Fantastic second workshop is over – looking forward to a tough working summer!

The teams of eight international DOK.Incubator projects plus other four local, Czech and Slovak projects met July 2nd – 8th at Smolenice Castle (SK) to work on films´ marketing and distribution strategies, with a supervision of their tutors, and to test and re-design them with an advice of the invited decision makers from festivals: IDFA (Joost Daamen), One World Film festival (Ondřej Moravec), Sundance Film Festival (Caroline Libresco) – and sales agents: CAT&Docs (Maëlle Guenegues), Autlook (Peter Jaeger) and Deckert Distribution (Heino Deckert).

During the summer, participants will stay in touch with their tutors to get almost done with the editing process. They will be preparing the release package for the film – trailer, promo materials, visuals and start applying for the festivals in the autumn of the year.

The third workshop (Nordisk Panorama, 12th – 19th Semptember, Malmo – Sweden) is dedicated to prepare the participating teams for the official presentation of their projects within the industry: DOK. Incubator Preview, an exclusive pitch followed by networking lunch with the industry’s decision-makers.