DOK.Incubator projects 2016


World premiere: IDFA 2016
Festivals: IDFA (Feature-length Documentary Competition), CPH:DOX,
Visions Du Reel (Swiss premiere)

Director: Jérôme le Maire      Editor: Matyas Veress    Producers: Isabelle Truc, Felicie Roblin


Who Cares?

Burning Out is literally a drama about life and death. For two years, the director Jérôme le Maire followed the members of a surgical unit in one of the biggest hospitals in Paris. Constantly under severe stress, understaffed and subject to severe budget cuts, employees fight each other for resources. Meanwhile the management imposes ever more stringent efficiency and profitability targets.

All over Europe burnout has reached epidemic proportions among employees in the public and private sectors. Will we end up killing ourselves? Or will we be able to find meaning and joy at work?

Produced by: AT-DocZadig Productions,
Co-producerLouise Production
Sales contactCat and Docs/Catherine Leclef

Date of release: November 2016


World Premiere: IDFA 2016
Festivals: IDFA 2016, Sundance 2017, Gøteborg Film Festival (Dragon Documentary Award Nomination), Glasgow Film Festival, London Human Rights Watch, Trieste International Film Festival (‘Premio Balcani Caucaso’ winner)

Director: Tonislav Hristov     Editor: Nikolai Hartmann      Producer: Kaarle Aho

Co-producer: Andrea Stanoeva

While running for mayor of a small Bulgarian village troubled by the
refugee crisis, the local postman learns that while good intentions are

not enough, even the smallest deeds matter.

A small Bulgarian village just by the Turkish border has been resisting foreign invaders since the times of the Ottoman Empire. Now its electorate of 38 elderly Bulgarians is facing a tough decision.

The Great Gate, as the village has been called for centuries because of its location, has found itself in the middle of a European crisis, as at night asylum seekers sneak passing the border. The forgotten village has become the most important secret loophole of Europe.

Ivan, the local postman, has a vision. He decides to run for mayor and bring the dying village back to life by welcoming refugees. His opponents want to close their eyes, close down the border and reintroduce communism. As the campaign goes on, Ivan soon learns that while good intentions are not enough, even the smallest deeds matter.

Produced by: Making Movies Oy, Soul Food
Sales contact: Cat&Docs
Date of release: November 2016


World Premiere: Sundance 2017
Festivals: Sundance (World Cinema Documentary Competition), CPH:DOX

Director: Adam Sobel              Editors: Lauren Gillanders, Anne Juenemann        Producers: Ramzy Haddad, Rosie Garthwaite
Sales Contact: Autlook /Salma Abdalla

The Workers Cup
Inside the infamous labour camps of Qatar, a group of African

and Asian migrants building the facilities of the 2022 World Cup competes in a football tournament of their own: The Workers Cup.

The Workers Cup is a close and personal look inside Qatar’s labour camps, where the World Cup is being built on the backs of a million-plus migrant workers. The film follows a team of labourers living a real-life version of fantasy football. By day they sweat to build the World Cup; while by night they compete in a ‘workers welfare’ football tournament, playing in the same stadiums that will one day host the world’s greatest players. We join one team of men from Nepal, India, Ghana, and Kenya whose only common ground is love for football. Each match offers a momentary escape from the homesickness and isolation they struggle with as the lowest class in the world’s richest country. Even as pawns in the World Cup’s marketing game, they can’t help but lose themselves in the purity of football.

Produced by: The Workers Cup Limited, Mediadante
Sales contact: tba
Date of release: January 2017


World Premiere: IDFA 2016
Festivals: Gøteborg Film Festival (Dragon Documentary Award Nomination), True False Film Festival, DocPoint Helsinki, DocPoint Tallin

Directors: Lea Glob, Mette Carla Albrechtsen
Editor: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann Producers: Kirstine Barfod, Håvard Bustnes

Tales of Female Desire

Two female directors create an intimate conversation between
young women about desire, lust, fantasy, shame and sexual freedom.
A film that becomes a mirror to the individual’s perception

on sexuality today.

Two female directors in their thirties, start an investigation based on their own sexual frustrations to understand desire from a female point of view. As an excuse to get more answers, they decide to make a film based on real women’s erotic memories and reflections. They send out a casting call and over 100 ordinary Copenhagen women reply. As the shootings progress it dawns on the Filmmakers that what was just meant to be a casting, instead becomes an overwhelming shared experience of intimacy. The casting couch is turned into an exploration space for the young women to share their true desires, fantasies and reflections on their experiences with sex, shame, lust and pleasure. The film gives a rare look into the secret language of young female sexuality.

Produced by House of Real and Faction Film
Sales contact: DR sales, Kim Christiansen
Date of release: November 2017



World Premiere: CPH:DOX 2017
Festivals: CPH:DOX (NORDIC:DOX  Award 2017)

Director: Julia Dahr    Editor: Adam Thomas  Producer: Hugh Hartford

A Kenyan farmer and a Norwegian filmmaker are thrown together by
a violent storm that marks the beginning of a 5 year fight for climate


Over the last five years Kisilu, a Kenyan smallholder, has used his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and the impacts of climate change. He has filmed floods, droughts and storms but also the more human costs – his kids are sent home from school when he can’t pay the fees; and men are moving to towns in search for jobs. Following a storm that destroys his house Kisilu starts building a community movement of farmers fighting against extreme weather and he takes this message of hope all the way to the UN Climate Talks, in Paris, COP21. Here, amid the murky cut and thrust of politics at the biggest environmental show on earth, Kisilu and Norwegian filmmaker Julia Dahr’s relationship takes on a remarkable twist, shedding a powerful light on the climate justice movement.

Produced by: Banyak Films and Differ Media
Sales contactAutlook /Salma Abdalla
Estimated date of release: Spring 2017



World Premiere: SXSW 2017
Festivals: SXSW 2017 (Special Jury Recognition for Excellence in Documentary Storytelling; SXSW LUNA® Chicken & Egg Award)

Director: Nanfu Wang          Editor: Michael Shade      Producer: Nanfu Wang

Through the eyes of a 24-year-old drifter who intentionally chooses
to live on the streets, Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang explores the

meaning of personal freedom – and its limits.

I Am Another You follows a 24 year-old drifter named Dylan who chooses a life of intentional homelessness. Award-winning Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang lives on the streets and documents the existence of micro-cultures composed of people who live separate from society: ex-criminals, people with mental illnesses, and people like Dylan who choose to ignore society’s expectations for their behavior.

Dylan comes from a middle-class family in Utah where his father, John, works as a homicide detective. In a key revelation, John explains that Dylan has a history of mental illness and that he has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

The boundaries between the facts and fictions of Dylan’s life become blurred as Dylan recreates his hallucinations with the help of his homeless friends.

Sales contact: tba
Estimated date of release: Spring 2017




World Premiere: Visions Du Reel

Director/ Producer: Balazs Simonyi        Editor: Thomas Ernst      Producer: Laszlo Jozsa

A unique drama about everyday athletes who join an extreme running
race. Their dream and burden is to test their personal limits, heal
their souls and release their demons. The legendary Spartathlon is

chronicled by the running director.

What makes people run several hundred kilometres, when they are sure that every single step will cause them lots of misery?

Year by year runners from around the world participate in one of the most prestigious and challenging of races, the Spartathlon. A historic distance of 246 km from Athens to Sparta within 36 hours.

Bela, Annett, Gilles and Angel all have their own personal reasons for joining the extreme run. None of them knows if they will ever be able to fulfill but they do know, that it is crucial for them to try and maybe reach the impossible.

The Hungarian director, Balazs Simonyi, who has finished the race three times, tells a touching and human story about the runners and their universe of cathartic self-discoveries, voluntary suffering, and hypnotic state of mind, punctuated at times with humour.

Produced by: Speak Easy Project
Co-producer: HBO Europe, Anemon Productions
Sales contact: tba
Estimated date of release: Spring 2017



Director: Zlatko Pranjic       Director and Editor: Aleksandar Nikolic
Producer: Monika Braid

Sule is a hard-drinking, chain-smoking poet; the last true bohemian left in London’s Portobello. But his free-spirited lifestyle is only a front for a deep loneliness plaguing his soul.

Sule and his Eastern European friends are never far from a drink or a cigarette. They discuss art and philosophy while delving into nostalgia and wasting their lives away in pubs and gambling houses. But when his best friend suddenly dies, Sule is jolted back into the real world. He is now 63 years old, estranged from his family and far from his homeland. Despite all his friends, he is utterly alone. He gets an unexpected opportunity to turn things around when he is invited to showcase an art project he has been working on entitled Guidance Through the Black Hole. It’s an chance to reconnect to his family, to redeem his artistic status and to find acceptance. But can Sule escape his dark past or will his vices keep him a perpetual loner?

Produced by: Braidmade Films
Co-producer: The Theatre With Accent
Sales contact:  Braidmade Films / Monika Braid
Estimated date of release: Spring 2017





Produced by Krutart

„You can’t do this for money. Russia is something like a drug.“ A handful of pros from the West set out on a difficult mission in the East. Can they succeed?

Deep inside Russia on the mighty Volga river lies the largest factory in the country. It is the home of Lada, the legendary soviet car. On the outside the plant is still standing, but in reality it loses billions of roubles every year.
In order to save it, the Russian government hires a Swedish supermanager and a handful of European industry experts to turn the situation around. They have a vision. They have an incredible drive to make changes.
And there will be changes. Thousands will lose jobs. But it is the soviet mentality that will be the hardest nut to crack. What happens if you wake the Russian bear?

Director: Petr Horký    Editor: Filip Veselý    Producer: Martin Jůza



Produced by Produkce Radim Procházka











Near us, in the former mines, on mountain tops, on housing estates and at railway stations nature takes back what man stole. Wildlife film-essay about the resilient power and variety of Czech nature. Within the environment of open cast brown coalmines and spoil tips which is a reminder of a lunar landscape, one finds paradoxically a true tale of an impregnable wild countryside. For most people it is a symbol of an ecological catastrophe, same as the abandoned industrial complexes, former army training ranges or dense woods gobbled up by the bark beetle. But for nature they are untamed spots which bring with them a process of recuperation and self-preservation. Just beyond our backyard we see everyday dramas of animals and plants taking place which tend to fascinate us in films that come from the far reaches of our planet.

Director: Marian Polák    Editor: Tomáš Doruška    Producer: Radim Procházka



Produced by Film a sociologie


The protagonists of Passengers are young people who grew up in a children’s home. Pepa tries to pull himself together and struggle on despite his personal falls. His brother Milda sinks deeper and deeper into hopelessness. Bajdy lives with his mom and smokes grass every day. Pali used to run away from the children’s home to his family and he has two kids himself today.  From an early childhood, they were separated from their families that couldn’t give them safety. Separation from one’s family causes pain that impacts on next generations. These young people didn’t get love and they require care. They don’t recognize limits and fall into addictions. It is too demanding for them to take responsibility for their lives and the lives of their children. The desire to experience real love has not gone away though.

Director: Jana Boršková    Editor: Blanka Kulová   Producers: Jarmila Poláková and Taňa Marková



Produced by VŠMU

ropny moj kraj TITLE PIC










In the godforsaken part parts of Eastern Slovakia people live theirs lives in connection with the wild nature. All of sudden oil and gas company comes to the scene and wants to make some research because they believe that in the ground there is opportunity to earn money. Residents are afraid of loosing their calm live they use to live. They don’t like the idea that somebody else will be using their lands. Fight of two different types of worlds started.  Should they be worried? They can’t understand each other, but both of them have their rights.

Director: Dominik Jursa    Editor: Mária Hirgelová    Producer: Filip Fleischer



Produced by LEON Productions

never happened

Film shows contemporary state of Slovakia through two connected story lines. First line is the framing view of the author, who growing up in the 90ties personally reflects the process of the establishing democracy, capitalism and the revolutionary ambitions of society from 1989.

The second line is a crime-story of actual protagonist of the biggest political crime which happened in 1996 – kidnapping of president’s son MK junior and a murder of Robert R. The main charakter – Oskar F. tells the story of persecution by Slovak information service and overcoming the guilt of best friend’s death. He is blamed by Robert’s mother who never fogave him, and who is personally looking for murderers. The traces of the investigation lead to highest political represetatives, who themselves applied an amnesty to the whole case. These amnesties have been prolonged always since 1998 till today.
Director: Barbora Berezňáková  Editor: Alexandra Jonášová   Producer: Dávid Čorba




Produced by All4films
peace to you all
The film follows a celebrated photo documentarist, Juraj Mravec, during his travels in Donbass. Strong photographs come alive, and in an authentic environment tell stories about people from the photographs. We meet a war veteran named Slavo, from the destroyed battalion, Aidar who lost his arm and leg, the old ladies Soňa and Valentina who live in damaged houses right on the front line. There are soldiers in the trenches of the front line. Then we meet the fighters of the controversial Azov battalion. Thanks to the film having been shot over the last two years we will also take a look at separatist Donetsk National Republic, where journalists from the West have currently been banned from entering. And many more characters. In front of the audience there unfolds an authentic eastern Ukraine, with all the suffering that war brings.
Director: Juraj Mravec  Editor: Peter Morávek    Producer: Albert Malinovský



Produced by BOKK
 This film tells the story of Roma children who has been adopted from Slovakia to Sweden 24 years ago. They have always been interested in meeting their biological parents in Slovakia. Katarina, the director of the film promises them to find them and to organize everything. So three young men start their journey to Slovakia to find out who are they families, why they abandoned them and who are they themselves.
The filming has taken place in Slovakia and in Sweden during 3 years.
Alex, the main hero, visited his family 3 times and this experience changed his life today.
The film is not about adoptions, not about Slovak Romas neither about Sweden. Together with Alex it tries to find an answer to the question WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT? GENES OR PARENTING?
Director: Katarína Farkašová   Editor: Zuzana Cseplo



Let your project rise to the international scene!

Sofie Palage has been a freelancer in production management for film and television drama since 2008 and she has over 30 productions on her resume. Since 2011, she owns and runs the production company Primodrom which is based in Malmö, Sweden.
Sofie is producer of the feature films Nothing is too late (Jan Troell, 2012), Motive (Petra Revenue, 2014) and Garden Lane (Olof Spaak, 2016).  
Sofie has taken Film Studies at the University in Lund and is a graduate film producer from the Producer Education at Forum Ystad. Sofie is since 2013 a board member of Skånska Producentföreningen (the producers’ association in southern Sweden).



Company: Blake Street Films AB

mike shum

Mike Shum is a News and Documentary Emmy-finalist and award-winning filmmaker who works extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. He is producing two feature-length films, one about the photojournalist Chris Hondros. He is based in Colorado, USA and travels frequently for shorter term projects. Mike is also one half of Fox Tale Films, a production company he began in 2013 with the writer and filmmaker Greg Campbell and a part of Blake Street Films AB with filmmaker, Jonathan Saruk.

Company: Dela Kakan
Director and producer working in film and performing arts using a documentary process. Her first film Lisas senses (Silverosa film) worked with poetic staged scenes of a documentary story got the jury’s Honorable Mention at Tempo Film festival (2013). In 2015 she continued her work on resistance through staging Athena Farrokhzad´s suite White Blight at the Swedish Radio Drama and realeasing her documentary You will see that Im right (TRIart) who portraits the Swedish labor movement when new liberalisms ideas come to dominate the labor market.

FrFoto Fredrik Myrtelledrik Myrtell is based in Malmö, Sweden, and works as Producer and Line producer for production company Way Creative Films. He has a background as a freelancer in the production department for feature films and TV-series. His first attendance at Nordisk Panorama was in 2007 as producer of the 60-min Drama ”Väsenpumpen” which was awarded first price in the New Nordic Voices competition. Currently he is cooperating with director Charlotte Eliasson Strömberg on the documentary project ”Pink is the camouflage colour of space”.

Company: WG Film

Kerstin_Ubelacker_smallKerstin Übelacker works as a producer at WG Film in Malmö, Sweden. Kerstin has a masters degree in film from Gothenburg University, with a focus on documentary and transmedia storytelling. Kerstin has built up the Scandinavian documentary screening network Doc Lounge to span across 14 Nordic cities. She has directed and produced the transmedia documentary Ghost Rockets. Kerstin has attended Eurodoc and been a board member of Filmcentrum Syd and OFF (Independent Filmmakers Association) in Sweden. Between 2014-2016 Kerstin worked as a producer at Momento Film in Stockholm.

Company: Solid Entertainment AB

Producer at Solid Entertainment AB (est. 1996), based in Malmö, Sweden. Worked in the industry since the late 80’s and has produced and co-produced documentaries, features and numerous commercials and music promos.



Company: POP Media
Ingvarsson is a Swedish/Australian filmmaker. Her short film Beneath the Spaceship premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and she was part of Berlinale Talens 2016. Ingvarsson was the 2014 recipient of the After Ingmar Bergman script award. She holds degrees from City University London & Sydney Film School, lives in Malmö, Sweden.



Company: Auto Images

Ann Lundberg began her career as a script supervisor and a directors assistent within fiction film. She started at the production company Auto Images in 2012 as a coordinator and junior producer. At Auto Images she´s been involved in the production team behind audience succeses such as “A Thousand Pieces” and “Becoming Zlatan” and Guldbagge-nominee “Every Face Has a Name”. She is now producing Klara Levins film “Love and hate in Malmö”