31st May starts the first DOK.Incubator workshop in Trest, Czech Republic

The castle of Trest opens up 31st May – 5th June for the participants of DOK.Incubator. The teams of both, the international group of 8 films in the rough-cut stage and 5 more Czech/Slovak observing projects are coming to develop their films and meet each other.

The first session starts with screenings and dramaturgical analysis of the participation projects, provides intensive editing sessions and accordingly to the development in the editing rooms, the producers work on positioning of their film on the market – developing unique selling point, target the audience and prepare first drafts of films’ marketing strategy.

The session is designed to accumulate new feedback, to identify the main problems of the dramaturgy and to leave the old vision of the film, which the filmmaker carries on from the initial development period and often doesn’t reflect to the actual shot material. It establishes the marketing as another format to communicate the story to the audience and make clear why it’s necessary to involve it already in the development process in the editing room.