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Nowadays, no film can be presented without having a clear idea and a strategy of how to reach its audience and having the right tools to achieve its goals. That is why we decided to start the new training program for filmmakers under the guidance of marketing experts.

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next deadline: October 2024

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application closed


Deadline for applications
Selection process, selected projects announcement
1ST session / film marketing strategy
2ND session / creative communication
3RD session / media & partners channels, AI

1ST session / film marketing strategy / December 14–15

Understand the DNA of your film! With the guidance of our tutors this process involves the analysis of the reasons behind why you decided to make your film, a SWOT analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, keywords definition, specification of the target audience, topics for the communication, and core film values that define the identity of your film at the local and international market.


  • Keywords (expressing the selling point of the film)
  • Title, short synopsis
  • Tag/Punchline (description of the film in one sentence for use in festival programs, posters, etc.)
  • Proposal for visual communication (main visual, poster)
  • Definition of target audience: who is the audience of the film
  • Basic marketing strategy, media channels, prices and costs, marketing mix (TV, print, digital). media plans, the basement of creative insights for film campaigns
  • Mind maps and visualization of the strategic film communication


Individual consultations / two dedicated to each project (online based on specific needs of the project)

Individual consultations with the mentors over the budget and the definition of the marketing insight. Mentors check the proper use and definition of the basic keywords and topics for the films used in the communication strategy. Based on this consultation, Move It On participants develop a communication strategy and pick up the proper media mix and digital tools for the film release.



The first session takes place between December 14–15.

2ND session / creative communication / January 10–11

Learn how to work with the visual identity of your film and its PR! The basic question is how to build awareness of the film and gain as much attention as possible from potential viewers in cinemas and on VOD platforms. What is the goal of your film and how can a well- and effectively-set marketing and communication strategy help you?

What you get:

  • What is film PR?
  • Who is the communication partner for our target group?
  • How to build brand awareness?
  • How to properly address your target groups?
  • How to define the time frame and budget for effectively reaching the target group?


We define the marketing channels for your film and a short logline and synopsis to be used in communication with the media and influencers. What does the media help us with and how can we use partnerships with the media to reach our target groups? Is it interesting to work with influencers for the film? What is the difference between PR and influencer marketing?


The second session takes place between January 10–11.

3RD session / media & partners channels, AI / January 29–30

Develop a creative insight for your film's campaign on various platforms and social media! You will learn how to define local versus international insight for your film and build creative communications for a film marketing campaign. Move It On uses a case study of a film communication campaign to see how the offline and online parts of the campaign were set up, how a digital campaign can be analyzed, measured, and tested, to find out what was profitable for the film, what worked, and how and where to invest effectively. 


  • AI in our processes
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Audience Engagement
  • Financial Plan on the backdrop of the time-line of film communication
  • Budgets for the local and global campaigns
  • Partners and communities for communication (offline and online)


The third session takes place between January 29–30.

How we work

Move It On 2023/2024 is the 3rd edition of the program focused on the marketing of animated, documentary, and arthouse feature films which intend to premiere in the upcoming year.

The mentorship program consists of three residential sessions and additional online consultations plus individual follow-up during which 6 film teams learn to create effective marketing strategies for their films and turn them into engaging campaigns.


Move It On is open to 6 teams with film projects in the post-production. The program's idea is to educate filmmakers on how to enlarge the audience for films and monetize them. Besides the theoretical sessions, the training is based on individual mentoring and practical work with projects. Participants will prepare basic marketing briefs for their films, evolve them into marketing strategies, develop insight briefs for the creative agency’s communication, and work on effective tools for their campaigns across the platforms.


The workshop aims to show participants the need for sophisticated marketing in the digitally connected world, make them understand the necessary steps of the marketing process, and understand the use of different promotional tools for their films. The mission is not only to target a group of AV professionals but also to enlarge the narrow number of experts, who are able to work with marketing strategies.


In the role of observers, the workshop involves 3 experienced marketing experts from digital marketing agencies showing them how to implement the marketing process into films’ development. Move It On ensures participants that they can reach new, especially young audiences by using promotional and distribution platforms online and learning new digital tools.

How to apply

Selection of participants with a film project is done in two rounds through an online selection platform. This program is designed for films with a planned premiere within the upcoming year.

The AV you should submit:

  • a rough cut of the film
  • basic info about the project – production stage, time-line, financing plan
  • marketing outcomes – synopsis, stills, poster, trailer
  • intended marketing and communication strategy + channels, estimated budget and partners
  • in-depth personal motivation by each member of the team and the CV, info about production company

Criteria for the selection of participants:


All participants will be registered through the online system. An important criterion for inclusion in the programme is the quality and potential of the project at the level of marketing communication and audience outreach. For the selection of participants, we consider:

  • the team's motivation to participate (in the form of a letter)
  • the creative credit of the participants / the profile and credit of their company
  • the team's previous experience in marketing and PR
  • the potential of the film project and the planned strategy of the participating project


You can fill in the application here.

Observers can apply here.

Fees & scholarship

For each selected project, the fee for 3 practical workshops and consultations is CZK 12.000. The fee for marketing specialists without a film project is CZK 5.000.

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