dok.incubator SK

• 6 months | 4 Slovak documentaries in the rough cut stage

• editing, distribution and production strategy

The workshop consists of two residential and one online session, offering additional individual residential consultations in the editing rooms in between the sessions. Each project team consists of directoreditor and producer is supported by an observer – film director or editor, starting their own creative career.


All in all, the mixture of the participating filmmakers, film professionals from the film institutes and film school students create the empowering strategy in order to boost the Slovak projects under the guidance of skilled and awards’ winning editing and production tutors. The final session offers feedback and meetings with key international decision makers in order to secure festival release and sales.

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next deadline: February 2025

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applications closed


Deadline for applications, selection process
Selected projects announcement
1ST workshop / rough cut
Editing sessions between the workshops
2ND workshop / fine cut & open program
Individual editing in between the sessions and finalising marketing materials
3RD workshop and meetings with decision makers / picture lock
Consultations regarding films' premieres

1ST workshop session / rough cut / April

The first session aims to maximize the film’s potential. It is focused on intensive individual editing sessions and creating tailor-made distribution strategy.

We start with screenings of the participants’ rough cuts, followed by a moderated discussion and in depth analysis of the rhythm, character development, narrative structure and dramaturgy. Each participant is assigned a supervising tutor. Project team receives feedback on the structure, dramaturgy and narration of the film and its potential for international audiences.


The core of the session is so-called DNA analysis. Defining your core values and building your film’s identity lead you back to the first moment when you discovered the specific element, which evolved into the topic so important that you decided to make this film. By professionally led analytical sessions, you define the weak and strong points of your story, the core subject of your story and find a universal tagline which addresses the viewers across the globe.


Meanwhile, the producers of the participating projects work on a distribution and festival strategy, searching for specific opportunities for their films within different territories, platforms or institutions. They prepare a time schedule, based on the current situation of the film and receive feedback on their financing plans.


The first session takes place in Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia and is divided into two groups:


1st group (Vadim Jendreyko, Una Gunjak, Aurélien Guégan): April 21–24

2nd group (Erik Winker, Gesa Marten, Michael Nollet): April 25–28


In between two workshops the participants are supposed to work intensively. They should:

  • work on a distribution and festival strategy which will be discussed at the next session

  • plan the first release of the film and its marketing, incl. its financial plan

2ND workshop session / fine cut / June

During the second session, the participants focus on building specific marketing strategies, devising a precise distribution plan, and expanding their knowledge of the international film market. The editing sessions are the most intensive during this residential session.

In between two workshops the participants are supposed to work intensively. They should:

  • achieve a near ‘final cut’ stage
  • prepare their marketing materials such as treatment, synopsis and tagline, think about the title of the project
  • set the festival and sales strategy for one-on-one meetings with decision makers


The second session takes place in Olomouc, the Czech Republic and is divided into two groups:


1st group (Vadim Jendreyko, Una Gunjak, Aurélien Guégan): June 22–25

2nd group (Erik Winker, Gesa Marten, Michael Nollet): June 27–30 
June 26–27 open program and Visegrad co-production forum / mainly for producers

3RD workshop session / picture lock / October

The near-finished films are screened with an international audience: festivals, distributors and sales agents, who then lead the discussion and provide the participants with feedback on a potential festival release or sales contract. Editing sessions with fresh-eye tutors and individual meetings follow.

This session is led to introduce the projects to selected decision makers in one-on-one meetings. The final wrap-up meetings with tutors will assure that the proposed contracts or festival offers suit the project within its planned strategy.


The online session takes place in October and is divided into two groups:


1st group (Vadim Jendreyko, Una Gunjak, Aurélien Guégan): October 7–8 + 11

2nd group (Erik Winker, Gesa Marten, Michael Nollet): October 9–11

How we work

3 experienced lecturers: producers and editors of award-winning films will provide you with individual mentoring. Internationally-recognised tutors aim to inspire the participants to find their own way of telling their stories – and how to get them to the audiences. Afterwards, you meet with an editing tutor who provides you with a fresh-eye look at your cut.

We provide an individual and tailor-made plan for each project we work with. Our tutors work intensively with the whole team in order to help the participants with specific issues, connected to their projects.


At the final session, international decision makers from world festivals and sales will give you with their feedback on your project.


More about our tutors can be found here.

How to apply

Submit your film and work with international tutors on editing and dramaturgy and discuss your distribution strategy with festival and sales representatives! dok.incubator is open to teams of three – editor, director and producer – to participate in a seven-month long program which is organised partly as a residential event and partly online.

Every year, international tutors select four Slovak projects which get an opportunity to gain a new perspective on their film and to maximise its international potential.


Please note that to apply, you will need:

  1. English-subtitled selection of your material (rough-cut, edited scenes, pilot, trailer, etc.) in the length of minimum 30 min. and maximum 100 min. (max. 2GB, we prefer mp4/mov format)
  2. short synopsis
  3. film treatment (approx. 1 page) based on the shot material
  4. short motivation from all the team members: producer, director and editor
  5. planned distribution strategy, including the estimated premiere time and place
  6. financing plan of the film
  7. stills from your film
  8. portrait photo of producer, director and editor, their CVs and contact details
  9. link to the reference film of the director


All visual materials must be subtitled in English. We only accept digital files uploaded via the application form.

Fees & scholarship

With project: 1500 EUR, including accommodation, food, catalogues and off-program costs for both residential sessions for three team members.

Without project: The observer fee is around 650 EUR, including accommodation, food, catalogues and off-program costs for both residential sessions.

Participating teams pay:

The projects selected for dok.incubator SK pay for the accommodation in shared double rooms and food (breakfast and lunch) which is:

 550 EUR for the 1st session (Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia)
 650 EUR for the 2nd session (Budapešť, Hungary)

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Our Films

What is the role of the observer at the workshop?
Observers are involved in the editing process and dramaturgical consultations of the selected projects. Often they become one of the team members.

Each observer will select a favourite film to follow throughout the residential and online sessions and will accompany the project’s team in the editing rooms.

During the plenary sessions and group work, the obersvers are an integral part of the wokshop and their opinions are as valuable as those of ay other participan. However, we ask our observers to be aware that during individual meetings and work in the editing rooms, where the situation is more “delicate”, their role changes. Here’s their task is primarily to follow and observe, rather than to actively influence the process. We request the observer keeps their notes, questions, and feedback for when the tutor asks for it.
As an observer, can I consult my own project with the tutors?
Unfortunately not, the role of the observer is to follow one of the four participating projects. You will learn first-hand from the development and editing of the participating film projects. However, due to tight timetable of the workshop, it would not be possible to schedule tutors additional meetings for the observers to work on their own projects.
Do I have to attend all the sessions of the dok.incubator SK program?
No. The sessions which the observers attend only the first and second session. This program counts on the active observers' participation. The third session focuses on the one on one meetings of the participating teams with the international decision makers.
Do I have to pay for my transport?
Yes. You will travel independently, communicating with us the time of your arrival and departure so we can book your accommodation.
Can I, as an observer, receive a scholarship?
Usually, we co-operate with the film schools in order to cover the participation fee of the students who are accepted as observers to the dok.incubator SK program.
If I cannot come for both the workshop sessions, will you return the fee paid back to me?
No. Unfortunately, the fees cover primarily the workshop lecturers and the venue, and the cancellation terms of the booked accommodation does not allow us to refund the fee for observers not present at a workshop session.
When is the deadline to apply for dok.incubator SK?
The deadline for each edition is in February.
What do I need in order to apply for dok.incubator SK?
Please note that to apply, you will need:
1) English-subtitled selection of your material (rough-cut, edited scenes, pilot, trailer, etc.) in the length of minimum 30 min. and maximum 100 min. (max. 2GB, we prefer mp4/mov format)
2) short synopsis
3) film treatment (approx. 1 page) based on the shot material
4) short motivation from all the team members: producer, director and editor
5) planned distribution strategy, including the estimated premiere time and place
6) financing plan of the film
7) stills from your film
8) portrait photo of producer, director and editor, their CVs and contact details
9) link to the reference film of the director

All visual materials must be subtitled in English. We only accept digital files uploaded via the application form. We keep material you send us strictly confidential and share it only with the selection committee of dok.incubator program.
What’s the difference between the dok.incubator SK and international dok.incubator?
The Slovak program shares only one residential session with the international group, but also offers individual follow-up consultations with the tutors and trips to DOK Leipzig and IDFA. We accept projects with a minimum of 50% of footage filmed to the regional workshop, whereas the international dok.incubator program is open for the projects in the rough cut stage.
Once selected, do we need to be present in person at the workshop sessions?
Yes, attendance of all selected team members (director, editor, producer) during all days of the workshop sessions is REQUIRED.
Will we have access to the program of international dok.incubator?
Yes, however, your access to the international programme will be limited. You will meet and network with the tutors and participants of the international workshop and attend selected roundtables and sessions within the Open program.
How does the selection process work?
The selection process is divided into two parts. In the first round, selectors review the projects based on the footage, filmmaker’s access to the main character and unique point of view. Afterwards, the projects are then evaluated by regional workshop tutors. Background, experience, motivations and goals are considered in the second round.

The applicants are informed about the selection results in April.
Are there any fees connected to the dok.incubator program SK?
There is no submission and tuition fee, but the participants cover costs of their stay (accommodation and meals).
Are there any additional consultations offered during the year?
dok.incubator SK offers tailor-made individual consultations with the tutors based on the needs of the project, including marketing advice on the synopsis, tagline, title, trailer editing consultations plus networking with the festival selectors and sales agents. There are two delegations to DOK Leipzig and IDFA offered to our participants. They will provide producers and directors with the access to key international decision-makers and industry professionals.