/CZ, US/

director, producer: Jana Hojdová

editor: Anna Johnson Ryndová

producer: Michal Sikora

CAMERRAMAN is a story of friendship between a world-class cinematographer Robert Richardson and a young Czech filmmaker Jana Hojdova. The duo spends four months in the solitude of the lockdown in Bob's house in New England and Jana finds hundreds of hours of home videos that Bob had shot throughout his adult life - his newborn daughters, dying mother, first Oscar award, divorces, location scouting for Shutter Island, drunk Q&A with Quentin, buddy talk with Oliver, and more. Being involuntarily cut off from her family, Jana realizes the deepness of her relationship with them and instinctively starts investigating the nature of Bob’s familial bonds. She comes to know the sacrifices he has made in his personal life for his work and the pain he consequently caused himself and those closest to him.Together they work through Bob's detox from filmmaking, re-suffer his childhood traumas and demons - and they both emerge fundamentally changed.
90 min
date of release: 
production company: 
Bridge Film
Lonely Production