Open program 2017 – workshop in Mojmírovce (Slovakia)

Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and Polish filmmakers are invited to attend the panel discussions and lectures about distribution and festival strategies, which take place at the second dok.incubator workshop in Mojmírovce (SK). If you want to join the workshop, please contact us at 

Sunday, June 25th

16.00 – 19.00 Screening of and discussion about selected Slovak projects (rough-cuts)

Monday, June 26th

10.00 – 13.00 Individual consultation of selected Slovak projects (editing and dramaturgy)

14.00 – 15.00 Eurimages presentation

15.00 – 19.30 Individual consultation of selected Slovak projects (dramaturgy, production, distribution)

Tuesday, June 27th


Evolution of the Revolution

Piracy alongside Netflix and digital media completely changed the long-established distribution chain. The audience have a greater choice now; social media are changing the way people learn about new films and there are no generally accepted rules anymore. The intro guidance into the jungle of current distribution will be provided by Salma Abdalla from Autlook Filmsales (AT).

First Steps of the Distribution

What can an individual producer do for his first film with international ambitions? Tools, tips and successful strategies how to start distribution yourself offered by Aleksander Govedarica from Syndicado (CA).

12.30 – 18.30 Individual meetings – selected Slovak projects

Wednesday, June 28th


Who needs a distributor?

The Finnish producer Ulla Simonen interviews one of the most successful producers Sigrid Dyekjaer /DK/ about the role of the producer in the distribution process.

After Life

How can a low-budget debut of an unknown director make a breakthrough and reach international distribution? Case study by Salma Abdalla (Autlook Filmsales).

Fitting of your film

Different films need different strategies. Illustrating the possibilities on different genres of documentaries sales agents will show how the topic, format, and nature of the film influence the distribution and platforms for its release.

Where does the money come in?

Experienced producers and sales agents will discuss current situation regarding revenues from the distribution, highlight the present-day trends and talk about financially successful strategies of film distribution.


Festival Map of Europe and North America

Which festivals are important and why? Experienced sales agents and distributors will take us through the most important festivals and map out their conditions, their strengths and they will explain how to choose the right festival strategy for your film.

Festival’s Backstage

Programmers of prestigious competitions at European and North American festivals introduce the strategy how they select films and they explain the decision-making process regarding competitive categories. With Leena Passanen (DOK Leipzig), Joost Daamen (IDFA), Shane Smith (Hot Docs), Mads Mikkelsen (CPH:DOX) and Julie Kárová (Jeden Svět).

Saturday, July 1st


Fishing in the Big Pond

To get in the catalog of one of the most prestigious sales companies can get your film to the best festivals program and secure your future. But how to achieve this and how to work successfully with sales agents? What are their conditions, what do they expect from you and your film? Danish producer Sigrid Dyekjaer will interview three different types of sales agents on how they select the films, how they calculate the revenues, what can you negotiate about and what to be careful about signing a contract.

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