps in and surprises her.

Cheer Up takes us into the teenage lives of a team of losing cheerleaders who try their best to get better and look perfect doing it, while really, life feels like a train wreck.  For Patu, Aino and Miia, finding out who they are, where they belong and what family means is much more important than any trophy.

Produced by: napafilms ltd.
Sales Contact: Wide House




Premiere: Sundance 2016
Festivals: Sundance IFF 2016 World Cinema Documentary Competition, Full Frame Documentary Festival 2016, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2016, Docudays UA 2016, International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, One World Film Festival 2016, Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2016, Movies That Matter 2016, Doc10 Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival 2016

Director, editor and producer: Nanfu Wang
Road from hainan 2

When a Chinese elementary school principal who raped six of his students seems poised to receive a light sentence, famed women’s rights advocate Ye Haiyan leads a small group of activists in a protest – a move that could end with each participant’s arrest. As filmmaker Nanfu Wang films the demonstration and its aftermath, she becomes embroiled in the government’s effort to harass and intimidate everyone associated with the protest. After being threatened by angry mobs, chased by police, and interrogated by national security agents, Wang discovers the Chinese government’s willingness to target anyone they perceive to be a threat to their control.



Premiere: Berlin International Film Festival 2017
Festivals: Sheffield DOC/Fest 2017, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017, Golden Apricot International Film Festival 2017, Golden Apricot International Film Festival 2017, Reykjavik International Film Festival 2017

Director: Rati Oneli          Editor: Ramiro Suarez           Producer: Dea Kulumbegashvili

City of Sun

Several remarkable stories intersect in a half deserted ghost town whose daily life is dominated by an international mining corporation. A young father struggles to cure his son’s asthma and repay his debts; a young miner turned actor has to choose between his passion and his family; and two malnourished sisters have to win the next Olympic games to survive.

Produced by: OFA, Liber8Films



Premiere: CPH:DOX 2015
Festivals: CPH:DOX 2015 F:Act Award nomination, Thessaloniki IFF 2016, One World Romania, Human Rights Arts & Film Festival Melbourne,  Giffoni Film Festival 2016 (2nd prize at the Main Documentary Competition), Amnesty International Award (Giffoni Film Festival 2016), BUFF Film Festival 2017

Director: Michael Graversen          Editors: Rebakka Jørgensen, Sofie Steenberger      Producers: Lise Saxtrup, Sofie Rørdam

Dreaming of Denmark - final

What happens to the many unaccompanied refugee children that disappears from the Danish asylum centres year after year? In DREAMING OF DENMARK director Michael Graversen follows the fate of one of these young boys on the shady side of European society.

Wasiullah lives like any other young man. He hangs out with his friends, cracks jokes, takes selfies, and flirts with girls. Denmark has become his home after spending three years in a children’s asylum center, arriving alone as a young boy from Afghanistan. But as Wasi turns eighteen and his application for asylum is rejected, he is forced to leave the country. Fearing for his life in Afghanistan, Wasi flees to Italy, hoping to here obtain a residence permit that will allow him to return to Denmark.

The director Michael Graversen has followed the young Wasi for many years. The close relationship between them has given Graversen a unique access to Wasi’s life underground in Europe. For Wasi, the dream of one day returning to his friends and a safe future in Denmark has become the driving force for his survival. Wasi struggles to maintain life as a normal young man, but it is not easy when life is spent on the streets, waiting for a future that never gets started. Without a home and an identity, are you anyone at all?

Produced by: Klassefilm and Metafilm




– selected projects for DOK.Incubator Workshop 2012
– selected projects for DOK.Incubator Workshop 2013
– selected projects for DOK.Incubator Workshop 2014

– selected projects for DOK.Incubator Workshop 2015

DOK.Incubator Workshop 2014

+ special guest from DOK.Restart Program


Produced by: KraatsFilm Production & Weydemann Bros.
Sales Contact: Visible Film
Day of Premiere: November 20th 2014 at IDFA (Competition for First Appearance)
Festivals: Winner of the IDFA Award for the Best First Appearance Documentary 2014
Winner of the Best Documentary Award – Fünf Seen Filmfestival 2015
Winner of the Special Mention of the Jury – goEast Film Festival 2015
Winner of the Special Mention of the Jury – Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2015

ZagrebDox Film Festival 2015, Sofia IFF 2015, Sarajevo Film Festival, Millenium IDFF Brussels 2015, L`Europe autour de l`Europe Film Festival Paris 2015, Belfast Film Festival 2015,Documenta Madrid FF 2015, Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival 2015, Nominated for European Film Award 2015 (Documentary Selection)

Live for today, don’t worry about tomorrow

The young rebel, Ricsi, lives his life on the edge. “Trouble” is his middle name. He is unruly, restlessly scaring up problem after problem. Driving cars without a license, theft and escaping from the cops are all just a part of his daily routine, much for his parents’ despair. Ricsi won’t stand for routines nor the expectations of his deadbeat father. After all, where was he when Ricsi needed him the most?
Drifter was shot over a period of five years and it is a portrait of a unique young man who takes life in his own hands.



Produced Filmproduktions GmbH
Sales Contact: Deckert Distribution
Day of Premiere: November 23rd 2014 at IDFA (Competition for Feature-Length Documentary)
Awards:  THE SILVER HORN for the director of the best feature-length documentary film + Award for the best cinematography in Polish competition, Krakow Film Festival, Czech Jury Award One World HRFF, special mention in the international competition Dok.fest Munich 2015, award for the best film in Zoom competition MFF T-Mobile New Horizons,Wroclaw, Best Camera + Best Editing Deutscher Kamerapreis 2015

All festival appearances: IDFA 2014 Feature Length Competition, Tempo 2015 Sweden, Hot Docs 2015 (World Showcase), DocPoint Helsinki 2015, DocPoint Tallinn 2015, One World Romania 2015, Thessaloniki DFF 2015, Kino Pavasaris Vilnius IFF, Dortmund/Cologne IFF 2015, Parnu IFF 2015, DokuFest Kosovo, EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF 2015) – Seul, International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana – Perm, Budapest IDFF 2015, Reykjavik IFF, Let’s Cee IFF Vienna, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 2016

Director: Agniezka Zwiefka Editor: Thomas Ernst, Juan Miguel Salas Producer: Heino Deckert, Iris Pakulla

A deaf girl from an illegal Roma settling escapes the brutal reality of everyday life into the world of rhythm, dance and imagination.

An uncommon documentary film, experiment between fantasy and reality. The Queen of Silence is a story set in a marginalized community of illegal Roma settlement portrayed through the eyes of a child. Denisa, a 10-year old deaf girl, is an outsider among outsiders. As she doesn’t speak other children call her “stupid” or “mute”, never using her real name. Denisa tries to escape from the difficulties of everyday life into a fantasy world. There she feels save. One day, after finding DVDs with Bollywood films in a local dumpster Denisa gets fascinated by the colorful and glamorous world she sees on the TV screen, and starts to create her own dance choreography. The result is a film full of imagination, surrealism and fantasy. Form loses itself as we enter the world of Denisa.



Produced by: Golden Dawn
Sales Contact: Taskovski Films
Day of Premiere: November 8th, 2014 at CPH:DOX (F:ACT AWARD Competition)
Festivals: CPH:DOX 2014, One World Int’l Human Rights Film Festival Prague 2015, Ljubljana Documentary Film Festival 2015, Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina Milano 2015, Docs Against Gravity FF Warsaw 2015, FIC Monterrey

Director: Andrea Culková Editor: Tomáš Elšík Producer: Christian Falvey 

A female Don Quixote and her family’s fight against the global sugar mafia.

The director, Andrea, is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She must avoid any form of refined sugar. But it’s impossible, because she finds sugar everywhere and in everything. Why is sugar so ubiquitous? Fear for her unborn baby changes the eating habits in Andrea’s family and starts her investigation of the sugar industry. Facing doctors and scientists Andrea explores the influence of sugar on human physical and mental functions. With the obsession of a detective, she identifies the ties between multinational corporations, politicians and health care. “Donna Quixote’s adventures” begin in Andrea’s kitchen table and continue worldwide. But her family needs a mummy at home, especially her youngest son. Is sugar really the cause of his health problems?
A tragicomic, vibrant and emotional story full of information and inspiration…
A film that will liberate you from the sugar blues!


Produced by: endorfilm
Day of Premiere: November 20th, 2014 at IDFA (Competition for First Appearance)

Sales Contact: Visible Film
Festival appearances: IDFA 2014, Karlovy Vary IFF 2015, One World HRFF 2015, IFF Febiofest Prague 2015, IFFF Dortmund|Cologne, Thessaloniki IDFF 2015, Planet + Docs FF Warsaw 2015, Crossing Europe FF Linz, DokFest Munich 2015, MakeDox, BIFF – Bergen 2015, „Okiem Młodych” FF Poland, Parnu IFF 2015, International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana – Perm, Budapest IDFF 2015

Director: Eva Tomanová Editor: Kasimira Velitchko Producer: Jiři Konečný

Password: alwaysDOK

Is there a recipe for an ideal family?

25 years ago, Petr used to be an urban man studying computer science. Then he met Simona, and they decided to pursue their dream of freedom together. Choosing a traditional lifestyle of self-sufficiency, love and togetherness, the couple live in a self-made house in a meadow in the Bohemian Forest, with the bare essentials, and their nine children. Can fatherly love become suffocating for the children? Petr’s frugal, bohemian life choices mean sacrifices for the whole family. Will they be able to fit into modern society?


Produced byGaia Audiovisuals
Sales Contact: Visible Film

Premiere: Karlovy Vary IFF
Festivals: Festival de Malaga, Documenta Madrid 2015, DocsBarcelona (Talent Award), Gaudi Award 2015 for the Best Spanish Documentary, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2016

Director: Alba Sotorra, Editor:  Gerard Gil Fargas, Producer: Carles Pastor

When facing reality, boys become men.

Djalal was obsessed with war toys even before he could walk. He was the only child of a middle class Spanish family, raised and admired by his parents. He was given all kind of toy guns, pretending to be a soldier in dangerous missions. One day he fulfills his fantasies and goes to the Afghan War, but discovers that reality doesn’t match his boyish dreams. Djalal returns to his parents home to realize that nothing is the same. The economic crisis struck his family and he is forced to take action. The game is over and he needs to find his own place in the real world. Who is to blame for your own failures?


Guest Project DOK.Incubator 2013
Produced by: Wajda Studio
Premiere: Locarno IFF 2015
Festivals: Locarno IFF 2015 (Semaine de la Critique), IDFA 2015 official selection (Best of Fests), Tempo Documentary Festival 2016, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2016, Transatlantyk Festival 2016

Director: Eliza Kubarska, Editor: Bartek Pietras, Producer: Monika Braid

The children of acclaimed alpinists who lost their lives on K2, are taken on an expedition to the Himalayan mountains to face their parents’ fatal destiny.

Eliza, the director and alpinist, together with an international group of grown-up children of acclaimed climbers, sets out on an expedition to reach K2 base camp, the burial place for those who lost their lives on K2. Hania, Łukasz, Lindsey and Chris will challenge themselves to face the past to understand the force that once seduced their parents and eventually killed them during “black summer” in 1986. On the contrary, Eliza will challenge herself to face her future. Being a woman and an experienced alpinist, she asks herself a question, if her passion is worth the risk she takes? And, more importantly, should she have a child? This emotional journey will not bring neither easy nor obvious answers, but will close the old chapters and open the new ones.


Produced by: Clin d’oeil films
Premeiere: Festival dei Popoli 2015
True/False 2016, Ambiente Documentary Film Festival 2016, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2016, Valladolid International Film Festival 2016

Director: Manu Gerosa, Editor: Alehandro de la Fuente, Prodcuer: Hanne Phlypo

Should a family secret be told before it’s too late?

Two Italian sisters, Ornella and Teresa, have cared for each other through their whole lives, sharing their love for Ornella’s son, Manu, the film director. Teresa is now in her life’s twilight and having problems facing fate. Before it’s too late, Ornella decides to confront Teresa with a painful untold story that goes back to their childhood and might change their close bond forever. The film is a warm portrayal of an Italian family, seen through the eyes of the son, Manu. With humor and tenderness he brings out what it means to build a life upon a secret.


Produced by: Mira Film
Premiere: Visions du Réel 2016
Festivals: DOC NYC 2016, Nara International Film Festival 2016, International Documentary Festival 2016, Cinema Asia Film Festival 2017

Director: DiedieWeng, Editor: Annette Brutetch, Producer: Susanne Guggenberge

An intimate insight into a Chinese rural family and their struggle between traditional manner and the dreams of a young migrant worker in limbo.

The old beekeeper Laoyu is losing his hives to the most severe worm outbreak he has seen in his fifty-year long beekeeping career. However, he feels even more anxious about the future of his only son Maofu, who has been wandering from city to city as a migrant worker. When Maofu returns home in the summer, Laoyu hopes that together they will rebuild the beehives. While Laoyu is disappointed by Maofu’s focus on profits instead of the bees, Maofu feels suffocated by his father’s authoritarian tunes. Their unspoken expectations tensely echo with the harsh weather conditions and a mischievous goose.

Produced by: Conijn Film
Premiere: IDFA 2015 – The Opening Film
Festivals: Special Jury Award @Dutch Competition IDFA 2015, Thessaloniki IDF 2016, Millenium IDF 2016, It´s All True Brazil 2016, Documentary Edge New Zealand 2016, DOK.fest Muenchen 2016, European Film Festival South Africa, Taiwan IFF, Docs Against Gravity 2016, Sheffield Doc Fest 2016, Flahertiana IFF 2016, iDocs Beijing 2016, AFI Docs Washington DC, Ambulante Veracruz, Encounters South African International Documentary Festival, EDOC – Encuentros del Otro Cine in Ecuador, Moscow International Film Festival 2016, Golden Apricot International Film Festival 2017

Netflix Network 2016, Best Film in the International Competition | Biografilm 2016 

Director: Tom Fassaert, Editor: Thabi Mooi, Producer: Wout Conijn


On his 30th birthday, Tom Fassaert receives a mysterious invitation from his 95-year-old grandmother Marianne. out of the blue she asks him to come to South Africa to help her with her will. At that time the only thing he knows about her are the myths and predominantly negative stories his father told him. She was a femme fatale who went through countless men, a famous model in the 1950s who put her two sons into a children’s home. And a mother who suddenly decided to emigrate to South Africa, far away from the rest of her family.

Fassaert decides to accept her invitation, but not without bringing his camera along. Through his lens we discover what lies behind persistent myths and why she still has such a huge influence on the family. But when he himself becomes the object of her obsession, his venture becomes much more complicated than he could ever have imagined.


DOK.Incubator Workshop 2013

+ special guest selected in collaboration with Independent Filmmaker Project


Produced by:
 Vernon Films LTD
Sales Contact: Passion Pictures

Premiere: SUNDANCE 2015
Festival appearances: Sundance 2015 (World Cinema Documentary Competition), Hot Docs 2015 (Screen on Screen section), CPH:DOX 2015,  Sarajevo IFF 2015,Best Documentary at LOFT FILM FEST, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015, One World IHRF 2016, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Award at Trieste Film Festiva 2016, Los Angeles Film Festival, Guanajuato International Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival 2015, Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival 2015, Festival of Documentary Film 2016

Netflix Network 2016, POV 2015, theatrical run: Germany,

Video killed the red star.

Communist Romania 1985. Everything is off limits. The government dictates the news and the people are left in the dark. But a man with an enigmatic past discovers a way to pirate and distribute American VHS blockbusters. He is joined by a courageous young woman who dubs over 3000 of the films he smuggles into the country. Together they risk imprisonment to give the people a window into the free world. But will the regime stamp out the VHS operation or will the heroes jump from screen to reality?

ProducerMara Adina       Director: Ilinca Calugareanu       Editor: Per K. Kirkegaard



Produced by: Laokoon Film
Sales contact: Rise and Shine

Day of Premiere: November 21st, 2013 at IDFA (Competition for First Appearance)
Festivals: IDFA 2013, One World HRFF Prague 2014, BUDOKU 2014, Sarajevo Film Festival 2014, Zagreb Dox 2014, BIDF Budapest 2014, DIY Film Festival Moscow 2014, IFF Listapad Minsk 2014, Hungarian DFF in Los Angeles, Hungarian Film in San Francisco, Cleveland IFF, Millenium Brussel 2014, IDFA by Night 2014

A mayor in a tiny Roma village dreams of a normal life for his citizens. Will the EU funded tennis court and bio-gardening program do the trick?

Imagine a remote Roma village in Hungary, where 98 percent of the population is unemployed. Drinking water and public lighting were introduced 15 years ago. Now they have a tennis court and a bio-gardening project, funded by the EU. The mayor believes these can bring about much needed changes but the villagers have their doubts.

Producer: Judit Stalter       Director: Kristóf Kovács         Editor: Annamaria Batka


THE AGREEMENT (Workshop tittle: Cooper’s Challenge) /DK/

Produced by: Bullitt Film ApS
Sales contact: DR Sales

Day of Premiere: November 8th, 2013 at CPH:DOX (F:ACT Award Opening Film)
Festivals: CPH:DOX 2013, IFF Göteborg 2014 Tempo DF Stockholm 2014, One World HRFF Prague 2014, Hot Docs Toronto 2014, Am Docs Palm Spring 2014, IDFF Belgrade (Beldocs) 2014, Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival Yangon in Burma 2014, IDFF “Inconvenient Films” Vilnius 2014, Raindance Film Festival 2014

World history in the making!

World history is in the making when EU chief negotiator Robert Cooper has to settle an agreement on stable coexistence between Kosovo and Serbia. Stakes are high but in spite of the seriousness of the negotiations, they turn out to be surprisingly funny and carried out with style and charm by these three fantastic characters. It’s the last territorial conflict of Europe and it’s crucial for the EU to prove its ability to make peace in its own backyard. This is diplomacy behind the scenes.

Producer: Vibeke Vogel        Director: Karen Stokkendal Poulsen        Editor: Anders Villadsen


CARDIOPOLITIKA (Workshop tittle: Sukhanov) /RU/
Produced by: The Film Studion «NOVYI KURS»

Day of Premiere: June 25th, 2014 at Moscow International Film Festival in Russia
Festivals: IFF Moscow 2014, Award for the best documentary film in the national competition “Message to Man” Festival St. Petersburg 2014, Verzio IHRD Festival Budapest 2014, ART DOC FEST 2014, One World Film Festival 2015, nominated for NIKA award as the best national documentary film in 2016

password: cardioDOK

Opening the largest cardio-surgery center in the middle of nowhere has been the goal of professor Sukhanov’s life. The price of achieving it is collaboration with Russia’s ruling party.

Cardio surgeon, Sergey Sukhanov, has always despised politics. He believed the only things of significant value in this world were human life and health. In late 2011, Sukhanov got an unexpected offer from the Kremlin to head Vladimir Putin’s election headquarters. Realizing that the government is using him, Sukhanov accepts the offer, hoping in turn to use the protection of the authorities. Suddenly, the political activity captures the professor.

Associate Producer: Mariya Dadiomova    Director: Svetlana Strelnikova  Editor: Denis Bartenev


MY HOME (Workshop tittle: Pit-Hole) /CZ/
/origin. Jáma/

Produced by: nutprodukce

Day of Premiere: October, 2014 at the IDFF Jihlava
Festival appearances: Docudays Ukraine 2015 – Audience Award
goEast Wiesbaden 2015 – Honourable Mention, Award for the Best Documentary in the Central & Eastern European Competition – Astra FF, IDFF Jihlava 2014, Czech Republic, One World Prague 2015, Finále Plzeň 2015, Czech Republic, Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival 2015, Vukovar Film Festival 2015, Croatia
Der neue Heimatfilm 2015, Austria, Festival International du Film Nancy-Lorraine 2015, France

One woman, two husbands, four children, seven pigs and a herd of goats surviving on the last farm in the modern district of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Natasha Yurchenko used to live in a small village before developers decided to rebuild the area into a modern district with a lot of high-rise buildings. Her neighbors were expelled and Natasha’s family were the last ones who resisted,  now  being trapped between the skyscrapers. She wants to keep on fighting for her farm, her way of life, her belief – whatever it costs. But under such pressure conflicts have appeared in the family. Is the fight still worth fighting?

Producers: Pavla Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý       Director: Jiří Stejskal      Editor: Jakub Hejna



Produced by: ENDORFINA studio

Premiere: IDFA 2015
Festivals: Krakow Film Festival 2015, Parnu Film Festival 2016

When passion becomes an obsession, and love is overshadowed by ambition.

Marcin Rożalski, a veteran MMA fighter, slowly realizes that he needs to retire. His girlfriend, Marta, wants to help him break with his addiction to fighting and become a husband and a father to her six-year-old son. With one of them constantly escaping and another chasing, the two heroes seem to be in the contellation preventing intimacy. Can they ever meet? „Life of the Butterfly“ is a study of a battle between two extremes: on one hand the darkest sides of the masculine personality driven by ambition and aggression, on the other, feminine warmth, wisdom, and tenderness. Can they both win their games?

Producer: Marta Golba         Director: Piotr Bernaś            Editor: Marcin Latanik



Produced by: Filmpark ProductionMandala Pictures

Premiere: Sundance
– Best Doc in Progress at Asian Side of the Doc 2013
Festivals: Febio Film Festival 2016, International Film Festival Trencianske Teplice 2016

Okhwan's Mission Impossible

One man, one bicycle, one dream, 10 years on bike through 192 countries.

Okhwan Yoon is a studied lawyer who wanted to change his life. He threw away his suit and tie and set up for an epic bicycle journey around the world. “When I close my eyes, I can see all different people in the world, I can feel them, I can touch them.” He set a goal to reunify his nation which technically still remains in the state of war. Reunification of South and North Korea would mean a meaningful life to him and a more peaceful world to us. Okhwan has been cycling for 10 years around the world, has overcame limitless obstacles and crossed a lot of borders. Now he is standing on the border of life and death. How far would you go for your burning desire?

Producer: Tomáš Kaminský         Director: Marek Mackovič         Editor: Michal Kondrla



Sales Contact: Taskovski Films
Produced by: Vintage Pictures and Loumclou Films

Premiere: Visions du Reel Nyon 2015
Festivals: Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015, DokFest Munich 2015, Cambridge Film Festival 2015, Flahertiana International Documentary Festival, Perm 2015, Budapest IDFF 2015

16Years16YTS_TRAILER _download-HD

Uisdean returns to his village in the highlands after 16 years in prison, but as past traumas resurface, it becomes a daily battle for him to rebuild his life.

After sixteen years in prison, Uisdean returns to his home at the edge of a Highland loch, to start his life again and look after his father. However, as 92 year old Calum recovers with the care of his son, both struggle to start over again and find a shared normality beyond the stigma of Uisdean’s murder conviction. To avoid trouble with the nearby village, Uisdean creates a small farm on an isolated hill, preferring the company of animals to people. But, after only a year of rebuilding his life as a ‘marked man’, Uisdean is rearrested for attempted murder after a villager is stabbed. Back in prison, he finds out he has been disinherited by his father and has lost the farm he has created. Then, from nowhere, a letter arrives from a woman he once met on a train. Audrey has all the tenacity and skills of an ex-journalist and takes on the battle to have him re-released into her care. What follows is a transformative love that may liberate Uisdean not only from prison, but from his past.

Producer: Lauren Fox & Hlin Johannesdottir   Director: Lou McLoughlan 


3rd Workshop Session Guests

Premiere: at Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, NC
Festivals: DOC NYC 2014,  Camden International Film Festival 2014, Hot Docs 2014, New Orleans Film Festival 2014, CPH:DOX 2014, Virginia Film Festival 2014, Annapolis Film Festival 2015

War is Hell. Why would anyone want to spend their weekends there?

In Country is an immersive feature documentary about a platoon of soldiers who are recreating the Vietnam War in the woods of Oregon. Weaving together vérité footage of the reenactments with flashbacks to the characters’ real lives and unseen archival footage from the Vietnam War, In Country blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy, past and present to tell a story about the lives of soldiers and the act of remembering. The question at the center of IN COUNTRY is why? Why would these men – many of them combat veterans of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, haunted by their own experiences on the frontline – try to recreate a war that so many Americans have tried to forget? IN COUNTRY is not just about the aftermath of the Vietnam War or the fantasies of grown men; it is a meditation on how the drums of war continue to draw men to battle devastating consequences.

Producer: Daniel Chalfen    Directors: Mike Attie, Meghan O’Hara    Editor: Lindsay Utz


DOK.Incubator Workshop 2012
+ winner of Rough cut from Sarajevo Film Festival


Produced by:
 TTFilms & Alethea Ltd.
Sales Contact: Deckert Distribution

Day of Premiere: November 1st, 2012 at DOK Leipzig
Festivals: DOK Leipzig 2012, IDFA 2012, Tbilisi IFF 2012 – Best Georgian Film Award, Goteborg IFF 2013, Sundance 2013 – Winner of the Directing Award: World Cinema Documentary, MoMA’s Festival 2013, Marathon Dok Copenhagen 2013, One World HRFF Prague 2013, Sofia IFF 2013 – Best Documentary Award, Thessaloniki IDF 2013, Zagrebdox IDF 2013, Hong Kong IFF 2013, True/False Film Festival 2013, Edge DFF 2013 New Zeland, IDFF DocuDays Kiev 2013, Hot Docs CIDF 2013, IDFF Munchen 2013, It’s All True FF Brazil 2013 – Best Documentary in the Feature or Medium-Length Film, International Competition, Viennale 2013, Sydney FF 2013, Sarajevo FF 2013, Trieste FF 2013, Panama FF 2013, Documentarist Istanbul 2013, Planete Doc FF Warsaw 2013, IFF Minneapolis 2013, IFF Yerevan 2013, IFF Message to Man 2013, BIAFF 2013, IFF Reykjavík 2013, IFF Vancover 2013, Festival des Libertes Brussel 2013, IFF Vienne 2013, IFF «LISTAPAD 2013» Minsk, CPH:DOX 2013, 5th WHRFF Istanbul, Festival il Mese del Documentario 2014, Ambulante DFF 2014, IFF de Femmes 2014…….
According POV/PBS one of the 20 best documentaries of 2013

When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone hold the pen.

Georgia 2011. A film director announces a casting for 15-23 year old youth. This search brings her to different locations: villages and cities. Here, many people are coming in the turningpoint of their lives, to answer the call: some are interested in becoming part of a film, others are ready to share their sentimental stories or seek the strength to carry out their life decisions…

A film about how beautiful life can be and how difficult when you dream of being a hero.
The protagonists of this film live and dream this heroism, whether they run from reality or face it head-on. They are old and they are very young, just beginning their lives. But they are all united in the poetry of searching.

Producer: Tamar Gurchiani   Director: Tinatin Gurchiani   Editor: Doreen Ignaszewski/Nari Kim



Produced by: AGITPROP
Sales Contact: Rise and Shine

Day of Premiere: April 23rd 2013 at Visions du Réel, IFF Nyon
Festivals: Visions du Réel IFF Nyon 2013, Hot Docs CIDF 2013, IFF Krakow 2013 – The FIPRESCI Award (International Federation of Film Critics), Transilvania IFF 2013, IFF Yerevan 2013 – Winner of Golden Apricot for best documentary, 53rd Krakow FF, LET’S CEE FF 2013 – Winner of best bulgarian documentary, IDFF Jihlava 2013, DOK Leipzig 2013, DocPoint Helsinki 2014, IFF Santa Barbara 2014, 37th IFF Göteborg, IFF Sofia 2014 – Winner of the Audience Award, Documenta Madrid 2014, Apollonia Festival of Arts Sozopol 2014, 21st Bulgarian Documentary and Animation Film Festival – Winner of the Golden Rhyton for Best Documentary   

To each man his treasure, but all men must know that real treasures lie in unlikely places.

The last Black Sea pirates get by on questionable means, swimming in alcohol fumes, testosterone, and rugged tenderness on a pristine beach far form civilization. For the last 20 years, Captain Jack and his crew have been looking for a legendary treasure hidden in the gully. But in city halls and corporate high rises across Europe, the powers that be have other plans for the pirates’ paradise. In this crisis, emerges a contemporary real-life story about the treasure we hunt and the treasures we find.

Producer: Martichka Bozhilova     Director: Svetoslav Stoyanov     Editor: Petar Marinov


DANCE FOR ME (Workshop title: Egor’s Entrance) /DK/
Produced by:
 Klassefilm ApS
Sales Contact: Rise and Shine

Day of Premiere: November 20th, 2012 at ITF Amsterdam
Festivals: CPD:DOX 2012, IDFA 2012, Edge DF 2013 New Zeland, Full Frame DFF North Carolina 2013, AmDocs 2013 – Audience Award, DOK Leipzig 2013, Raindance 2013, AmDocs 2014

If everything is at stake, is failure then an option?

In Denmark the dance halls are bursting with dancers of high international standards. It is all about getting the right partner, when you want to go to the top. But in a small country like Denmark, that is not always as easy as it sounds. Russian Egor (15) is sent to Denmark to dance with Mie (14) and become the best dancer in the world. In a journey marked by loneliness, deceit, ambition and an enormous pressure, Egor develops into a young man, determined to conquer the world.

Producer: Lise Saxtrup     Director: Katrine Philp     Editor: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann



Produced byUnifilm Ltd
Sales Contact: Rise and Shine

Day of Premiere: January 23rd 2013 at the DocPoint Helsinki
Festivals: DocPoint Helsinki 2013, IFF Helsinki 2013, IFF Warsaw 2013, DOK Leipzig 2013, CPH:DOX 2013, Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2013, 2nd Nordic Film Festival on Tour, Northern FF Leeuwarden 2013,  IFF «LISTAPAD 2013» Minsk, One World HRFF Prague 2014, DOCS Barcelona 2014, Filmfestival Kitzbühel 2014, Magnificent 7 Belgrad 2014, Bright Nights: Baltic-Nordic FF 2014, Cinematik Piešťany 2014, Biografilm FF Bologna 2014, Kawasaki Shinyuri Film Festival 2015, Nasu Onsen Film Festival 2017

Meet Petri Luukkainen, 26. Amidst an existential crisis, he arrives at the idea that his happiness might be found by rebuilding his everyday existence. What does he really need – and what about all that stuff?

The concept: Take all of your stuff into a storage, and bring back only one item per day. The result? An everyday adventure driving him deeper and deeper into the empty spot in his heart. You’re right: this would be borderline insane even without his decision of constantly filming himself. Buck naked at his flat in Helsinki, it’s another story – not a pretty one but pretty damn fun to watch.

Producer:  Anssi Perttala     Director:  Petri Luukkainen     Editor:  Altti Sjögren


CAUGHT IN BETWEEN (Workshop title: Felvidek. The Land Behind) /SK/

Produced by: Mandala Pictures

Day of Premiere: March 23rd, 2014 at the FebioFest Bratislava
Festivals: FebioFest 2014, Cinematik Piešťany 2014, fest Anča Bratislava 2014, ArtFilmFest Trečianské Teplice 2014, BIDF Budapest 2014 – Winner of “Let Us Be Free” Competition, Jihlava IDFF 2014, One World Film Festival Slovakia 2014, Pavel Koutecky award 2014, Czech republic – nomination, Fundation Tatra Banka 2014, Slovakia – New talent of audiovisual media prize, Silver Grape – documentary competition 44. Lubuskie Film Summer, Eastern and Central European Cinema, Best documentary – international competion Monterrey International Film Festival 2015, Mexico

My identity as a tabu of two nations.

This is my personal story. I am from Felvidek. My grandma and all her family came to Slovakia from Hungary a long time ago. They were forced to live in a house of evicted Hungarians. How can a result of chess play of few politics after Second World War change a destiny of thousands of families? I want to find out what happened. I let old pictures, maps, letters, shoes and memories tell the story of two nations.

Producer: Tomáš Kaminský     Director: Vladislava Plančíková     Editor: Zuzana Cséplő



Produced by: inselfilm produktion
Sales Contact: First Hand Films

Day of Premiere: October, 2014 at the IDFF Jihlava
estivals: Raindance 2015,

Ten years after immigrating from the last remnants of Yugoslavia, Marko finds himself defending one of the men most responsible for its breakup – the notorious Radovan Karadzic.

“How can you defend someone like Radovan Karadzic?” As one of the key members of his defence team, Marko is very much used to that question. Following the young Serbian lawyer the film is detailing his struggles. How do you fight against the financial and political pressures on the court? How do you go against the media’s one-sided view of the conflict? Is it possible to establish the truth that everybody agrees on? Ultimately, the film asks the question: What does it do to a man to defend evil?

Producer:  Gregor Streiber     Director &  Editor:  Aleksandar Nikolic



Produced by: TALATALA

Day of Premiere: Autumn 2015 at BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente), Gira de Documentales Ambulante 2015

GirlArgentine filmmaker, Paula Schargorodsky, 35 has compulsively shot for the last 10 years all her love stories and breakups. 2 wedding proposals and still single, Paula goes back to her former boyfriends to find out how she got to this point. But finds instead that for the last 10 years she may have lived in a fantasy. An investigation on love affairs that poses a question about the choices we take in life (and about those things we cannot choose).

Producer: Gabriel Amdur     Director: Paula Schargorodsky     Editor: Rosario Suarez



Produced by: Flora Film International

Estimated day of premiere: Summer 2015

Gold Corporation wants money.
The villagers want jobs.
David wants to save his home. 

The film follows the fight of a farmer, Eugen David, for the survival of his beautiful village and his happy life in the mountains of Romania. A Canadian company wants to open Europe’s largest goldmine here. They plan to relocate the people and destroy four mountains along with part of Rosia Montana itself. In a fight against Gold Corporation, our hero, takes the battle from the farmlands to Brussels, but all hope seems lost, when the villagers too turn against David in their hunger for work in the mine.

Producer/Director: Tibor Kocsis     Editor: Thomas Ernst     Writer/Dramaturg: Emőke Konecsny



THE RUSSIAN JOB /CZ/ – DOK.Incubator 2016
Premiere: IDFA 2017

Produced by: Krutart











„You can’t do this for money. Russia is something like a drug.“ A handful of pros from the West set out on a difficult mission in the East. Can they succeed?

Deep inside Russia on the mighty Volga river lies the largest factory in the country. It is the home of Lada, the legendary soviet car. On the outside the plant is still standing, but in reality it loses billions of roubles every year.
In order to save it, the Russian government hires a Swedish supermanager and a handful of European industry experts to turn the situation around. They have a vision. They have an incredible drive to make changes.
And there will be changes. Thousands will lose jobs. But it is the soviet mentality that will be the hardest nut to crack. What happens if you wake the Russian bear?

Director: Petr Horký    Editor: Filip Veselý    Producer: Martin Jůza



Produced by: Produkce Radim Procházka
remiere: Jihlava International Film Festival 2017











Near us, in the former mines, on mountain tops, on housing estates and at railway stations nature takes back what man stole. Wildlife film-essay about the resilient power and variety of Czech nature. Within the environment of open cast brown coalmines and spoil tips which is a reminder of a lunar landscape, one finds paradoxically a true tale of an impregnable wild countryside. For most people it is a symbol of an ecological catastrophe, same as the abandoned industrial complexes, former army training ranges or dense woods gobbled up by the bark beetle. But for nature they are untamed spots which bring with them a process of recuperation and self-preservation. Just beyond our backyard we see everyday dramas of animals and plants taking place which tend to fascinate us in films that come from the far reaches of our planet.

Director: Marian Polák    Editor: Tomáš Doruška    Producer: Radim Procházka


PASSENGERS /CZ/ – DOK.Incubator 2016

Produced by: Film a sociologie

Festivals: DOK Leipzig 2016, IDFA 2016


The protagonists of Passengers are young people who grew up in a children’s home. Pepa tries to pull himself together and struggle on despite his personal falls. His brother Milda sinks deeper and deeper into hopelessness. Bajdy lives with his mom and smokes grass every day. Pali used to run away from the children’s home to his family and he has two kids himself today.  From an early childhood, they were separated from their families that couldn’t give them safety. Separation from one’s family causes pain that impacts on next generations. These young people didn’t get love and they require care. They don’t recognize limits and fall into addictions. It is too demanding for them to take responsibility for their lives and the lives of their children. The desire to experience real love has not gone away though.

Director: Jana Boršková    Editor: Blanka Kulová   Producers: Jarmila Poláková and Taňa Marková



Produced by: VŠMU

ropny moj kraj TITLE PIC










In the godforsaken part parts of Eastern Slovakia people live theirs lives in connection with the wild nature. All of sudden oil and gas company comes to the scene and wants to make some research because they believe that in the ground there is opportunity to earn money. Residents are afraid of loosing their calm live they use to live. They don’t like the idea that somebody else will be using their lands. Fight of two different types of worlds started.  Should they be worried? They can’t understand each other, but both of them have their rights.

Director: Dominik Jursa    Editor: Mária Hirgelová    Producer: Filip Fleischer


NEVER HAPPENED /SK/ – DOK.Incubator 2016

Produced by: LEON Productions

never happened

Film shows contemporary state of Slovakia through two connected story lines. First line is the framing view of the author, who growing up in the 90ties personally reflects the process of the establishing democracy, capitalism and the revolutionary ambitions of society from 1989.

The second line is a crime-story of actual protagonist of the biggest political crime which happened in 1996 – kidnapping of president’s son MK junior and a murder of Robert R. The main charakter – Oskar F. tells the story of persecution by Slovak information service and overcoming the guilt of best friend’s death. He is blamed by Robert’s mother who never fogave him, and who is personally looking for murderers. The traces of the investigation lead to highest political represetatives, who themselves applied an amnesty to the whole case. These amnesties have been prolonged always since 1998 till today.

Director: Barbora Berezňáková  Editor: Alexandra Jonášová   Producer: Dávid Čorba



PEACE TO YOU ALL /SK/ – DOK.Incubator 2016

Produced by: All4films
Festivals:  One World 2016, Bratislava International Film Festival 2016, Cinematik 2016
peace to you all

The film follows a celebrated photo documentarist, Juraj Mravec, during his travels in Donbass. Strong photographs come alive, and in an authentic environment tell stories about people from the photographs. We meet a war veteran named Slavo, from the destroyed battalion, Aidar who lost his arm and leg, the old ladies Soňa and Valentina who live in damaged houses right on the front line. There are soldiers in the trenches of the front line. Then we meet the fighters of the controversial Azov battalion. Thanks to the film having been shot over the last two years we will also take a look at separatist Donetsk National Republic, where journalists from the West have currently been banned from entering. And many more characters. In front of the audience there unfolds an authentic eastern Ukraine, with all the suffering that war brings.

Director: Juraj Mravec  Editor: Peter Morávek    Producer: Albert Malinovský


SWEDES FROM A SLUM /SK/ – DOK.Incubator 2016

Produced by: BOKK

 This film tells the story of Roma children who has been adopted from Slovakia to Sweden 24 years ago. They have always been interested in meeting their biological parents in Slovakia. Katarina, the director of the film promises them to find them and to organize everything. So three young men start their journey to Slovakia to find out who are they families, why they abandoned them and who are they themselves.

The filming has taken place in Slovakia and in Sweden during 3 years. Alex, the main hero, visited his family 3 times and this experience changed his life today. The film is not about adoptions, not about Slovak Romas neither about Sweden. Together with Alex it tries to find an answer to the question WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT? GENES OR PARENTING?

Director: Katarína Farkašová   Editor: Zuzana Cseplo



JOURNEY TO SUCCESS /SK/ – DOK.Incubator 2015
Produced by:  Leon ProductionsJOURNEY TO SUCCESS

A feature long time-lapse documentary film project titled Journey to Success is a story of Mongolian women after fifty who tries to escape her hopeless post-communistic reality through some “desperate” activity. UN development program “Slovak Aid” may make their dreams about better life true by cheese-making but is it possible with express aid projects? An observational documentary film on which we are working intermittently since 2005 shows the Mongolian reality and struggle.The development project ended, like most of the development projects – trivial. The Film reflex one of the many aid projects and through Mongolian experience may serve as an inspiration to think about development aid as such…

Director: Daniela Meressa Rusnoková     Editor: Janka Vlčková     Producer: Mario Homolka



Produced by: MasterFilm

Festivals: Jihlave IDFF 2015, IDFA 2015

The Dangerous World of Rajko Doleček

A young director sets out to visit an old professor to ask him for the recipes for the body and soul. What advice can a girl with family in Bosnia receive from a Serbian nationalist and close friend of Ratko Mladič? A dialogue about overcoming one’s own prejudices and ideologies that seeks reconciliation.

Director: Kristýna Bartošová Producer: Kristýna Hněvsová

DIAGNOSIS /PL/ – DOK.Incubator 2015

Produced by: Entertain Studio

Festivals: Krakow Film Festival 2015, Karlovy Vary 2016, Cannes Film Festival 2017


The worlds first ever urban psychoanalyst comes from France to a city in the heart of Poland. He invites its residents to the therapeutic couch. They have a chance to express their deepest cravings, pains and desires. “Diagnosis” is a formal experiment and artistic interpretation of urban psychoanalysis. It is to take the viewer on an emotional journey to the insides of the modern citys subconscious but also on a journey to the viewers own subconscious. The viewers are to feel as though they were lying on the therapeutic couch themselves. What answers will they give to the questions asked? And how will they see the place they live in afterwards?

Director: Ewa Podgórska      Producer: Małgorzata Wabińska


FC ROMA /CZ/ – DOK.Incubator 2015

Produced by: nutprodukce

Festivals:  Jihlava IDFF 2016, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016, One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2017
FC Roma

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every football fan surely knows the UEFA campaign Say No To Racism.
However not everywhere in the world are all players considered equal on the football field. The case of TJ Roma in North Bohemia, a team composed mainly of Romani players from the district league, serves as an illustrious example. They want to be a normal team but other teams don’t want to play against them. TJ Roma therefore wins all the matches by default. Will the Roma in Decin get to play football or will they get into a higher-level competition without playing?

Directors: Tomáš Bojar, Rozálie Kohoutová  Producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková

FREEDOM UNDER LOAD /SK/ – DOK.Incubator 2015

Produced by: K2studio s.r.o.

Festivals:  Banskofilmfest 2016, BBVA Mountain Film Festival 2016, Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival 2016, Eho Mountain Film Festival 2016, Cinematik 2016, International Mountaineering Film Festival 2016, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2017,

Freedom under loads

Slovakia is the only European country where porters carry loads to mountain huts. Every day, in thunderstorm, gale, deep snow, despite of a more economical helicopter. However, behind this paradox is more. The documentary explores souls of the
old generation of High Tatras porters. It shows the meaning of their physically and mentally demanding work. The film should support the humanity versus technology. Vision of profit let this old profession to vanish. But there is no way back.

Director: Pavol Barabáš       Producer: Alena Koščová

HAPPILY (UN)FAITHFUL /SK/  – DOK.Incubator 2015
Produced by: Smart Life Production 
Happily (un)Faithful

Sasha is married with two children. She and her husband share a more or less a happy life. They just recently bought a piece of land and are about to start building a new house. Shortly after though, she finds out that her husband has had a long term affair with a colleague. It’s definitely a moment of catharsis. And the emotions are all over the place. This intimate account is analysed by various experts. Their statements reveal the complexity of emotions triggered by infidelity. Ondrej, a chronic womaniser, is another story. He has a compulsive need for cheating on his girlfriend and seducing every woman around him. Later on, he undergoes a therapy in order to heal his emotional traumas. This, he hopes, will help him to be monogamous. His story is entwined with stories of variety of people that share their experience of being either the cheater or the cheated.

Director: Diana Fabianova       Producer: Lenka Gondolova

Produced by: Plesnar & Krauss FILMS
I would like

In every human being, love to his child is deeply encoded. This movie is about parental love that desires to be fulfilled, but was suddenly interrupted. About three men – fathers who haven’t seen their children for over a decade.
Director: Zvika Portnoy       Producer: Maria Krauss

Lorm´s Alphabet /CZ/ – DOK.Incubator 2015
Produced by: Produkce Radim Procházka
Lorms Alphabet

Honza (John) Pavlíček (43) named himself as ‘Big Hungry Bizon’ some thirty years ago. He was born blind and is partially deaf,
using a hearing aid and special tactile signing to get by. He works as a tour guide in a cave where great heroes from national history are carved into the sandstone. Navajo Shaman called Black Horse has invited him to Arizona to take part in a special
ceremonial ritual. Bizon believes it will fundamentally alter his life. Scientists from Berlin have chosen him to work together on developing an electronic glove for deaf and blind people. The glove electronically transmits impulses to and from the palm of
your hand, allowing the user to send and receive email and SMS messages via the medium of a touch alphabet, known as Lorms, dating back 150 years. Glove will serve Bizon in USA as a travel diary, and to maintain communication with his beloved

Director: Pavel Jurda  Producer: Radim Procházka

Racing with Time /SK/ – DOK.Incubator 2015
Produced by: Arina

The experience of Slovak women in Slovak hospital is the basis for the film: the wishes of mother in labor are not being respected; humiliation, intimidation and manipulation are taking place; and harmful practices and techniques such as routine episiotomy, speeding up of the birth, Kristeller expression and separation of mother and child immediately after the birth are commonplace procedures. In addition, Slovak women do not have the opportunity to give birth at home. Birthing has to happen in hospitals with doctors and hospital personnel being present. It was the frequently repeated stories shared by women full of painful memories that inspired us to work on this film. Our goal is to gather together thought-provoking protagonists and experts so that we can view the topic in a complex way, but at the same time, sensitively – through their personal stories.

Director: Maria Martiniakova       Producer: Silvia Panakova

Waking up the Listening Body /SK/ – DOK.Incubator 2015
Produced by: Mandala Pictures
Why we are here-Waking up the Listening Body

Waking up the Listening Body is a multi-layered message of specific group: professional actors and dancers from all over the world. Its about their own identity in the artistic group and motivation to work under unique, laboratory condition. In this age of mass-production where performance became a product, emerged a community of dancers and actors, that experiment for one and half year in a laboratory conditions without the need to create an actual performance. But will their passion be enough?

Director: Adam Hanuljak      Producer: Tomáš Kaminský


NAKED / Basil In The Stone – DOK.Incubator 2012
Factum /HR/

This film is an intimate journey into the history of one family, its taboos, and imposed lack of freedom carried by generations.

Line Producer:  Tamara Babun    Director:  Tiha Gudac    Producer:   Nenad Puhovski