Applications for the 2020 workshop are open now!

DEADLINE: 29th January
or meet us at Berlinale 21st – 24th of February.


The submission deadline is January 29th 2020.  Please find the application form HERE.

Early bird (January 9th 2020): FREE I Regular (January 29th 2020): 20 EUR
(please note, that the projects will go through the selection process immediately and that once submitted, the application form can not be edited anymore – unless requested by the dok.incubator selectors)

dok.incubator invites editors, directors and producers to a six–month long workshop, focused on filmmakers’ professional development with the guidance of world class tutors. Eight teams, composed of a producer, a director and an editor, will focus on the film’s unique perspective and sharpening the storytelling, placing it within the international context and finding concrete tools to effectively approach future audiences. Intensive work on editing, distribution and audience-building upgrades your rough-cut to a high-end film with the potential to meet worldwide interest.

What to expect?

  • Intensive 6 months of editing and project development aiming for picture lock in early autumn 2020
  • 25 internationally-active filmmakers tutor you throughout the postproduction period
  • Get personal feedback on your cut from key festival representatives, sales agents and other decison makers
  • Build your own tailor-made marketing and distribution strategy
  • Participation of your whole creative teams in three intensive week-long workshops:

1st session: April 27th – May 2nd // Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia // ROUGH CUT
2nd session: June 22nd – 27th // Telč, Czech Republic // FINE CUT
3rd session: September 14th – 21st // Sweden // NEAR PICTURE LOCK

  • The nearly-finished films are presented to key decision-makers at Nordisk Panorama

How it works?


dok.incubator traces at Sundance Film Festival 2020

dok.incubator is delighted to announce another 3 films developed in dok.incubator workshop are now competing in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at Sundance Film Festival! In the last 8 years of the workshop 12 films have already been selected for Sundance.

World Cinema Documentary Competition

Once Upon a Time in Venezuela” (VE/ UK/ BR), directed by Anabel Rodríguez, tells the story of once prosperous Venezuelan village which is now decaying and disintegrating and its inhabitants that have to deal with the gradual disappearance of their home as the lake – Latin America’s largest oil field – is slowly turning into a swamp. A small but prophetic reflection of Venezuela itself.

director: Anabel Rodríguez Rios, producers: Sepp R. Brudermann, Nancy Harrison

Spiraleye Productions Ltd.

The Earth is Blue as an Orange“ (UA/LT) a first time feature length film by Iryna Tsilyk, tells a story of a family coping with the daily trauma of living in the front-line war-zone of Donbas and facing down hardship with remarkable resilience. Anna and her children are making a film together about their life in the most surreal surroundings.

director: Iryna Tsylik, producers: Anna Kapustina, Giedré Žickyté, editor: Ivan Banikov

Albatros Communicos (Ukraine), Moonmakers (Lithuania)

“Acasa, My Home” (RO/ FI/ DE) follows the dramatic change in the life of Enache family which is chased out from the wilderness of the Bucharest’s Delta and forced to adapt to the big city. Fishing rods are replaced by smartphones, idle afternoons are now spent in classrooms, and family links are hard to maintain. With their roots in the wilderness, the nine children and their parents need to keep their family united in the concrete jungle.

director: Radu Ciorniciuc, producer: Monica Lazurean-Gorgan, editor: Andrei Gorgan

Manifest Film



meet us at IDFA 2019!

Interested in the workshop programme? Considering applying with your rough-cut? Want to know more about the dok.incubator filmmakers and their journey? Or just feel like having a chat? If the answer is ‘yes’, we’d love to see you!

You can find us at IDFA from 21st to 27th of November and join us for a drink or arrange a meeting to discuss your film.

Follow our Facebook page for more details on where to find us at the festival or send us an email at: 


dok.incubator preview presents 8 freshly baked documentaries

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival will once again host the dok.incubator preview, an exclusive showcase of eight outstanding documentary features just before their premiere. The films developed in the dok.incubator workshop explore different themes – complex social issues as well as personal dramas – yet unite in creating social and creative impact around some of the current global and national issues. The variety of styles and approaches is a true celebration of the creative documentary genre

The preview is an opportunity to see the latest works of established directors as well as new talents. This year it will be held earlier at 9.30 a.m. in Cinema Panora on September 22nd.

Find detailed information about the projects HERE!

Follow us on Facebook for updates.

dok.incubator preview at Nordisk Panorama 2018


 dok.incubator traces at Sundance Film Festival

dok.incubator is delighted to announce another 3 films developed in dok.incubator workshop are now competing in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at Sundance Film Festival! In the last 7 years of the workshop 9 films have already been selected for Sundance.

World Cinema Documentary Competition

An intimate portrait “The Disappearance of My Mother” by Beniamo Barrese (IT), where we w­­itness a once-iconic fashion model striving to escape the world of images and disappear for good. But her son’s determination to make a final film about her sparks an unexpected collaboration and confrontation with the camera’s gaze .


“Lapü”, directed by César Alejandro Jaimes & Juan Pablo Polanco (CO) takes us on a sensory journey through the desert of La Guajira in Columbia where a young Wayuu woman exhumes her cousin’s remains buried in the middle of the Guajira desert in order to meet her for the last time.


With remarkably intimate access Petra Costa’s “The Edge of Democracy” (BR) follows Brazil’s embattled leaders Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva as they grapple with a scandal born out of their country’s fascist past and inflamed by a furious and ideologically divided nation. Like a great Greek tragedy, the film witnesses their rise and fall and the tragically polarized nation that remains.  

Moreover, we are happy to congratulate also another three films, competing this year at Sundance, made by dok.incubator ex-participants and tutors!

The Magic Life of V.” by Tonislav Hristov and “Advocate”, edited by Yael Bitton compete in the World Cinema Documentary Competition and Nanfu Wang’s “One Child Nation” has been selected for the U.S. Documentary Competition.


And here’s what a few of this year’s participants have said about the workshop…

“This workshop gave new life to my film: just before the beginning of the workshop I didn’t know how to continue with the editing. The work with the mentors and fellow participants made the light come out and the sun shine once more.” 

“It’s the best place for networking. We met and bonded with more professionals than we could have imagined.” 

“I’ve never met this kind of organisation or people. It’s like a family and when you are part of it you have advantages.”