dok.incubator workshop in Budapest 2023 organizes:

Open program

Meetings with decision makers

Visegrad co-production forum

You can apply to three different events:

Open program / June 27–July 2

The open program is open to all industry professionals upon the registration. Please apply HERE and select the sessions you would like to participate.


TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2023


Unfold Your Film! Broaden your audience through smart marketing  
Peter Jaeger (Jaeger Creative / BE)

Create your crucial marketing tools (poster / trailer / synopsis / stills) and position your film in the market by learning the essential FIVE STRUCTURE DIAGRAM of the film industry.



Impact to Change the World
Liisa Karpo (napafilms / FI)

Many documentary filmmakers aim to make an impact in the world with their films. Impact producing is a method to put these thoughts into effective practice. What kind of films can be used for impact? How filmmakers’ thinking has to be tuned to make an engaging impact strategy? How does it work together with distribution and marketing? Learn how you can make a real impact with your film!


AI in documentary filmmaking
Christine Le Goff (Zed / FR)

How can documentary filmmakers benefit from using Artificial Intelligence - from subtitles, and translations to the creation of missing archival materials? Where is the border and ethics of using upscaled or re-created materials and where can the AI save your time and money?



The distribution process & case studies in the morning include 3 sessions:

Introduction to Distribution
Peter Jaeger (Jaeger Creative / BE)

Not only piracy, but now also Netflix and digital media changed the distribution chain completely. The excess of content is overwhelming and social media are changing the way of targeting audiences. How should the needs of films be assessed to prepare a long and successful career for your film? The intro guidance into the jungle of current distribution in Europe and North America and a glance at the future provides Peter Jaeger.

Producer: distributors’ best friend?
Christine Le Goff (Zed / FR)

What is the producer’s role in creative film distribution? Meet the 3 experienced producers and see how the decisions made in development, production, and postproduction can influence your distribution plans. Discover what is a good timeline of the collaboration with a sales agent, when you need to sign a distribution contract, how much money you need to spend, and what can be your revenue.

Tops & Flops at the Current European and North American Market
Peter Jaeger (Jaeger Creative / BE)

On selected film case studies Wouter Jensen (Square Eyes / AT), Shoshi Korman (Cinephil / IS), and Cleo Veger (Dogwoof / UK) will present stories of both successful and unsuccessful distribution strategies of creative documentaries in the current market. How do the genre, style, and topic of your film define its distribution choices? 


Map of festivals and their backstage in the afternoon includes 2 sessions:

Festival Map of Europe and North America
Peter Jaeger (Jaeger Creative / BE) & Maëlle Guénégues (CAT&Docs / FR)

Which festivals are important and how can they help your film? Experienced sales agents and distributors will guide you through some of the most important European and North American festivals and discuss their profiles, conditions, and strategies and define what makes them different, and how to plan diverse festival strategies for your film.

Festival's Backstage
Christine Le Goff (Zed / FR)
+ selectors of Sundance, Toronto IFF, Hot Docs, DMZ, CPH:DOX, Visions du Réel, One World, BIDF

Programmers of 8 prestigious competitions of European and North American festivals will present themselves, their festivals’ selection rules and strategies, and reveal more about how to use the festival’s potential to its best once your film is selected.  

SUNDAY, JULY 2, 2023


Fishing in the Big Pond
Christine Le Goff (Zed / FR)
+ Wouter Jensen (Square Eyes / AT), Shoshi Korman (Cinephil / IS), and Cleo Veger (Dogwoof / UK)

Being in the catalog of one of the prestigious sales companies can get your film to the best festivals, draw attention and secure a bright future for your film. How to get to this point and how to work successfully with a sales agent? What are their conditions, and what do they expect from you? Christine Le Goff is questioning three different sales agents on how they select the films, how they deduct money from revenues and how to negotiate a good contract with a sales agent.

Consultations with decision makers / June 29–July 1

Consultations are aimed for 3 selected Czech producers with the films in the final stage of the production (rough cut), who are searching for festivals / sales / broadcasters.

Please apply HERE with your audiovisual materials and select who from attending decission makers you would like to meet with.

Visegrad co-production forum / June 30

The Visegrad co-production forum offers producers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland an opportunity to find partners for their projects in development or a new project to co-produce with their company. 

  •  If you would like to participate with a project, please apply HERE.
  •  If you are interested to co-produce a new project, please apply HERE.