2nd Workshop Session 2012

September 14th – 20th 2012, Bratislava /SK/ – FINAL CUT

Participants: 8 producers – for the whole workshop
+ 8 directors + 8 editors (obligatory for first four days – then voluntarily)
+ 10 observers

Second workshop session is connected to the final cut of the film in order to finalize the narrative and editing structure. This workshop goes deeper into production strategy, especially in distribution that is based on the nature of the film, improves PR and advertisement skills of producers and makes them  focus on very specific deliveries connected with their marketing and PR strategy like PR texts, visuals, trailers and concept of their national and international first release events. 

The workshop starts with screenings of  pre-final version of the films, which we plan as the first  “test screening” for international audience.  Some of the tutors are new producers, distributors and sales agents who will participate in the discussion. Participants will also get a completely fresh feedback from these professionals. Besides the content and structure we will also discuss a specific strategy of release and distribution of each film. Editing sessions and individual meetings follow these screenings.

Production side is based on the outcome – final cut. This session is focused on deepening  knowledge on specific single steps of film marketing and distribution and better understanding of film market. It gives information on PR and advertisement for documentary films and tools filmmakers can use not having big budget in order to maximize results. When participants get enough input we would like to divide them into two groups with different experts (including copywriters from big advertisement companies) nad make them brainstorm about the films – one is focused on promotion potential of the film, second is focused on distribution strategy for the film. The end of the workshop is dedicated to legal issues of distribution – presale and sale contracting and clearing the rights .

Practical production part covers following issues:

  • how to a create good international PR for documentary films
  • how to use festivals and markets for promotion effectively, what promo materials work
  • effective advertisement of documentary films, guerrilla marketing strategies
  • online marketing as a tool for long term branding of company and a film director
  • creating visuals, texts, posters out of basic communication strategy of the film
  • documentary trailers
  • detailed overview of European sales landscape
  • pre-sale, sale contracts, how to clear the rights
  • delivery materials for marketing and distribution

Main aim of this workshop is to make a final correction of the film cut, test screening with wider professional audience, which gives very valuable feedback and give producers enough knowledge to prepare their own promotional strategy and international release (Leipzig).

In between two workshops we expect participant will again work intensely. We expect them to:

  • finish the film and have a copy with a proper translation
  • prepare a creative promotional strategy
  • prepare their marketing  materials (posters, leaflets, texts)


Confirmed lecturers

Camille Cotte /FR/
Apprenticeship as a trainee-editor from 1980 on french photographer’s documentaries, Raymond Depardon (Reporters, Numéro Zéro, Faits Divers, Empty Quarter, La Captive du Desert, Délits Flagrants). In parallel, I was an assistant for a few years on 35mm feature films with differents editors and directors (among others : Benoît Jacquot, Peter Brook, Sarah Moon, Éric Barbier, Georges Wilson, Jean Luc Léon…) Incindataly, I stayed one year and a half in New York (1987) working with Robert Franck (Candy Mountain) and Robert Altman (The dumb waiter & the room). At last, as a Supervising Editor, sound and picture, with A. Despleschin, S. Martin, J. Doillon, , M. Vernoux, E. Carrere, J. Bonnell, M. Houellebecq, Karin Albou, Ilya Khrzhanovsky… Teaching film editing at Paris 8 university, ESAV and occasionnaly at La FEMIS.

Sigrid Dyekjær /DK/
Producer – Danish Documentary
Sigrid Dyekjær has worked as a producer on both feature films and documentary films since 2000. She was the producer of ”The Monastery”, winner of the JorisIvens Award at IDFA in 2006, and nominated for a European Film Award and several other Awards. Sigrid Dyekjær is one of the most experienced producers in Denmark both when it comes to national documentary films, but also international documentary films in financing, producing and creative consulting on films. In her spare time she teaches at the National Film School of Denmark, as well as doing master classes and lectures at film schools around the world and courses in documentary filmmaking like “Bridging the Gab”, and pitch sessions around the world. She is educated in dramaturgy from the University in Århus, and has been a part owner of the production company Tju –Bang Film before she became part owner of Danish Documentary Production.

Gesa Marten /DE/
As a freelance film editor Gesa Marten has since 1991 edited more than 60 films – feature films including “Fräulein Stinnes travels the world” (2008) or “LowLights” (2009) as well as documentaries including “pereSTROIKA” (2009), “Ausfahrt Eden” (2010) or “Wo stehst du?” (2011). She is very much committed to her work as a dramaturgic consultant specialising in feature-length documentary film (such as “Bruder Schwester” and “Hoffenheim” (2010), “Whiteblood” and “Fremd – Foreign” (2011). At the moment she is editing the documentary “The Order of Things” (Filmtank Hamburg). Her work was nominated in 2000, 2004, 2006 as Best Edit at the German Television Award for “Abnehmen in Essen” and at the German Camera Award for “Krokodile”, “Im Augenblick” and “Geschwister Vogelbach” respectively. In 2005, she received one of Germany’s most prestigious editing awards the Film+ Bild-Kunst Schnitt prize for her documentary “Was lebst du?”. In 2008, she was again nominated for this award for the documentary “Lost in Liberia” and in 2009, she won this award a second time for “pereSTROIKA – reCONSTRUCTION of a flat”. Gesa Marten has taught at various film schools since 1996 (KHM Köln, HFF Potsdam, UdK Berlin, ZeLIG Bozen, BFM Tallinn etc.). She is a member of the European Film Academy. Photo by: Thekla Ehling

Claas Danielsen /DE/
Filmmaker & Director of International Film Festival DOK Leipzig
After working as a journalist and getting practical training in film production companies he studied documentary directing at the Munich Film Academy. He made seven documentaries of which several did an extensive festival tour, won international awards and were sold to European broadcasters. In 2000 he became Head of Studies of Discovery Campus, an internationally highly respected training initiative for documentary professionals and up-and-coming talents who want to enter the international non-fiction market. In April 2004 Claas Danielsen was appointed Artistic and Managing Director of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Films, the biggest German and one of the leading documentary festivals worldwide, which he has developed into an important meeting place of the international non-fiction industry. Claas Danielsen was board member of the German documentary filmmakers’ association a.g.dok and the European Documentary Network EDN for several years. He is a member of and an advisor to the European Film Academy and has served on many international festival juries and the selection committees of different German film and media funds.

Wolfgang Widerhofer /AT/
Editor and Scriptwriter, NGF
Wolfgang has been working as editor, scriptwriter, producer and dramaturgical advisor for cinema and Tv documentaries and fiction films since 1994. He has lectured Film and Montage at the Masterclass in Amsterdam at the University of Art in Linz and others. He is associate of NGF-Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH. In 2008 he got Grimme Prize for the editing/script of OUR DAILY BREAD, in 2011 Diagonale-Prize for the best Documentary-Montage for the Film ABENDLAND and in 2012 Prize for the best Fiction Film Montage/Diagonale for the Film MICHAEL.
Latest cinema productions:
2011            Editing/Producer: MICHAEL (dir: Markus Schleinzer)
2010            Editing and Script: ABENDLAND (dir: Nikolaus Geyrhalter)
2009            Dramaturg: THE ROBBER (dir: Benjamin Heisenberg)
2008            Editing and Script: 7915KM (doc. 95 min, dir: Nikolaus Geyrhalter)
2005            Editing and Script: OUR DAILY BREAD(doc., 92 min., dir: Nikolas Geyrhalter)

Tomáš Hrivnák /CZ/
Brand Management & Brand Strategy – Idealisti
Tomáš is a “brand therapist”, co-owner of the brand consultancy Idealisti. In the last 15 years he worked in advertising and marketing where he held a number of creative and managerial positions – from copywriter and executive creative director of MARK/BBDO to the director of strategic planning at Euro RSCG New Europe in Prague. Tomas ran his own consultancy since 2001 where he advised his clients on brand management, qualitative and quantitative research and business coaching. Today, he is doing much the same within Idealisti.

Wolfgang Gumpelmaier /AT/
Wolfgang was born in 1978 and lives in Austria. During his media studies at Vienna University he worked as a film critic and journalist. He is a passionate web user and always on the hunt for the latest trends in Social Media, social film marketing, online film distribution, crowd-funding, community building etc. He aggregates his knowledge in his Social Film Marketing blog, on gumpelmaier.net, Facebook and Twitter. Wolfgang is also team member of ikosom and a regular speaker at a variety of workshops and film festivals. He is currently working on different projects throughout Europe.

Heino Deckert /DE/
Deckert Distribution GmbH
Since 20 years ma.ja.de. filmproduktion has been producing documentaries that have won international festival awards, and proved themselves worthy of cinema acclaim and worldwide sale. The company collaborates with many awarded directors from both Germany and abroad, f. ex. with Hartmut Bitomsky, Thomas Heise, Victor Kossakovsky and Sergei Loznitsa. In 2010 our production Rabbits á la Berlin was nominated for an Oscar©. Since three years also fiction films are produced under the banner “documentary filmmakers go feature“. The film Khadak by Brosens and Woodworth won the Lion of the Future at the festival in Venice 2006. Altiplano by the same directors celebrated its premiere at the Critics Week at the filmfest in Cannes 2009. Sergei Loznitsa’s My Joy has been selected for the Official Competition of the Cannes Film Festival 2010 and won since than 5 Grand Prix and was screened on more than 40 international Festivals. ma.ja.de. is based in Leipzig and has a second office in Berlin.

Andy Green /GB/
Andy has more than 10 years experience as a film producer and editor, including a strong background in the advertising industry. He worked on several Cannes Media Lion winning campaigns for the world’s top commercials agencies. Andy was selected for “Features Scotland” – the Scottish Government sponsored expo of up-and-coming film producers. He has worked across film finance, production, distribution and marketing, and draws on this experience to ensure clients of all sizes get what they need from Distrify.
As the COO of Distrify, Andy oversees marketing, sales and client relationships. If you don’t understand all this new stuff about online distribution, spend a half-hour with Andy and you’ll not only be an expert, but you’ll be inspired to take on the world.


Peter Jäger /AT/
CEO – AUTLOOK Filmsales GmbH
Born in Belgium, studied law and philosophy; was a filmmagazine ‘Commercial & Marketing Director’ and a ‘Marketing & Acquisitions Consultant’ for several major independent filmdistributors and filmexhibitors. In 2005, together with Austrian producers founded and became ‘CEO’ of Autlook Filmsales. Peter is a distribution panelmember of MEDIA Programme and an expert-panellist for several major Festivals as well as a jurymember of the Vienna and Flemish Filmfund, regularly invited as guest-lecturer on ‘International Distribution & Marketing’ to Film academies & National Film Institutes.


Marek Hovorka /CZ/
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
Founder and Director of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, the biggest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Editorial board member of magazine about documentary film called “Dok.revue”. He graduated Documentary film department at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts (FAMU Prague). His filmography includes 5 short or middle-length films.


Maroš Šlapeta /SK/                                                                                          
Editor, Script Doctor
Film editor,  teacher at the Film Academy in Bratislava (VSMU), editor of films  ,,My Zdes” and  ,,Border”  by Jaro Vojtek  – awarded at IFF Jihlava as the Best Documentary Film of the Central and Eastern Europe /2009/. He also edited fiction films like “Return of the Storks” /2006/ dir. Martin Repka and film “Snowdrops and Aces after 25 years” /2008/ dir. Viktor Tauš. “Thank You Very Much”/2009/ by director Matyaš Priker awarded by Early Melons – Best film 2010; Cinefondation, Cannes 2010