All good everywhere

director: Debora Pastirčáková

director: Martina Buchelová

editor: Katarína Pavelková

producer: Michaela Kaliská

Rimavská Sobota in the Gemer region, once historically and culturally very rich, has nowadays the highest unemployment rate in Slovakia. Everyone has a parent or a family member who works abroad. It is common that young people don't live with their parents because of economic work migration. Some families are divorced, most of them are divided. We follow the journey of these youngsters from being high school students to adults, trying to find their way of life in the world. How does the whole situation affect them in terms of their life goals, plans and emotionally? Can they stay home, if they want to? We show the fragile state of growing up, the contrast between need for fun and lightness and harsh demand of reality, search for dignity, search for a stable home. We also focus on the contrast of their social media life and their everyday reality.
75 min
date of release: 
production company: 
NINJA film