Child of Dust
/PL, SE, VN, CZ/

director, producer: Weronika Mliczewska

editor: Marcin Sucharski

producer: Hanna Drewek

Sang is one of 300.000 unwanted, discriminated children left after the Vietnam war. When his life-long dream of finding his father comes true, Sang's only mission is to race against time and meet his ailing dad to break a cycle of war traumas passed on for generations. After a path filled with challenges, he can finally leave to the USA but without his wife, daughter and most beloved grandson. Meeting his dad is indeed a healing experience for both, but not an easy one. The stamp of the war has left both families deeply affected and even though 50 years have passed after the last American soldier left Vietnam, the inner peace is yet to come.
date of release: 
production company: 
Ya Man Studio Sp. z o.o.
ClubHouse FIims, Ginestra Films, Fixa FIlms, Mx35, Polish Film Institute