/CZ, DE, SE/

director: Greta Stocklassa

editor: Jorge Sánchez Calderón

producer: Radovan Síbrt

producer: Petra Dobešová

The photos in Hans Blix’s apartment reveal that this seemingly common Swedish pensioner stood in the epicenter of geopolitical turning points that impacted the politics of today. Twenty years ago, Hans received the most important task of his career. As U.N.’s chief weapons inspector, he was sent to Iraq. After three months, he presented a final report: his team did not confirm the existence of nuclear weapons in Iraq. The Western leaders decided on military intervention nevertheless. If he had been able to convince the leaders, could he have prevented the Iraq war that shaped the world we live in? Is doing nothing wrong the same as doing the right thing? In the light of the current geopolitical situation, what can we all learn from his expertise? Hans knows that his time in this world is nearing the end. So, he begins to clean up – not only his possessions but through the intimate dialogue with the young director, his past, too.
85 min
Syndicado Film Sales
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production company: 
Pink Productions, s.r.o.