Workshop 2012 (archiv)

DOK.Incubator Workshop 2012 structure:
Besides practical lessons DOK.Incubator offers individual development of projects based on their nature and targeted audience. Basic structure follows natural steps of film production in different stages of postproduction in order to give participants  continuous support. Workshop consists of three sessions:

1st session: July 9th – 14th 2012
Telč /CZ/
focused mainly on improving the cut of the film and its international potential, helped to prepare draft of films release and distribution incl. its budgeting,  offered case studies  touching the challenge of internet and new media distribution

2nd session: September 14th – 20th 2012
Bratislava /SK/

was connected to almost the final cut of the film in order to finalize the narrative and editing structure, went deeper into production site, especially in film marketing and distribution, improves PR and advertisement skill, focused on deliveries like PR texts, visuals, trailers and concept of their national and international first release events

3rd session: October 29th – November 1st 2012
DOK Leipzig /DE/
during DOK Leipzig participants took part at presentation of upcoming documentaries followed by individual meetings with key European broadcasters, sales, festival selectors and distributors from festival and co – production markets


Workshop awards

For a great openness, courage to change and a big editing progress of the documentary project

DANCE FOR ME (Workshop title: Egor’s Entrance)

Project is granted by video post-production services in value of 1.500 Euro by I/O Post



For great marketing ideas, advertisement creativity and good sense of targeting the audience of the film

YEAR NOTHING (Workshop title: My Stuff)

Film is granted by free marketing campaign and promotional strategy design in value of 5.000 Euro by the advertisement company KLAN



As film makers, who despite difficult production conditions and low budget didn’t give up and reached documentary with an outstanding artistic level and filmic quality


Film is granted by free DCP and sound postproduction services in value of 1.500 Euro by  Avion Film & Sound postproduction and B3 studio