Applications for the international workshop are now closed. The next deadline is the end of January 2019.

Applications for the regional Slovak mentoring programme are now closed as well. The next deadline is spring 2019.

Applications for Czech filmmakers wishing to apply for the regional mentoring programme should do so here.

dok.incubator is an international workshop supporting directors, producers and editors with late-stage documentary projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your rough cut into an outstanding feature film with a tailor-made release strategy!

Dates and locations of the 2018 workshop sessions

1st session: Galanta, Slovakia
Monday 23rd – Saturday 28th April
Arrival and departure dates: 22nd April and 29th April (accommodation is provided)

2nd Session: Telč, Czech Republic
Monday 25th June – Saturday 30th June
Arrival and departure dates: 24th June and 1st July (accommodation is provided)

3rd Session: Malmo, Sweden
Monday 17th September – Monday 24th September
Arrival and departure dates: 16th September and 25th September (accommodation is provided)

Information about the programme for Slovak filmmakers can be found here.
Information about the programme for Czech filmmakers can be found here.


5 dok.incubator films at IDFA 2017!

After the Preview in Malmö, our fledgling films have now spread their wings, taken flight and headed south for the winter. We’re incredibly proud that the eggs we helped to hatch are already starting to build their own nests on the international scene.

IDFA 2017 Main Competition:

Director: Håvard Bustnes Editor: Anders Teigen Producer: Christian Falch

Sales contact: DR-Sales / Kim Christiansen

A close-up look at the women inside one of Europe’s most dangerous nationalist parties.

Director: Marta Prus Editor: Maciej Pawliński Producers: Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska

Over the Limit portrays a young sportswoman on her journey to the Olympic gold. Will she reach the ultimate goal despite struggling with her ambitions and expectations of the extreme Russian training system?

Directors: Bernadett Tuza-Ritter Editor: Nóra Richter  Producers: Julianna Ugrin, Viki Réka Kiss

Co-producer: Erik Winker
Sales contact: Syndicado / Aleksandar Govedarica

A European woman has been kept by a family as a domestic slave for 10 years. She is one of over 45 million victims of modern day slavery today. Drawing courage from the filmmaker’s presence, she decides to escape the unbearable oppression and become a free person.


IDFA 2017 Mid-length competition:

Director: Petr Horký     Editor: Filip Veselý     Producer: Martin Juza

An automobile factory that was once the biggest and best of its kind in the former Soviet Union has turned into a financial nightmare. A Swedish manager with a lifetime of experience is expected to return it to prosperity in a big way. They meet in the city of Tolyatti, deep in the heart of Russia. And neither is willing to give in.
The Russian Job is a story of great plans and even greater absurdity told in beautifully crafted images.


IDFA 2017 Best from Fests:

Director, producer:
 Nanfu Wang
World Premiere: SXSW 2017 (Special Jury Recognition for Excellence in Documentary Storytelling; SXSW LUNA® Chicken & Egg Award)

Through the eyes of a 24-year-old drifter who intentionally chooses to live on the streets, Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang explores the meaning of personal freedom – and its limits.

And here’s what a few of this year’s participants have said about the 2017 workshop…

“This workshop gave new life to my film: just before the beginning of the workshop I didn’t know how to continue with the editing. The work with the mentors and fellow participants made the light come out and the sun shine once more.” 

“It’s the best place for networking. We met and bonded with more professionals than we could have imagined.” 

“I’ve never met this kind of organisation or people. It’s like a family and when you are part of it you have advantages.”