City of Dreams

director: Adam Šoltés

director: Matúš Chovanec

editor: Matúš Chovanec

producer: Lukáš Berberich

The film maps the life and dreams of simple people from one of the biggest Roma communities in Slovakia. DEZIDER, the leader of the community, is trying to help his people live a better life. Even through the troubles, he sees their future in an optimistic way. In the film, he comes up with the idea of building wooden latrines in their neighborhood, as there are none, which causes a big hygienic problem. TIBOR is a local carpenter, who takes on the job of producing latrines. Despite the fact that he has never been to a Roma community, he does not favor them. TOMY is the third main character. He’s a young, Roma boy, who longs for a normal life – for which he needs money. After many unsuccessful tries, and after Dezider puts in a good word, Tomy finally gets his first part-time job in Tibor’s carpentry workshop. The film follows their journey for a better future, wondering if they will succeed in achieving their goal.
50 min
date of release: 
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