Is It Worth It?!

director: Jan Strejcovský

editor: Michal Böhm

producer: Jakub Wagner

Art has recently been permeating into the public awareness predominantly by viewer attractive auction records. Price tag, maximum, eccentricity become the common denominators of attention-worthy pieces. But what is it really that the collector is buying? The idea? Prestige, brand, stock, bet, investment, genius, God? The value of art is becoming more and more speculative. It is defined by an entire list of factors from prestige of the individual gallerists and curators, through PR of art historian and financial advisors to the willingness of some artists to be made into a brand with a strong, touching background story. This mixture can make any insignificant marginalia, previously completely unworthy of our attention, into a desired piece worth of million dollars virtually overnight. Mosaic of bizarre stories tracks the machinery of art collectors, businessmen and artists within the art market’s pyramid. The film captures artists feed
date of release: 
production company: 
GPO Platform s.r.o.
Czech TV