Million Moments

director: Amálie Kovářová

editor: David Votava

producer: Jiří Konečný

Czech parliamentary elections in 2017 were won by the ANO movement led by Andrej Babiš, at that time a prosecuted STB (former communist secret service) agent. Shortly afterwards, Mikuláš Minář and Benjamin Roll, two students of theology, hand Andrei Babiš a petition promising to check whether he is keeping the promises he made to the people in his contract with the citizens of the Czech Republic. Student activity is turning into the Million Moments for Democracy movement, which aims for a "flourishing society". What does that mean and how to achieve it? How do we confront the political leaders that we the majority have elected? Is it legitimate to demand the democratically elected representatives to resign?
The film Million Moments looks into the guts of a movement that has played a major role in our modern history. Citizens vs. politicians. Naivety vs. skepticism. Fatigue vs. awakening.

date of release: 
production company: 
endorfilm s.r.o.