DOK.Incubator 2015 will bring stories from all over the world

Englishwoman who, after the tragic death of a daughter gave up everything to live in the Amazonian jungle, leaving her past – including her daughter: the director of the film – behind. The teenage dreams and ambitions of the worst cheerleading team in Finland, normal life of the people who spend all their life in a Kenyan refugee camp, two men building their own Ukraine blending wilderness and humanity. A documentary symphony from the a lost ex-comunist Georgian city of ghosts, stubborn farmers in a remote Azerbaijani mountain village, the loneliness of an Afghan teenager seeking for asylum in Denmark– and failing.

In 2015 DOK.Incubator received a record number of the applications, from all over the world. After the enlargement of the workshop to the US market last year, dozens of projects from South America, Asia and United States applied. It was extremely difficult to choose among them and the committee decided to keep their variety in the last selection – by supporting mainly European filmmakers bringing the stories from exotic locations.

Shot for many years, from a very close relationship with their characters, the 2015 projects have all already an amazing film material in their editing rooms. Now, for half a year, they will work on their stories in order to be able to tell them in all the layers, and to bring them to as wide audience as possible. First workshop session takes place in 2 months in Czech Republic.