Nice Ladies
/NL, UA/

director: Mariia Ponomarova

editor: Annelotte Medema

producer: Rogier Kramer

Nice Ladies is a documentary about a group of elderly cheerleaders from Kharkiv, Ukraine called Nice Ladies. Despite self-doubt, unrealistic beauty standards and being considered old or 'expired', they collectively claim the spotlight. For these women cheerleading is a sport, a community and a gateway to a fulfilling life. On February 24, 2022, the brutal Russian invasion disrupts their lives and their training for the European Cheerleading Championship. 62-year-old Sveta, one of the key figures of the team, flees to Amsterdam: she has to save her 2-year-old grandson. While she is trying to remain in contact with her beloved friends who stayed in Kharkiv, she becomes more and more absorbed in the role of grandmother. However, Sveta is not ready to give up and continues her training. Wil the Nice Ladies be able to reunite, succeed to preserve unity and find a common language despite the scars of war?
date of release: 
production company: 
Labyrint Film
TABOR Production (UA)