Man of Marble

director: Szymon Kuriata

editor: Michał Poddębniak

co-editor: Patrycja Piróg

producer: Aneta Zagórska

Magda and Remik got connected by adolescent love, then blown over by adulthood. We meet them when their son Franek is four years old. Remik trifles all days away enjoying beer while Magda gets more and more frustrated being the only one who does all the daycare responsibilities. She threatens to sue Remik for child support. This prompts the man to set up the YouTube channel called "Man of Marble". He intends to build houses at hyperspeed thus making heaps of money. He quits drinking too. They seem to be a happy family for a while, but then the old habits kick in again. After repeating disappointments, Magda moves with her son to another place. Remik is left with nothing but perhaps the ambitious plan of reviving the channel –so that one day Franek can see that his dad is somebody.
75 min
date of release: 
production company: 
Film Kraków