Agent of Happiness
/BT, HU/

directors: Arun Bhattarai, Dorottya Zurbo

editor: Péter Sass

producers: Noemi Veronika Szakonyi, Mate Artur Vincze


Can you measure happiness? The country of Bhutan invented Gross National Happiness to do just that, and Amber is one of the agents who travels door to door to meet people and see how they feel. But he hasn’t gotten around to measuring his own happiness level.
Still living with his mother at the age of 40, he’s nevertheless a hopeless romantic who dreams of finding love. But as one of the Nepali minority who were deprived of their citizenship, Amber isn’t the most eligible bachelor.
Through Amber’s bittersweet journey and encounters with Bhutanese from all walks of life, we look behind the absurdity of mathematical measurements, to explore what makes each of us happy.
date of release: 
production company: 
Match Frame Productions
Sound Pictures