Caution, Risk of Falling Exhibits!

director: Jana Durajová

director: Lena Kušnieriková

editor: Alexandra Jonášová

producer: Ľubica Orechovská

producer / sales: Arkaitz Basterra

Alexandra, in charge of the long lasting and grueling renovation of the Slovak National Gallery, believes in the urgent need of a space where art can get to people. But she’s fighting a match against time. Her father, the architect of the reconstruction, is ill and the gallery is falling apart. The film is based on authentic observation of the reconstruction of the Slovak National Gallery, which is already taking more than 10 years. We, as directors, decided to base our work with protagonists on trust and intimate access to their lives. Reflecting on the current situation, not only in our country, we strongly feel the need to tell this story and join Alexandra’s goal: the importance of building a space where democratic values can be applied and where critical thinking has its place.
80 min
date of release: 
production company: 
PubRes Ltd.