A Happy Man
/SK, CZ/

director: Soňa G. Lutherová

editor: Peter Harum

producer: Filip Čermák

producer: Peter Veverka

People who knew R. perceived her as a happy woman. A woman from Brno in her thirties who moved to Sweden together with her Slovak husband, psychiatrist Ivan. In their new home country, the young couple bought a house and had two children. It seemed that R.’s life would continue in a predictable way. As a distraction from the routine, she chose an unusual hobby. She created a male alter-ego and started writing novels for LGBTQ+ audiences. R. was happy but felt empty on the inside. She could only fill it by living out her true self. Things started speeding up and R. began changing. R. is now Marvin. And Marvin is a man. A Happy Man tells an intimate story about a transgender man and his family. It encourages the viewers to consider different existential connections that concern each and every one of us.

80 min
date of release: 
production company: 
Azyl Productions