There are many good films, but only few of them become excellent and memorable. What makes the difference? Since 2010, dok.incubator, an international documentary rough-cut workshop helps filmmakers turn good films into exceptional ones.


dok.incubator has been an invaluable source of films to us and we have been delighted with how many filmmakers have chosen to celebrate their premieres at CPH:DOX.

Mads Mikkelsen, CPH:DOX

It is already a sign of quality that you are selected to dok.incubator. Being selected is a sign for a possible good future.

Giedre Zickyté, participating producer

The intensive immersion in ambitious film projects, the sharing and exchange with the participants, the other tutors and the staff of dok.incubator are like oxygen for me.

Vadim Jendreyko, tutor

dok.incubator can make such a big change for a project. I've seen it myself that the workshop moves documentaries into a different and more convincing direction.

Joost Daamen, IDFA

Incredibly awesome experience! The talented tutors, staff and co-participants and everything we learned. Can’t recommend it enough for films in the editing phase!

Karianne Berge, participating producer

Truly an enriching experience. It changed my view on the endless possibilities of the editing phase and film promotion. Honestly, I would love to do it again and again.

Francesco Montagner, participating director

Do it, friends, it’s magic. It had an incredible impact on our team spirit, on my personal connection to our film.

Pia Hellenthal, participating director

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